CISC Report: Proposed Silica Rule Will Cost 10 Times OSHA’s Estimates

A report released by the Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC) found that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) proposed silica standards for U.S. construction industry will cost the industry $5 billion per year—roughly $4.5 billion per year more than OSHA’s estimates. The coalition cautioned that the flawed cost estimates reflect deeper flaws in the rule and urged the federal agency to reconsider its approach.

OSHA’s proposed rule, intended to drastically reduce the permissible exposure limit (PEL) of crystalline silica for the construction industry, has been underestimated by the agency to cost the construction industry about $511 million a year. The estimates released by CISC estimate that the costs to the industry will actually be approximately 10 times the OSHA estimate—costing nearly $5 billion a year.

The cost and impact analysis from OSHA reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the construction industry. The OSHA analysis included major errors and omissions that account for the large discrepancies with the CISC report. The CISC report estimates that about 80 percent of the cost ($3.9 billion per year) will be direct compliance expenditures by the industry such as additional equipment, labor and record-keeping costs. The remaining 20 percent of the cost ($1.05 billion per year) will come in the form of increased prices that the industry will have to pay for construction materials and building products such as concrete block, glass, roofing shingles and more. OSHA failed to take into account these additional costs to the construction industry that will result from the proposed standard, which will then be passed down to customers in the form of higher prices.

Not only will the proposed rule be more costly than originally estimated, but it would translate into significant job losses for the construction industry and the broader economy. The CISC estimates that the proposed regulation would reduce the number of jobs in the U.S. economy by more than 52,700 yearly. That figure includes construction industry jobs, jobs in related industries such as building material suppliers, equipment manufacturers and architects, as well as losses in non-construction sectors. Additionally, the losses are full time employee positions. Factoring in the many part-time or seasonal jobs, that number could increase to close to 80,000 positions lost.

“We are deeply concerned about the misguided assumptions and cost and impact errors that OSHA has relied upon in creating this proposed rule that will significantly affect our industry,” says NAHB chairman Tom Woods, a home builder from Blue Springs, Mo. “This report reveals the critical need for OSHA to withdraw its proposed rule until it can put forth a technologically and economically feasible rule that also works to improve industry workers health and safety.”

“This report clearly demonstrates OSHA’s lack of real world understanding of the construction industry and raises serious questions about their ability to responsibly craft industry standards,” says ABC Vice President of Government Affairs Geoff Burr. “We hope that this report will lead OSHA to withdraw its proposed rule and work more closely with the construction industry to emphasize compliance with the current standard.”

“These errors raise serious and significant questions about many of the other assumptions the agency relied upon in crafting its new rules,” says Stephen E. Sandherr, the chief executive officer of the Associated General Contractors of America. “We need measures in place that are going to allow all of us to continue the significant improvements in silica safety the industry has made, and the sad truth is that the agency’s rule is too riddled with errors to do that.”

“The assumptions that were made by OSHA in developing this rule are completely off base and we hope this report adequately tells the truth of what this rule will truly mean to the construction industry. We believe the current silica rule has done a fantastic job of reducing related illnesses so much so that it is still declining every year and current projections have it being eliminated over time,” according to Jeff Buczkiewicz, president of the Mason Contractors Association of America. “Our industry needs a rule that is based on real world construction site scenarios that is not technologically and economically infeasible to implement and this report clearly shows that this rule does not fit that bill.”

Owens Corning Has Chosen Professional Building Services as a Platinum Contractor

Professional Building Services announced that it has been selected as a member of the Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor Network. Owens Corning and Asphalt LLC invited Professional Building Services to join this premier network of top tier roofing professionals based upon its commitment to service, reliability and craftsmanship.

Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractors represent less than one half percent of the roofing contractors in the industry. To be accepted into the network, Professional Building Services met high standards including a minimum of three years experience, a clean profile with the Better Business Bureau, $1 million in general liability insurance, endorsements from distributors as well as all required state and local licenses.

“As a roofing company with decades of industry experience serving New England, Professional Building Services is honored to become a member of the Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor Program,” says Pete Ciaraldi, manager of Professional Building Services. “We appreciate that purchasing a new roof is a significant decision and are proud to have Owens Corning Roofing backing the commitment to excellence we bring to our customers.”

“Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor network members are chosen based on their proven market and industry leadership,” says Matt Lawver, contractor services leader, Owens Corning. “This network underscores Owens Corning Roofing’s commitment to providing value within the building materials industry and ensuring our roofing contractors have the tools and business solutions they need to grow their business.”

Through the Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor Network, Professional Building Services is able to provide exclusive benefits and peace of mind to its customers, including extended system warranties that offer lifetime workmanship coverage. Professional Building Services is also a multi-year recipient of the Owens Corning Guild Quality Outstanding Customer Excellence Award.

Brochure from Drexel Metals Offers Watertight Solutions for Perimeter Edge Systems

Engineered Commercial Roof Edge Systems, a brochure from Drexel Metals, offers architects and contractors an array of watertight solutions for specifying and installing perimeter edge systems.

Engineered Commercial Roof Edge Systems, a brochure from Drexel Metals, offers architects and contractors an array of watertight solutions for specifying and installing perimeter edge systems.

Engineered Commercial Roof Edge Systems, a brochure from Drexel Metals, offers architects and contractors an array of watertight solutions for specifying and installing perimeter edge systems.

“Roof edge systems typically represent only about one percent of a building’s overall cost,” says Brian Partyka, Drexel Metals’ executive vice president of business development. “Yet the importance of a properly designed roof edge system cannot be underestimated or ignored, as 60 percent of all roof warranty claims are attributed to metal edge failures.”

Drexel Metals has applied its expertise in the details of metal roofing to produce low-slope roof edge systems, or ES-1 Rated Roof Edge Systems. ES-1 is a reference for those who design, specify, fabricate or install low slope roof edges and it’s based upon information in ASCE 7-02 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.

In Engineered Commercial Roof Edge Systems, Drexel Metals offers solutions for five coping solutions, two fascia cover designs, three gravel stop details and two solutions for drip edges. The brochure also has two methods for gutter specification and installation.

Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress Announces Winners of MVP Awards

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress has announced the winners of its 15th annual Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, recognizing outstanding roofing workers from Canonsburg, Pa.; Hackensack, N.J.; and Dallas.

The MVP Awards program honors roofing professionals based on their significant contributions in one or more of the following areas: outstanding on-the-job performance; on-the-job safety performance, contributions to a team effort; community service and volunteerism; and other noteworthy contributions.

This 2015 MVP Award winners are:

Additionally, the alliance named the following MVP Award finalists:

The Alliance also named Ward as a finalist for outstanding on-the-job performance and Luck as a finalist for other noteworthy contributions and activities.

Web Page Provides Information About Caring for Work Boots

Magnum Boots has created a care and informative Web page for work boots to share with consumers.

Magnum Boots has created a care and informative Web page for work boots to share with consumers.

Magnum Boots has created a care and informative Web page for work boots to share with consumers. The Web page, located on the Magnum Boots website, highlights ways to help extend the life of the boots, to get the most out the long workdays ahead. Magnum Boots has crafted ways to assist in the longevity of boots by explaining the effects of elements on leather, the importance of breaking in boots and general care tips.

Work line

  • Men’s Halifax 8.0 CT CP WP: The Halifax has a full grain leather and textile upper along with a moisture-wicking lining and waterproof bootie membrane. A TPU toe and heel guard, along with a composite safety toe, makes this an option for the working man in all situations. A compression molded, impact absorbing midsole provides all-day comfort. There is a slip- and oil-resistant rubber outsole with toe traction and heel brake zone for different terrains.
  • Men’s Baltimore 8.0 SZ CT WP: A full grain leather and textile upper, moisture-wicking lining and a heavy-duty TPU toe-guard make this boot perfect for all-day wear in rainy weather. A side zip allows for quick on and off option and composite safety toe allows for safety in tough conditions. Slip- and oil-resistant rubber outsole with toe traction and heel brake zone are just some of the features packed into this boot. (Also available in 6.0).

Uniform line

  • Stealthforce Men’s and Women’s 6.0/8.0: The Stealthforce has a full grain leather and denier nylon upper that delivers performance, durability and flexibility. i-shield technology keeps feet dry and clean while Agion anti-microbial treatment gives feet a shield against bacteria. The Stealthforce is airport safe and features a Cambrelle moisture-wicking lining to keep feet dry. Other qualities included along with a side zipper option. MSRP varies depending on style.
  • Men’s Response III 8.0: A lighter boot that is comfortable and supportive, the Response III has a nylon upper that delivers performance, agility and durability. A padded contoured collar adds comfort and flexibility and a fiberglass shank provides support without adding weight. Aggressive slip- and oil-resistant carbon rubber outsole allows maneuvering on any surface. MSRP depends on styles.

Gateway Safety Receives Recognition Award from Industrial Buyers Group

Gateway Safety was awarded the President’s Club Recognition for achievement by the Industrial Buyers Group (IBC). Suppliers and distributors are recognized by IBC for their contributions during the year and rated on percentage growth.

“We annually recognize the distinguished suppliers who support the regional independent distributors who are part of the IBC marketing group,” says Rich Poole, IBC’s Industrial Division vice president. “Gateway’s support of our distributors’ sales initiatives and marketing programs earned them this distinction. We are proud to have Gateway as one of our select Preferred Suppliers, and are proud to recognize their contributions to our organization.”

Gateway Safety has been an IBC Preferred Supplier since 2010, partnering with IBC distribution members to provide safety products in eye, face, head, hearing and disposable respiratory protection. Matthew Love, Gateway Safety’s vice president, attended the meeting and accepted the award on the company’s behalf.

“We feel honored and are thankful to IBC for recognizing us with this award,” says Love. “Gateway Safety’s success within the IBC organization can be attributed to the great relationships we have formed with our IBC distribution partners. Safety equipment is a great fit for IBC distributors, since categories like eye and face protection can really complement an industrial product line,” continues Love. “Our achievement with IBC shows that safety products remain a growing market need.”

IBC is one of North America’s alliances of industrial, bearing and power transmission, electrical, and subassembly distributors with more than 550 branch locations.

Kiker Corp. President Receives Award from NRCA

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has announced Don McCrory, president of Kiker Corp., Mobile, Ala., is the 68th recipient of its annual J.A. Piper Award. The J.A. Piper award is a prestigious honor, recognizing roofing professionals who have devoted constant outstanding service to NRCA and the roofing industry.

McCrory, who served as NRCA’s president in 2002-03, currently serves on the association’s National Roofing Council.

Prior to serving as NRCA president, McCrory served as NRCA senior vice president from 2001-02; vice president from 1999-2002; officer during 1990-91, 1996-98 and 1999-2000; and director from 1986-89; and 1991-94. In addition, he has served on many committees, including serving as chairman of the Environmental Task Force and the International Relations Committee, Roofing Awareness Program Task Force, Industry Advisory Board, Budget and Finance Committee, Exhibitor Advisory Committee, Convention Committee, National Roofing Service Corp. (NRSC), Nominating Committee and PAC Advisory Committee.

McCrory also helped develop ROOFPAC, NRCA’s political action committee, and NRCA’s Washington, D.C., office.

Kiker Corp. is a member of The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress.

“In the mid-1970s, he decided to start his own business and the rest, as they say, is history,” says fellow former NRCA president and 2014 J.A. Piper Award Rob Therrien, president of The Melanson Co. Inc., Keene, N.H. “The company has become one of the most respected in its part of the country.”

“I have served with such a great group of people who have been mentors and best friends to me,” McCrory says. “I am so honored and humbled to receive this award. It’s the best honor I’ve had in my life other than my faith.”

First presented in 1948, the J.A. Piper Award is named for former NRCA President Joseph A. Piper, whose extraordinary efforts kept the association alive during the Great Depression.

Single-width Slate Tile Features an Enhanced Profile and Dark Gray Color

The single-width slate 12-inch tile from DaVinci is available in Smokey Gray.

The single-width slate 12-inch tile from DaVinci is available in Smokey Gray.

DaVinci Roofscapes launched the single-width slate 12-inch tile with an enhanced profile and a Smokey Gray color.

The single-width slate 12-inch tile from DaVinci now boasts a more authentic quarried look.

The refined profile is produced in eight 12-inch slate tile variations and will be included in DaVinci’s blended bundles, including all color and blend options for single-width Slate.

Already a provider of a variety of color options in the polymer roofing industry, DaVinci introduces a color for 2015, Smokey Gray.

Smokey Gray is the 50th color offered by DaVinci, and the darkest gray available from the company. Slate Gray, Medium Gray, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Light Weathered Gray, Medium Weathered Gray, Medium Light Weathered Gray, Medium Dark Weathered Gray, Dark Weathered Gray, Light Chesapeake, Medium Light Chesapeake, Medium Chesapeake and Dark Chesapeake are also available from DaVinci.

The experienced team members at DaVinci Roofscapes develop and manufacture polymer slate and shake roofing systems with an authentic look and superior performance. DaVinci has an extensive selection of colors, tile thickness and tile width variety. The company’s products have a limited lifetime warranty and are 100 percent recyclable. All DaVinci high-performing roofing products are made in America where the company is a member of the National Association of Home Builders, the National Association of Roofing Contractors, the Cool Roof Rating Council and the U.S. Green Building Council.

ABC Supply Moves Three Branches into New Facilities

Three branches of building products distributor ABC Supply Co. Inc. have moved into facilities that will enable them to better serve local contractors and builders.

The Bloomington, Ind. store moved to 1600 N. Curry Pike. The East Peoria, Ill. branch relocated to 399 Truck Haven Road. The Oklahoma City facility is now at 1500 W. Reno Avenue. All three locations carry steep-slope and low-slope roofing products and systems, siding, windows and doors, and related supplies. Other product offerings are determined by local market conditions.

ABC Supply is a wholesale distributor of roofing, siding, windows and other exterior building products. Since its founding by Ken and Diane Hendricks in 1982, ABC Supply’s focus has been serving professional contractors and offering the products, services and support they need to build their businesses.

RCMA Awards Members and Announces Appointees to Board of Directors

The Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association (RCMA), the international trade association representing manufacturers of cold-applied coatings and cements used for roofing and waterproofing and suppliers of industry products, held its 2015 annual meeting in New Orleans.

In addition to featuring association activity updates and a panel discussion of industry experts, this meeting was an opportunity to recognize the outstanding contributions of two RCMA members with industry awards and to announce two new appointees to the RCMA Board of Directors.

The RCMA Industry Statesman Award, recently renamed the James “Tim” Nelligan Industry Statesman Award in memory of a longtime RCMA member, was awarded to Steve Heinje. Heinje, technical service manager for Quest Construction Products, is an active and dedicated RCMA member; he serves as the association’s vice president, is a member of the RCMA Board of Directors, and co-chairs both the Sustainability Task Force and the Codes and Standards Task Force.

The James “Tim” Nelligan Industry Statesman Award is not awarded every year, but rather is an award that is presented when deemed appropriate to acknowledge a member’s special efforts on behalf of the RCMA in advancing the mission of the roof coatings industry. The late James Tim Nelligan, the award’s namesake, was active in the coatings industry and played an integral part in the creation of the RCMA back in 1982. He started his career in the roofing industry at Owens Corning, served as president of Henry Co., and would go on to start his own reflective roof coatings business, United Cool Roof Systems. The RCMA recognized Tim’s leadership and contributions to the industry by awarding him with the Martin A. Davis Award in 1995, and later honored him with the very same Industry Statesman Award in 2011.

The RCMA’s Martin A. Davis Award, first presented in 1985, is the highest honor bestowed by RCMA. Named for one of RCMA’s founding members, this award recognizes outstanding service and significant contributions to the roof coatings industry. At its Annual Meeting, RCMA awarded the 2015 Martin A. Davis Award to Jeff Blank. Blank, vice president of research and development and purchasing at SR Products, served as president of the RCMA from 2012-13. He has been an active member in RCMA, serving on the board of directors for 14 years, and contributes his expertise to various committees and task forces.

During the meeting, the RCMA members approved the proposed board of directors slate. John Stubblefield, Polyglass USA, was selected to fill a regular member seat, and Steve Hollman, Univar USA Inc., will fill an associate member seat on RCMA’s Board of Directors. The terms for Stubblefield and Hollman begin in 2015 and expire in 2018. The RCMA thanked the two outgoing members of the board of directors, Debra Light and Jon Shaffer, for their time and dedication during their terms as board members.