NRCA to Hold Second Telephone Town Hall April 14

Following the success of the National Roofing Contractors Association’s inaugural Telephone Town Hall that drew more than 3,000 participants, NRCA will hold its second COVID-19 Telephone Town Hall Tuesday, April 14, at 4:20 p.m. EDT.

The purpose of the Telephone Town Hall is to share information regarding COVID-19 as it relates to the roofing industry. Doug Duncan, president of Nations Roof, Villa Park, Illinois; Bryan Karel, vice president of operations for Garlock-French Roofing Corp., Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Kyle Thomas, vice president of Thomas Roofing, Mobile, Alabama, will share best practices for navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

In addition, NRCA Vice President of Government Relations Duane Musser and NRCA Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management Tom Shanahan will answer participants’ legal and health and safety questions. 

To join NRCA’s COVID-19 Telephone Town Hall, participants should provide their contact information at, and they will receive a phone call when the Telephone Town Hall is about to begin. Participants who have previously submitted their contact information for the March 30 Telephone Town Hall do not need to sign up again.

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TAMKO Launches New On-Demand Roof Measurements and 3D Modeling

TAMKO Building Products LLC released new measurement and 3D modeling technology on its website to offer contractors and dealers solutions for continuing business in a world increasingly concerned about social distancing.

According to the company, the new functionality of TAMKO’s Shingle Styles Visualizer enables customers to order realistic roof visualizations, 3D models, and accurate roof measurement reports powered by the industry-trusted EagleView technology, now available to TAMKO customers at a discount and no need for a monthly subscription. Information available on TAMKO’s Shingle Styles Visualizer includes roof dimensions, areas, slopes, roof squares, and other vital information, enabling a contact-free process for design, estimation and bidding. 

 “Virtual technology like this is more important than ever,” said Stephen McNally, TAMKO’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “We are developing new resources for our contractors and dealers to help them operate and grow their businesses during this difficult time.” 

This upgraded platform unifies photorealistic design visualizations, 3D interactive models, and precise roofing measurements powered by EagleView in a single project-planning interface that can be digitally shared between a contractor, dealer and the homeowner, eliminating the need for in-person sales visits. According to the company, TAMKO’s Shingle Styles Visualizer is quicker, safer, and more accurate for contractors and homeowners, and provides more confidence in roof design for homeowners, and fewer change requests for contractors. 

“Renoworks provides a critical technology that TAMKO can put in the hands of roofers and dealers to help homeowners plan their roofing projects,” said Doug Vickerson, CEO of Renoworks. “In the current global environment where social distancing has become a necessity, this timely solution also provides a virtual sales tool that facilitates a ‘touchless’ roof replacement bidding process.” The new all-in-one TAMKO solution built on Renoworks FastTrack can be found at  

New Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

System Components Corporation introduces QuickSilver synthetic roofing underlayment for tile, metal, and other durable roof systems currently available in the market. According to the manufacturer, QuickSilver’s patented design offers cutting-edge performance features including innovative gasketing technology that helps prevent water penetration around fasteners. The product also features low shrink construction, which mitigates shrink and lift at slope transitions or open around fasteners. The elastomer bottom surface is designed to grip high-slope decks, improve fastener seal and help provide a safer walking surface. The durability and stability of QUICKSILVER allow it to be exposed to the elements for up to 180 days before final roof covering.

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ATAS International Receives Fifth Consecutive Top Workplace Award

ATAS International Inc. received a prestigious Top Workplace award from The Morning Call. This is the fifth consecutive year that the company has been honored with the award, and ATAS is one of only four manufacturing firms in the Lehigh Valley to receive this 2020 honor. 

The organizations that receive a Top Workplace award are determined solely on the results of an employee engagement survey consisting of 24 questions, administered by Energage, a research firm that specializes in organizational health and workplace improvement. Several aspects of workplace culture were measured, including employee engagement, leadership, alignment, connection, coaching, performance, and “the basics” (which include pay, benefits, flexibility, training, and expectations). Companies that participated in the survey could be public, private, non-profit, or governmental, and had at least 35 employees in the region. There is no cost to enter the Top Workplaces program.

“Recruitment and retention are a key focus for every organization today. The employee engagement survey at the heart of the Top Workplaces program provides the foundation for unearthing unique culture differentiators to recruit and retain the right talent,” said Bob Helbig, CEO of Energage, The Morning Call’s research partner for Top Workplaces of the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. This year, 81 organizations agreed to take the employee survey. Combined, they employ 26,284 people. 

Comments made by ATAS employees while completing the survey were not only shared with the owners and managers at ATAS, but with all the employees. Along with the positive feedback were suggestions on areas for improvement, which will be reviewed and considered for implementation. Some of the survey comments made anonymously by the ATAS team members include:

  • Good work environment that feels like we all have the same goals in mind
  • I love my job because I work with great co-workers and team players
  • The company is always planning for the future
  • Management listens to all opinions and concerns 
  • The company consistently works toward making improvements for customers and staff
  • My manager allows me to be a decision maker, values my opinion, and treats me with respect
  • I have been given the ability to shape my future within the organization; hard work and determination are acknowledged

As the ATAS point of contact for the Top Workplaces survey, Anne Hicks, Executive Assistant, stated, “People have to feel good about what they do to be successful at it. Top Workplace is a tool that can identify a company’s weaknesses, so improving can be achieved. Both employer and staff benefit.”

Jim Bus, Executive Vice President at ATAS International, said, “ATAS is thankful for our employees and their efforts, which are what truly makes ATAS a Top Workplace. We are proud to support our employees with training and advancement opportunities, and encourage them to provide us with feedback and ideas on a continuing basis. Many of their suggestions have been implemented to improve our products and services, and our work environment.” 

This year, ATAS is celebrating their 57th year in business, and the last 36 years have been in the Lehigh Valley. They will soon be breaking ground on a new world headquarters and expanded manufacturing facility in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania, which will enhance their continued growth in production, building materials innovation, and overall employment of additional team members. 

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The Roofing Alliance Announces Release of Two Leading Industry Reports

The Roofing Alliance, the foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), announced the release of two new reports: A Study of the U.S. Roofing Industry and Its Workforce andMoisture in New Concrete Roof Decks. Both reports were funded by the Roofing Alliance in their ongoing commitment to the improvement of the roofing industry.

An aging population of workers, scarcity of skilled workers and an overall need to understand the demographics of the roofing industry were the motivations for the research project A Study of the U.S. Roofing Industry and Its WorkforceThe Roofing Alliance funded the study to capture workforce demographics in support of programs to attract the next generation of the roofing workforce and to strengthen NRCA’s voice and role in Washington, D.C., with statistical data that can be shared with regulatory and federal agencies.

“The industry has been ill-equipped to fully understand the magnitude of the challenges because of a lack of comprehensive workforce data and a detailed examination,” notes the study’s executive statement. “To help fill this information gap, The Roofing Alliance commissioned Arizona State University in 2019 to study current roofing workforce demographics, types of work, skilled and unskilled labor shortages, and effects of labor shortages at national and regional scales, as well as industry challenges and potential solutions. A comprehensive survey methodology was adopted to collect data from roofing contractors throughout the U.S.”

The study comprehensively examines the demographics of the U.S. roofing workforce, including the contracting, manufacturing, distribution and design communities; explores types of operations; and analyzes industry challenges, trends and emerging issues. The final report summarizes that the labor shortage in the roofing industry is more severe than previously recognized. The study showed 90% of U.S. roofing contractors faced labor shortages during the past year with the west being the most severely affected by a lack of skilled workers. 

A second but more long-term report, Moisture in New Concrete Roof Decks, was conducted between 2016 and 2019 with engineering researchers who conducted multiple experiments, measurements and computer simulations on new concrete roof test decks and roof systems installed over test decks. The results of this research has shown that with current roofing materials, the use of a vapor retarder or other concrete moisture mitigation techniques, such as venting, are needed when placing a roof system over a new concrete roof deck. 

The research shows that the moisture content of a concrete roof slab may not drop to a level conservative enough to install a roof system over it in any reasonable amount of time after pouring concrete, or ever, without a vapor retarder or other moisture mitigation technique. This comprehensive report offers detailed information on why architects, engineers, contractors and especially roofing contractors should understand how to install roofing systems properly over new concrete roof decks.

Other industry associations and organizations that supported the study along with the Roofing Alliance include Chicago Roofing Contractors Association, Chicagoland Roofing Council, National Roofing Contractors Association, GAF, Soprema Inc., Johns Manville and the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association.

Both reports are available in the NRCA bookstore. The report: A Study of the U.S. Roofing Industry and Its Workforce is available in electronic format only and the Moisture inNew Concrete Roof Decks is available as a hard copy only. (Due to a stay-at-home mandate issued for Illinois regarding COVID-19, NRCA is unable to ship hardcopy reports from its bookstore until further notice.)

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U.S. Department Of Labor Announces New Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave Implementation

The U.S. Department of Labor announced new action regarding how American workers and employers will benefit from the protections and relief offered by the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act, both part of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). The department’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) posted a temporary rule issuing regulations pursuant to this new law, effective April 1, 2020.

FFCRA helps the United States combat the workplace effects of COVID-19 by reimbursing American private employers that have fewer than 500 employees with tax credits for the cost of providing employees with paid leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. The law enables employers to keep their workers on their payrolls, while at the same time ensuring that workers are not forced to choose between their paychecks and the public health measures needed to combat the virus. WHD administers the paid leave portions of the FFCRA.

“The FFCRA reflects a swift response by President Trump and Congress to the impact coronavirus is having on workers,” said Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia. “The bill provides unprecedented paid leave benefits to American workers affected by the virus, while ensuring that businesses are reimbursed dollar-for-dollar. This is one of a number of important actions being taken to protect and sustain workers and their families during this time of need.”

“With so many workers and so many employers struggling with the effects of these unprecedented conditions, this rule provides answers and relief,” said Wage and Hour Division Administrator Cheryl Stanton. “We remain committed to providing the information and tools required for employees and employers alike to be fully informed about their rights and protections under this new law.”

WHD posted a recorded webinar on April 3, 2020, to provide interested parties a more in-depth description and help them learn more about the FFCRA. To view the webinar visit

WHD offers a number of plain-language compliance assistance materials to explain FFCRA’s benefits and requirements. Tools include a Fact Sheet for Employees and a Fact Sheet for Employers, available in both English and Spanish, and an expansive list of Questions and Answers addressing the questions WHD has most frequently received from stakeholders to date. Available guidance also includes two new posters, one for federal workers and one for all other employees, available in both English and Spanish, that will fulfill notice requirements for employers obligated to inform employees about their rights under this new law, Questions and Answers about posting requirements, and a Field Assistance Bulletin describing WHD’s 30-day non-enforcement policy.

WHD provides additional information on common issues employers and employees face when responding to COVID-19 and its effects on wages and hours worked under the Fair Labor Standards Act and job-protected leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act at

For more information about the laws enforced by the WHD, call 1-866-4US-WAGE, or visit further information about COVID-19, please visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Rooftop Attachment Anchor Compatible With All Commercial Roofing Systems

OMG Roofing Products introduces PowerGrip Universal 7 (PGU-7), a rooftop attachment anchor for mounting solar racking systems and other products to virtually any commercial roof. PGU-7 units are designed to reduce or eliminate the need for ballast in solar racking systems, so there’s less weight, material handling and labor on the roof. 

Designed with wind performance in mind, PGU-7units offer up to 2,051 lbf. (9.12 kN) of tensile strength, 1,581 lbf. (7.03 kN) of shear strength, and up to 2,214 lbf. (9.84 kN) of compressive load strength, making it one of the strongest roof anchors on the market today.

Made of heavy-duty cast aluminum, PGU-7 units include a base ring that is secured through the roofing assembly and into the structural roof deck, as well as a waterproof cover plate to prevent water from infiltrating the system. 

“Commercial rooftop solar has continued to grow at a steady pace,” said Kevin Kervick, solar business manager for OMG Roofing Products. “In addition, the prevalence of damaging storms has increased dramatically over the past few years, which has reinforced the market need for stronger roof anchor systems, such as PGU-7s, which are easy-to-install. With our full family of PowerGrip products, OMG Roofing Products can provide appropriate anchors for virtually any rooftop solar installation.”

PGU-7 units transfer wind uplift loads to the structural roof deck for maximum strength and effectiveness. The system does not require any membrane welding, and PGU-7 units are typically installed in less than five minutes, saving both time and labor when compared to alternative options. 

In addition to ballast and rail-based solar racking systems, PGU-7s can be used for many other roof mounted items such as pipe supports, step crossovers, raceways, satellite dishes, small antennas and HVAC applications.

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Granulated Cap Sheet Features Fire Retardant Additives

Polyglass announces Modibond G FR, an APP (plastomeric) granulated cap sheet for low-slope roofs. Featuring fire retardant additives, Modibond G FR is specially designed for heat welded applications. It is ideal for new roofing, re-roofing, re-cover, and for flashing details. Modibond G FR can be applied directly over an acceptable substrate or as part of a multi-ply system. It is classified as an acceptable option in UL Class A assemblies for a fully adhered cap sheet on a combustible deck.

According to the company, Modibond G FR incorporates a high-quality polyester mat, providing superior tear strength and puncture resistance. The quality APP compound and durable construction ensures long-term weathering performance. The top surface is granulated while the bottom surface has a factory applied burn-off film.

With a proprietary blend of APP modified bitumen that allows for superior weathering, Modibond G FR is designed to withstand severe exposure to fire and fortify against increasingly destructive wildfire seasons. In addition to meeting UL Class A assembly standards, Modibond G FR meets ASTM D6222, Type 1, Grade G standards and is FM Approved. 

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Trent Cotney and John Kenney Launch Cotney Consulting Group

Trent Cotney and John Kenney of Cotney Construction Law announced the launch of Cotney Consulting Group. With a combined 65 years of experience in the roofing industry, working with all sizes of roofing companies, Cotney and Kenney bring a wealth of experience in maximizing success for businesses looking to grow, sustain or plan for the unexpected. 

Focused on the operational review of roofing companies, with the goal of increasing revenues and profitability, Cotney Consulting Group will work with roofing contractors to find success.  With strong positioning, especially helping roofing contractors who hope to grow from the 2 million revenue mark to 10 million, the Cotney Consulting team offers expertise in roofing company operations, strategy, sales and marketing, accounting and human resources.

 “Unlike other business consultants, we are bringing 65-plus years of experience solving the problems of roofing companies,” stated Trent Cotney, CEO of Cotney Construction Law, Cotney Consulting and Cotney Construction Lobbying. “John Kenney has real experience running 8-figure, multi-million-dollar roofing companies. Our group overall did not learn business consulting from a book, but in the everyday experiences of working with and helping roofing contractors nationwide. Our team understands the problems roofing contractors deal with. We have helped solve problems and have continually positioned companies to create an ongoing history of success.”

Cotney Consulting Group is focused on sharing their knowledge and experience to help roofing contractors achieve success. To find out more about consulting services, visit and connect with John Kenney ( for a free consultation.

Atlas Roofing Corporation Names New Director of Marketing

Atlas Roofing Corporation announced Jeff Key has joined the company as the new Director of Marketing. In this position, Key will guide the marketing strategy across both the Shingles & Underlayment and Roof & Wall Insulation Divisions, as well as the company’s overall corporate marketing strategy across all divisions — Shingles & Underlayment, Roof & Wall Insulation, Molded Products and Web Technologies. Key will provide strategic guidance and insight on all marketing efforts, ensuring brand consistency across all customer touchpoints, and develop new marketing opportunities and strategic partnerships to further the company’s continued growth.

“We are very excited to welcome Jeff to the Atlas family,” said Steve Heaton, Vice President, Roof & Wall Insulation Division. “We’ve made great progress with both our internal and external marketing efforts and believe Jeff will be a strategic addition and resource to guide our team.”  

Key joins Atlas with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in marketing communications strategy, specifically within the building products industry. Prior to joining Atlas, Key spent the majority of his career rising from mid- to senior-level marketing positions at Georgia-Pacific Wood Products and Georgia-Pacific Building Products & Distribution. He was instrumental in introducing several new products and initiatives across traditional and digital marketing platforms. Jeff obtained his B.A. in public relations from the University of South Carolina and resides in metro Atlanta.

“Atlas is already a growing company and has the potential to continue expanding in this industry,” Key said. “I’m excited to be part of the continued growth at Atlas and to bring new ideas to the table so we can take better advantage of the strength of our brand.” 

According to the company, this new appointment is part of Atlas’ continued investment in its corporate sales and marketing team in Atlanta and the company’s commitment to innovation. In addition to its robust product portfolio, Atlas has several key product launches and initiatives planned for 2020.

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