New Line of Evaporative Coolers

Big Ass Fans offers new line of evaporative coolers. Cold Front by Big Ass Fans brings a full range of customer options for use in spaces of all sizes and applications, delivering a dramatic temperature reduction up to 33 °F (18 °C).

Capable of covering anywhere from 600 to 6,500 square feet (55 to 600 square meters), the Cold Front lineup allows owners to cool at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning, plus take comfort outside and on the go with ease.

Featuring a thicker, more durable, chemically treated media coated in a thermosetting resin compared to similar products, Cold Front units are able to resist algae and mold growth; hold up to frequent cleanings and abuse; and prevent dirt and other particles from penetrating into the substrate

According to the company, with Cold Front’s variable-speed controls, maintaining the perfect temperature is as simple as turning a dial. Designed for convenience, all Cold Front models feature locking swivel casters, automatic low-water shutoff, and an easily accessible drain plug, while the largest model adds a backlit LCD display, premium remote, occupancy sensor for hands-free operation, and an auto-dry function to maximize media lifespan and keep the cooler in peak condition.

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FEI Group Launches Exterior Contractor Alliance

FEI Group (FEI), based in metro Atlanta, has just announced the formation of Exterior Contractor Alliance (ECA), marking their first move into the exterior residential trade contracting arena. Since 1998, FEI has assembled and managed national networks of the largest contractors in America in a variety of categories, including single-family flooring in the home builder space, multi-family flooring in the apartment space, cabinets and decorative plumbing and hardware.

With 28 members in 33 states, top-line revenues for ECA are currently approaching $750 million, and the active prospective membership pipeline will soon take the organization past the $1 billion mark. According to ECA, the group is already successfully engaging with national accounts, and endeavors such as Project: Apex, a sophisticated benchmarking and best practices program, will soon be underway as the network fully extends its footprint nationally. ECA intends to improve the perception of the industry overall and give premier roofing contractors a voice on a national basis. 

Managing and motivating labor is a key core competency of ECA members and the key component to the success of the roofing industry. Leveraging that aspect to generate competitive advantages to the network members — to separate them from the crowded field of independent contractors — is a top priority from the outset.

Dave Gheesling, FEI Group CEO, noted, “For 22 years, we have worked with the largest, leading and finest residential trade contractors in the country, finding ways to add value to every link of the industry chain in each contractor channel in which we operate. The platform of ECA founding members is extraordinary – both professionally and personally – and typical of the caliber of members in our other divisions.”

Graham Howerton, FEI Group executive vice president, added, “What has made FEI successful over the years has been attracting trade contractors who are fully engaged in the process, who view our role as that of being custodians of the industry, and who push perceived limitations to the apex of what is possible.”

Earl Ward, director of ECA for FEI and the primary contact for prospective ECA members, noted, “The quality and engagement level of our founding members has already exceeded my wildest expectations. We are so fortunate to have a platform of such reputable, market-dominant and enthusiastic members at this early stage in the development of ECA.”

Member Companies From ECA’s Newly Formed Advisory Board Share Insight:

Jim Ziminski, president of Crane Renovation Group (Able Roofing, Mr. Roof and Contractors Incorporated), based in Columbus, Ohio, discussed the new partnership with ECA and FEI: “The low barrier to entry in the roofing contractor arena has manifest itself with around 40,000 contractors in the country. This dynamic generates substantial margin pressures for the most committed contractors in our space, given the lower quality of workmanship and lack of long-term service with smaller, fly-by-night contractors where attrition levels are high.

“We see opportunities to deploy the economies of scale and efficiencies that even we, as the largest residentially focused roofing contractor in America, can’t achieve independently. That FEI has been successfully working with the largest contractors in the country for over 20 years made this an easy fit for us. In my 35 years of experience, it’s become axiomatic that getting the best minds together is beneficial to everyone involved. This will no doubt include manufacturers and distributors who support ECA.”

Brad Beldon, CEO of San Antonio-based Beldon Roofing, shares Ziminski’s views and added more from his perspective. “We have a unique opportunity to aggregate benchmarking and best practices from the top roofing contractors across the nation. FEI has been doing this successfully in other channels for the past couple of decades, and I’m excited about the development and rollout of our own ‘Project: Apex’ on the near horizon. Furthermore, ECA’s member-driven approach, facilitated through our Advisory Board, makes for a great combination of top-flight roofing contractor expertise and insight, along with professional management to guide the development and execution of our initiatives. This combination is a first in the roofing contractor arena.”

Marcus Kuhlmann, COO of Lincoln-based Apple Roofing, highlighted a couple of opportunities he sees with ECA. “While there is too often a combative relationship between roofing contractors and insurance companies today, our experience has been that a cooperative, mutually beneficial approach has been more effective. Using this approach with a best-of-the-best national network of like-minded contractors can separate us from the rest of the pack. I’ve also already been networking with other large contractors in other FEI organizations – an immediate benefit I hadn’t anticipated at the outset.”

Joe Hoffman, president of Hoffman Weber Construction, headquartered in Minneapolis, attended the first exploratory meeting, along with Kuhlmann, in Atlanta last year. “It was clear to me from the start that ECA’s vision for the highest-caliber residential roofing contractors made sense, along with the value system in place to achieve it. That ECA’s management team asked a lot of good questions and listened closely to our answers was a great start, but it wasn’t until a few of us were able to attend FEI’s National Conference last fall that it became clear to me just how positive of an influence that ECA will soon become in our industry. Seeing first-hand what FEI has accomplished in other industries – and hearing about it directly from those member companies – gave me great confidence with respect to the types of things we can do through ECA to elevate the residential roofing industry as a whole.”

A Longstanding FEI Member Shares Historical Perspective:

Houston-based Redi Carpet, the largest multi-family flooring contractor in America ($350 million in 2019 revenues), with branches in over 30 markets, has long been an actively engaged member of FEI. Jerry Hosko, Redi Carpet president, reflected, “We have been a member of FEI since 2000. In those 20 years, the management team at FEI has far surpassed the expectations we had as one of the first members in their MFS (MultiFamily Solutionsä) division. The value they have brought to Redi Carpet and other members in the group is immeasurable.”

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Huntsman Unveils Spray Polyurethane Foam Business Name: Huntsman Building Solutions

Huntsman Corporation announced that it has branded its spray polyurethane foam (SPF) Business as Huntsman Building Solutions (HBS). HBS is a global platform within Huntsman’s Polyurethanes division.

The SPF Business was formed when Huntsman acquired North American SPF company Icynene-Lapolla in February and combined it with Demilec, which Huntsman acquired in 2018. HBS is now one of the world’s leading SPF providers and the fifth largest insulation manufacturer. Simon Baker, previously president of Demilec, and Doug Kramer, formerly president of Icynene-Lapolla, jointly lead HBS. Baker is responsible for Canada and international business and Kramer for U.S. business.

Commenting on the new name, Tony Hankins, President of Huntsman’s Polyurethanes division, said: “Integration of the two legacy companies is progressing well and the selection of the new name is an important milestone for the Business. I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, notwithstanding the current challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. SPF is a highly attractive growth business; we have a product offering which is second to none and our products provide significant environmental benefits — not just in terms of energy savings, as they are the most effective thermal insulants in the market; but also in terms of the upcycling of PET bottles and scrap, which are used in our TEROL polyols, a key ingredient in the production of SPF. HBS will consume significant volumes of our lower margin polymeric MDI – the other key ingredient in SPF formulations – to produce higher margin specialized SPF systems.”

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Nationwide Protective Coatings Launches Redesigned Website

As part of the company’s focus on continually improving client and customer experience, Nationwide Protective Coatings announced the launch of a new and improved website,

According to the company, the new website offers easier navigation and improved informational content designed to help customers find the solutions needed to complete their projects. 

“Please take the time to check out our new and improved website,,” the company said in a statement. “We created this website with our clients and customers in mind. It is here for you to make our products more easily accessible, so please give us a call and let’s get some projects completed together.”  

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Shielding Lotion Protects the Hands of Construction Workers

Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion that bonds with the skin to form a protective layer that lasts through four hours of washing and sanitizing until it needs to be reapplied. According to the company, its unique formula helps rebuild the skin so it can hold its own natural oils and moisture again while reducing skin irritation from over washing and overuse.

Construction workers have been deemed essential in many places that are under shelter-in-place orders, which means that they are hard at work, but still need to practice safety measures like keeping their distance from others and washing or sanitizing their hands often on the job site. Construction workers’ hands normally take a beating from heavy workloads but mix in the constant rubbing and scrubbing to clean them and they can quickly become raw, cracked or sore, which can make it difficult to perform their job.

There are hundreds of moisturizing lotion and cream options, but most of these only provide dry skin relief for a few minutes, or until hands are washed, and then they have to be reapplied. Gloves In A Bottle is designed to bond with the outermost layer of skin cells, enhancing the skin’s ability to retain natural oils and moisture and assisting in the skin’s ability to protect against hand sanitizers, alcohol and other irritants, harsh soaps, common household and workplace products and even the cosmetics that strip moisture out of the skin.

According to the company, it does not wash off like other lotions, but comes off naturally as your skin exfoliates. For continued protection, simply reapply within 4 to 12 hours, depending on the frequency of your hand washing and amount of exposure. 

According to the manufacturer, Gloves In A Bottle is free of all parabens, phthalates, triclosan, sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfates (SLES), formaldehyde, toluene, propylene glycol, salicylates, gluten, latex, dairy, wheat, soy, peas, corn, animal products, animal testing, added fragrance, colorants, peanuts and all other nuts. Gloves In A Bottle is vegan, dermatologist tested and prescribed, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), cruelty free and every ingredient is on the FDA’s most safe list. Through a series of clinical studies conducted by independent labs and hospitals, it has been proven to be so safe it is approved for all staff use in hospitals, even in operating rooms. 

Gloves In A Bottle is available with or without SPF. It is available in a variety of sizes and discounts are available when ordering in bulk. 

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New Advanced Wind Calculator Available From OMG Roofing Products

OMG Roofing Products has unveiled a comprehensive Wind Calculator for determining the uplift requirements for a building’s edge metal (i.e., fascia or coping) system. The new calculator, available on the new OMG Roofing App as well as at, is based on the latest IBC and ASCE standards. Specifiers, contractors and end-users simply provide a few pieces of data for immediate project design pressure information. 

Required inputs include project zip code, building height, project name, wind exposure category (B, C or D), as well as the building’s classification or risk category. ‘Smart’ software allows users to provide a specific wind speed value for the project, or use a specific ASCE 7 version to look up values. 

Unlike other wind calculators on the market, the OMG Wind Calculator provides comprehensive data for each of the various zones on the roof, including pressures for the perimeter, corners, and field of the roof, as well as horizontal wall pressure and the calculated vertical and horizontal design pressures. The results also present the actual wind speed and velocity pressure. With the information provided, specifiers and contractors can select the best OMG EdgeSystems product that meets the design requirements.

“This is an excellent and highly valuable new tool for anyone specifying an edge metal system,” said Karan Patel, product manager for OMG EdgeSystems. “Our goal was to provide an easy-to-use system that presents specifiers and contractors with the detailed pressure information they need to design an effective edge metal system. Based on the simplicity of this calculator, we are confident that the market will be very pleased with the results.” 

The calculator is free to use and available at, and on the new OMG Roofing App, which is available on the App Store or Google Play.

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Western Roofing Expo 2020 Is Going Virtual on July 1

The Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA) announced that Western Roofing Expo 2020 will be a virtual event. “The health and well-being of everyone involved with the Western Roofing Expo is our top priority,” said the WSRCA in a statement. “Coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic travel and government restrictions, the Western Roofing Expo cannot be held this year in Las Vegas as planned. However, we are excited to introduce our first-ever Virtual Western Roofing Expo!”

The Virtual Western Roofing Expo will launch on July 1 through July 15. It will remain open to registrants to self-pace through 2020.

“We understand the importance of bringing roofing contractors together with our manufacturers and suppliers in the industry,” stated WSRCA. “Many in the industry rely on the Western Roofing Expo to elevate their businesses with vital educational sessions, by discovering cost-saving products and services in the marketplace, and the opportunity to network with old friends and create new relationships. As WSRCA and the rest of world learns to deal with this ‘new normal,’ we believe that there is a new way of shaping how we continue to educate and inform our members and the industry. Many of us have been communicating virtually over the past weeks and doing so very effectively. It is our hope, that releasing our participants from the burden of travel and cost of exhibiting — will provide priceless peace of mind during this pandemic. It is our mission to continue to fulfill these goals for exhibitors and attendees — all from the comfort of your own homes and offices.” 

The Virtual Western Roofing Expo will include: 

  • More than 20 webinars selected by the roofing contractor panel.
  • Opportunities to earn IIBEC and AIA CEU’s.
  • Virtual trade show showcasing new products and services.
  • Live demonstrations.
  • Members only raffle.
  • Legislative updates from Washington insider Craig Brightup.
  • Scholarship award ceremony.
  • A Virtual Silent Auction to benefit the Davis Memorial Foundation Scholarship Program.

VWRE registrants will have access to the trade show and webinars until December 31, 2020, so they may enjoy every webinar and visiting every trade show booth – a task that was impossible at the traditional WRE.

WSRCA President Leo Ibarra stated, “In these unprecedented times, Western States has found ways to still bring you education on new and inventive products. That’s what this Association is all about; continuing to adapt the industry in this ever changing world. I am honored to be a part of such an incredible organization and can’t wait to see you at the virtual Expo.”

WSRCA Executive Director Thomas Papas added, “As you have come to expect from the Western States Roofing Contractors Association, we have turned this challenge into an opportunity for the industry.”

Attendees can Pre-Register for the VIRTUAL WESTERN ROOFING EXPO by CLICKING HERE!

New Utility Tray Accessory for Platform Material Hoist

Safety Hoist Company introduces The Utility Tray XL. Easily installed on the EH-500 and HD-400 hoist models, the newly designed Utility Tray is manufactured for versatility. The pre-assembled tray is a steel fabrication and measures 44 inches wide by 25 inches deep and 12 inches high. The Utility Tray includes two Deck Extenders, which expand the carriage width to 45 inches, allowing greater support for rolled goods. Using the Utility Tray XL, contractors cab safely lift items such as tiles, buckets, tools, HVAC units and other construction materials.

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Roofing Technology Think Tank Launches New Community

Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3), a group of progressive roofing professionals focused on technology solutions for the roofing industry, announced the creation of a new, non-voting membership called the RT3 Community.  

“In more traditional times, RT3 members were able to share knowledge and information with the industry at conferences and tradeshows but we have had to adapt in order to be safe,” said Karen Edwards, RT3 director of communications and engagement. “When the pandemic began here, we launched a series of educational webinars and were blown away by the level of participation. It became obvious that we needed to find a way to continue to engage with the industry.”

The organization developed the RT3 Community membership that allows members the opportunity to join a special Slack channel with RT3 members, attend the RT3 virtual meetups and Tech Talks, be invited to RT3 popup networking groups at industry events, access the RT3 Technology Innovators Facebook group, participate in the RT3 Technology Forum on RoofersCoffeeShop and receive the SmartBrief e-newsletter featuring progressive industry content. 

The RT3 Community membership is open to anyone in the roofing industry, without needing to apply and receive approval from the membership task team. “It is our hope that opening this community to everyone will continue to advance the understanding and implementation of technology into the roofing industry,” said Edwards. 

Full voting individual and corporate memberships remain capped at 100 members maximum in order for RT3 to continue to be agile and maximize the learning opportunities for the rest of the industry. “When full membership spots become available, the RT3 Community is the perfect feeder system to fill those seats with engaged, passionate new members,” concluded Edwards. 

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Sheet Metal Supply Adds New Regional Sales Manager

Sheet Metal Supply hired Joe Wanner as a Regional Sales Manager to promote the company’s growing capabilities of being Chicagoland’s single source for sheet metal requirements. Wanner’s combination of a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, an MBA in Business Ownership and 20 years of residential and commercial construction experience will be a valued resource for SMS customers seeking project guidance.

Founded in 1991, Sheet Metal Supply Ltd. is a fabricator/supplier of custom-formed perimeter edge metal products and processed coil and flat stock used by sheet metal fabricators. The company also provides a line of fabricated metal roof and wall profiles, along with associated products such as sealants, hand tools, roof underlayment and more. 

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