Charge Vehicle Batteries Automatically

Stanley 8 Amp High Frequency Battery Charger

Stanley 8 Amp High Frequency Battery Charger

The new Stanley 8 Amp High Frequency Battery Charger offers fully automatic charging. Just set it and forget it™.

Vehicle won’t start? Battery needs maintenance? Just connect the new Stanley 8 amp battery charger clamps to the battery terminal and press charge. The battery charger automatically does the rest for optimum performance. With fast, high frequency technology, it delivers multistage charging, automatically switching from fast charge, to top-off, to trickle charge. If the cables are connected to the wrong terminal the charger will alert you with an LED indicator. No spark, just simple & easy.

Solar Solution For Ponding Water

The Sentinel Solar Roof Pump

The Sentinel Solar Roof Pump

The Sentinel Solar Roof Pump was developed by a licensed roofing contractor and solar engineer to be a cost-effective solution for ponding water on flat roofs. Rather than re-pitching, re-decking and reroofing or installing new in-roof drains, the roof pump features smart chip technology and a proprietary solar panel to remove water from roofs continuously. The fully portable pump includes a battery backup, allowing it to pump any time of day and in any weather all year long.

Tripod Light Collapses for Easy Transport and Storage

Stanley</a> FatMax Portable Tripod Light

Stanley FatMax Portable Tripod Light

The new Stanley FatMax Portable Tripod Light provides 360-degree lighting for large and small jobs, power outages and outdoor events. The Portable Tripod light is corded, cordless and rechargeable. With 45 watts of ultra-bright LEDs, the rechargeable light reaches up to 2400 lumens. The 90-degree adjustable hinges and 360-degree pivoting base allow for multi-directional positioning to cover larger areas. The 3 detachable cordless lights are great for smaller jobs and can be used in tighter spaces for maximum brightness. Each separate light runs for up to 10 hours and features Lithium Ion technology to stay charged for up to 12 months.

The Stanley FatMax tripod light is rechargeable and provides up to 10 hours extended runtime. The unit is lightweight and easy to use for a variety of outdoor situations. After use, the tripod stand collapses for easy transport and storage.

Natural Orange Solvent Designed to Clean Up Tar, Asphalt, Mastic and More

Roofer’s and Paver’s Edge Tar, Asphalt, Adhesive and Tack Oil Remover

Roofer’s and Paver’s Edge Tar, Asphalt, Adhesive and Tack Oil Remover

Roofer’s and Paver’s Edge Tar, Asphalt, Adhesive and Tack Oil Remover is the strongest natural orange solvent available. Specifically formulated for the tough jobs encountered by roofing and paving companies, this biodegradable product is safe on most painted surfaces. The product is great for tar, asphalt, oil, grease, adhesives, mastic, etc. It is biodegradable and 100 percent natural. The convenient aerosols make cleanup a breeze.

Available in convenient aerosols, 4- by 1-gallons, 35-gallon drums and 55-gallon drums.

More than 30 Ladder Rack Models Fit Seven new RAM ProMaster Configurations

Safe Fleet Brand announces availability of more than 30 different ladder rack models to fit the seven new RAM ProMaster configurations

Safe Fleet Brand announces availability of more than 30 different ladder rack models to fit the seven new RAM ProMaster configurations

Prime Design, a Safe Fleet Brand, announces availability of more than 30 different ladder rack models to fit the seven new RAM ProMaster configurations.

The firm now has ladder racks that carry a 6-foot step ladder, a 40-foot extension ladder, and anything in between. All of the ladder rack models are aluminum, which means drivers can carry more ladder weight compared to steel solutions. It also means they don’t have to deal with the unsightly mess that rust leaves behind.

Prime Design ladder racks optimize ergonomics through leverage, positioning and smooth, hydraulic assistance. This combination eliminates operators from having to climb on a tire or bumper—actions that can lead to an accident and recordable injuries.

Prime Design’s seven full-time territory managers work with customers to determine the best ladder rack model to meet their unique job requirements.

Charge Devices On the Go

Stanley's 140 Watt Portable Power Inverter

Stanley’s 140 Watt Portable Power Inverter

The new Stanley 140 Watt Portable Power Inverter provides power on the go to charge cell phones, laptops, DVD players, gaming devices and more. Just plug the power cord into a vehicle’s 12 Volt DC port (cigarette lighter) and enjoy the convenience of household outlets and a USB port. The additional USB port allows you to charge and power smart phones, tablets and much more from just about anywhere. The 140 watt power inverter includes two electrical household style outlets and a USB port. With an easy to install mounting kit, the inverter attaches to carpeted surfaces with hook and loop adhesive or slides in and out of a bracket that can be mounted to the dash inside a vehicle.

Portable Generator Provides Job-site Flexibility

Honda Power Equipment's EB2000i portable generator

Honda Power Equipment’s EB2000i portable generator

Honda Power Equipment recently introduced the new EB2000i, an all-new 2000 watt portable generator equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to meet the Electrical Test Lab and OSHA compliance throughout the country. Based on the extremely popular consumer EU2000i generator model, the new EB2000i maintains key performance attributes of the EU series unit while adding a 120V/20A GFCI receptacle, which provides greater flexibility for most work site applications.

Similar to the EU2000i, the new EB2000i offers inverter power with a maximum output of 2,000 watts with Honda’s fuel-efficient Eco-Throttle. The Eco Throttle feature allows the generator to conserve fuel by varying engine rpm to produce only the power required to operate the equipment, improving fuel economy. Additionally, the EB2000i can operate from four to nine hours without the need for refueling, allowing the potential for working all day without interruption.

Hapco Inc. is a full sales and service center for Honda Power Equipment and stocks Honda’s complete line of generators for roofing professionals. When paired with the BAK RiOn Hand Welder, roofing repairs can be done without the use of building power.

Extendable Light Mast Produces 900,000 Lumens

Larson Electronics' 9000 watt extendable light mast

Larson Electronics’ 9000 watt extendable light mast

Serving the utilities, industrial and commercial business communities for over 40 years, manufacturer and distributor of high grade lighting equipment Larson Electronics has released a new 9000 watt extendable light mast. This mast is equipped with six 1,500 watt metal halide lamps that produce 900,000 lumens of light combined.

The LM-16-FM-6X1500W-EW Light Tower from Larson Electronics is a 16-foot extendable light tower equipped with an electric winch and six metal halide light fixtures that produce approximately 150,000 lumens each. The six 1,500 watt metal halide lamps produce a wide spread of intense white light, allowing this unit to effectively cover large work areas with high quality illumination. These lamps have 19 reflectors and are constructed of aluminum with a clear tempered glass lens which is secured into place with a heavy duty gasket and single ring lock. These floodlights produce a wide flood light pattern capable of illuminating approximately 10 acres. Each floodlight is securely fastened to the light boom and each lamp includes a support bracket to help maintain lamp stability within its housing.

This two section light boom can be extended to 16 feet for maximum area coverage and collapsed to 9 feet. The tower is constructed of square steel tubing. The mast is extended to its full height using an included 1,000 pound rated 120 volt Dutton Lainson electric winch with 3/16 inch aircraft cable. The electric winches are controlled by a programmable logic relay and reflective sensors as opposed to physical limit switches for ease of use and safety. The lamps are connected to the power service via a water tight male pin connector that attaches to a receptacle located on the back of the light boom.

These light masts are typically mounted to trailers or other stable surfaces via a 15 inch by 13 inch, 1Ž2 inch thick mounting base plate which has been predrilled to accept six 3Ž4-inch anchor bolts. A 24-inch-wide and 1Ž4-inch-thick mounting plate is attached to the upper section of the mast which provides a strong and stable platform for the metal halide fixtures. This light tower can withstand winds up to 125 mph when lowered to 9.6 feet.

Residential Fall-protection Anchor Is Permanent

Qualcraft Industries' HitchClip

Qualcraft Industries’ HitchClip

Qualcraft Industries, a division of Guardian Fall Protection, has released a versatile residential fall-protection anchor: the HitchClip. Made from durable and lightweight powder-coated aluminum, the HitchClip is quick and easy to install (with six screws or six nails), and functions as a permanent anchor point. Because it may be permanently installed, the HitchClip not only adds value to any home, but also helps reduce costs for contractors by allowing them to save money on temporary or one-use anchor options.

The HitchClip, which is now fully available to purchase, comes in black, gray or brown, and its sleek design allows it to easily blend in with nearly any roof. Its patented “key-hole” connection point allows it to be used as a standard fall-protection anchor and also in combination with numerous attachment accessories, such as Qualcraft’s Bunk Jack, Roof Jack, Guardrails, Workbench, Platform Stage, Solar Panel Rack Bracket, and many more.

Pneumatic Mini LED Light Pole Is Released

Larson Electronics' new pneumatic mini LED light pole

Larson Electronics’ new pneumatic mini LED light pole

Larson Electronics has announced the release of a new pneumatic mini LED light pole. This air powered mini light tower is equipped with two LED light heads that produce 1,368 lumens of bright, white light while drawing only 18 watts.

The PLM-13.5-NAC-2XLEDP3W-3-1227 is a pneumatic mini light pole that safely and effectively allows operators to elevate the two included high intensity LED lights to a maximum height of 13.5 feet. On the top of the pneumatic mast, Larson Electronics has constructed an aluminum mounting plate that holds two of their LEDP3W-3 lights which produce a total of 1,368 lumens of intense light output. Each light bar contains three CREE XLamp XR-E three watt LEDs that produce 228 lumens each. They are paired with high purity optics to produce a tightly focused 10 degree spot beam approximately 375¹ long. The lamps are IP68 rated waterproof and can be adjusted independently of each other for maximum area coverage.

The tower is constructed of high strength, heat treated aluminum tubing for strength and durability. The tower is comprised of four sections, and includes a locking top mounting plate for easy removal of lights or cameras. The mast is elevated using an air compressor, sold separately. An air release valve located at the base of this pneumatic mast allows operators to lower the tower. The 16/3 AWG wiring is internally routed so there is no loose wiring exposed when the tower is collapsed. The PML-13.5-NAC includes a three-wire internal wiring harness with 12 inches extending from both ends for easy installation and connection.

These lights are multi-voltage and can be operated with voltages ranging from 120 to 277 volrs AC via an inline transformer, making them ideal for connecting to power from vehicles and boats. The encapsulated AC to DC transformer steps 120-277 AC down to DC voltage. This transformer has 20 feet of oil and chemical resistant SOOW cable on the output side that connects the LED light to the transformer, and 5 feet of SOOW cable on the input side and terminated in an industrial grade 5-15 plug.