Mount Snow-retention Systems and Solar Panels

S-5!'s VersaGard

S-5!’s VersaGard

VersaGard is a strong, versatile and affordable exposed-fastened solution for mounting snow retention and solar panels. It is compatible with almost any trapezoidal, exposed-fastened profile. VersaGard comes with factory-applied butyl sealant already in the base; the S-5!-patented reservoir conceals the sealant from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracks. A VersaGard pipe snow-retention system functions without cluttering the lines of the roof. It also can be used in lieu of an L-foot to support the installation of photovoltaic panels. VersaGard works with most rail or racking systems and can be oriented parallel or perpendicular to the roof line.

Fill Space Between Purlins with Fiberglass

Energy Saver FP system from Silvercote

Energy Saver FP system from Silvercote

The Energy Saver FP system from Silvercote consists of a network of straps (white painted galvanealed banding), bright white support fabric and fiberglass blanket insulation. Each piece of the support fabric is custom-made to fit a specific location in or on a building. The fabric is fastened to the underside of the roof framing and is supported by the banding. Fiberglass insulation then is installed above the fabric in varying thicknesses to attain desired insulating values. The triple layer system is a suitable way to fill the additional space from larger purlins or can be used with standing-seam clips as supplied by some building manufacturers.

High-power Density Flexible PV for Standing-seam Metal Roof Systems

Miasole has released its new FLEX 01-N PV module for architectural standing seam metal roof systems.

Miasole has released its new FLEX 01-N PV module for architectural standing seam metal roof systems.

Miasole, a company of Hanergy, has released its new FLEX 01-N PV module for architectural standing seam metal roof systems. The Miasole FLEX N series PV module is the roofing industry’s first high power density flexible PV module with a power efficiency of 15.5 percent. The FLEX module’s high performance self-adhesive provides a simple peel-n-stick installation method with the industry’s first 25-year adhesion guarantee.

The Miasole FLEX module fully adhered to the metal roof systems eliminates the need for racking and mechanical attachment or penetrations. The FLEX PV module low profile has the same wind uplift rating of the roof system design, making FLEX the best solar choice for high wind zones. Weighing less than 0.7 lb/sq ft, FLEX is idea for roofs with low load capacity and buildings in high seismic areas.

The Miasole FLEX N Series module can be purchased from leading metal roof manufacturers already factory laminated to their metal panel for immediate roof top installation using standard construction practices. FLEX modules can be installed in the field by the contractor. FLEX modules simplify project logistics, reduce labor costs, and installation time.

New Brake and Bender for the Stone Coated Steel Market

Brake and bender for stone coated steel from Swenson Shear.

Brake and bender for stone coated steel from Swenson Shear.

Start off the New Year with the All New Break and Bender from Swenson Shear. To complement the One Arm Bandit, Swenson is offering a brand new break and bender for the stone coated steel market. Ring in the New Year with a trusted brand in shearing.

Snow-retention Components Further Slow Snow from Sliding Off a Roof

SnapClip II from S-5!

SnapClip II from S-5!

SnapClip, SnapClip II or SnapClip III are optional components that can be added to your S-5! ColorGard snow retention system to further retard the migration of snow. It has a special integrated rubber “foot” to prevent abrasion of the panel’s finish. SnapClip snaps onto the back of the crossmember and extends down to the flat of the roofing panel.

Snap the SnapClip onto your ColorGard crossmember after installation. One or two clips are used between seams. Mount the SnapClip to the back of the crossmember using the lock that results with the rubber “foot” resting properly on the panel surface. When applying downward pressure on the part, the “toe” should engage the surface of the panel just before the “heel.” Screw SnapClip into place utilizing the provided stainless steel self-tapping screw.

SnapClip II has two locks and is especially made for seam heights of 1 inch (25 mm) and 1 3/4 inch (44.5 mm) snap. It will also fit 2-inch (51 mm) vertical seams but not 2-inch (51 mm) horizontal.

SnapClip III has three different locks and will work on seam heights of 1 3/4 inch (44.5 mm) up to 3 inches (76 mm).

SnapClip should not be used on copper roofs.

Restore Smooth, Mineral Asphalt and Metal Roofs with New Restoration Systems

Garland’s new Revitalizer restoration systems

Garland’s new Revitalizer restoration systems

Garland’s new Revitalizer restoration systems are easy to apply, cost-effective solutions designed to restore the wearing surfaces of smooth or mineral asphalt and metal roofs to better than the original. The multi-purpose, asphaltic, liquid waterproofing membranes effectively adhere to a variety of roof coatings, providing an additional 80 to 112 wet mils of waterproofing protection and helping to extend the life of the system.

The cold-process, low odor formulation of Revitalizer allows projects to proceed without disruption to the building’s operations and occupants. It also eliminates the need for kettles, heat sources and bulky rooftop equipment, making it extremely fast and simple to install. When combined with Garland’s Grip Polyester Firm reinforcement fabric, the Revitalizer system provides exceptional tensile strength and elongation. When using Revitalizer Metal, combine with Garland’s Grip Polyester Soft. The system easily conforms to surface irregularities and accommodates building movement without leaking, cracking, blistering or ridging.

The Garland Co. Inc. is one of the worldwide leaders of quality, high-performance roofing and building envelope solutions for the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. For over 100 years, Garland has continually developed unique product and service offerings that have raised the bar of performance while exceeding the individual needs of customers throughout the world. Today, our network of over 200 local building envelope professionals is ideally positioned throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to provide quality building envelope solutions for single and multi-property facilities. The Garland Company Inc., headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Incorporate Daylighting into Existing Buildings

The RetroLite daylighting system from Butler Manufacturing

The RetroLite daylighting system from Butler Manufacturing

Building owners can now incorporate daylighting into existing buildings to minimize lighting-related electricity costs, with the introduction of the RetroLite daylighting system from Butler Manufacturing.

Implementing daylighting technology can provide significant savings, as lighting-related electricity is often the highest operating expense in a building — frequently exceeding heating and cooling costs. In fact, a building equipped with a RetroLite daylighting system and lighting controls can reduce lighting-related electricity expenses by up to 70 percent.

The RetroLite daylighting system, specially designed to replace the Lite*Panl panel system, is available for retrofit applications to an MR-24 or CMR-24 roof system. Product benefits include the ability to:

    Add weathertight protection — Rigorous testing at the Butler® Research and Development Center proves the self-curbing RetroLite daylighting system is effective at preventing water penetration, an inherent risk for other curb-mounted daylighting systems.

    Harness the power of prismatics — The RetroLite daylighting system provides 100 percent diffused light without glares or hot spots, even in overcast conditions. Its unique acrylic dome design pulls in more light earlier and later in the day, with a visible light transmittance value of 0.68.

    Simplify installation — For simplified installation, the diverter of the RetroLite daylighting system can be tied into the splice of a Lite*Panl panel system. In addition, its curbless design reduces the number of fasteners required — which decreases the field labor needed for installation.

Universal Closure Contours to a Metal Panel

LCF Universal Closure by Lakeside Construction Fasteners

LCF Universal Closure by Lakeside Construction Fasteners

The newly patented design of LCF Universal Closure by Lakeside Construction Fasteners creates a weathertight seal and contours to a metal-panel profile without the need for carrying die cut closures. The close-cell closure can be used as an inner/outer with adhesive applied the full length and width of the LCF Universal Closure. The patented adhesive bonding agent helps prevent water, dirt, snow and insects from penetrating the building structure after installation. The product, which can be used in multiple applications throughout the ridge cap, eave, hip or valley, is Dade County 110-mph tested and approved.

Combine Advantages of Single Ply with Aesthetics of Standing-seam Metal

Carlisle SynTec Systems' Sure-Flex PVC Contour Rib Profile

Carlisle SynTec Systems’ Sure-Flex PVC Contour Rib Profile

Carlisle SynTec Systems is pleased to introduce its new Sure-Flex PVC Contour Rib Profile. This innovative product combines the advantages of a single-ply system with the aesthetic appeal of a standing seam metal roof. To achieve this look, Carlisle’s PVC Contour Rib Profile is hot-air welded in a parallel pattern to the exposed surface of FleeceBACK KEE HP FRS or FleeceBACK PVC membrane.

Designed to cast a distinctive shadow that can be seen from the ground or surrounding areas, Carlisle’s PVC Contour Rib Profile provides enhanced aesthetics when compared to other PVC rib profiles. This product is extruded from the same weather-resistant PVC compound as Carlisle’s Sure-Flex PVC roofing membrane, ensuring comparable weathering characteristics and an excellent color match. Carlisle’s durable PVC Contour Rib Profile is dimensionally stabilized and strengthened by a 1/8-inch fiberglass reinforcing cord that runs the length of each section. During installation, the 10’ PVC Contour Rib Profile sections are joined together by a non-corroding, fiberglass pin, ensuring compatibility and continuity throughout the application.

Carlisle’s PVC Contour Rib Profile is available in white, gray, and tan colors and measures 10-feet long, 1¼-inch tall, and 2 1/8-inch wide (including the welding flanges). The vertical profile is a substantial 3/8-inch thick, and each section of PVC Contour Rib Profile has a 1/8-inch alignment hole. This product is packaged 20 pieces per carton, and each carton includes 25 connecting pins.

Preprogram Lengths for Gutters and Standing-seam Roofing

New Tech Machinery's EZ-Counter Controller

New Tech Machinery’s EZ-Counter Controller

For contractors looking to save time on the job site, New Tech Machinery announces the EZ-Counter Controller. First introduced at IRE 2014, the EZ-Counter controller was developed by New Tech Machinery’s engineering department for use on MACH II gutter machines and SSR panel machines.

It operates as a touchscreen for quick and easy navigation and lets the user pre-program up to 50 lengths to save time on the job site. It can be set up to function in feet and inches, inches only and centimeters. Gutter machine miter lengths can be customized for each programmed job in order to reduce costly operator math errors.

Users can enjoy two tracking options. The first, is the totalizer like a trip odometer on the car while the second optional tracking is password protected. This option allows the user to calculate easier invoicing and more accurate material inventory.
This new product is available now and can be installed on machines leaving the factory or retrofitted onto machines in the field. A more advanced computer controller operation system is currently available on all other New Tech Machinery roof panel machines.