LED String Lights for Work Sites Use Less Power and Create Less Heat

Larson Electronics reveals its newly designed work area LED string lights

Larson Electronics reveals its newly designed work area LED string lights.

Industrial lighting specialist Larson Electronics reveals its newly designed work area LED string lights. The 10-watt LED lamps on this work site light set provide higher quality light than 50 wattage incandescent lights while creating less heat and using less power.

The WAL-SL-5-LED work area string lights from Larson Electronics consist of five industrial grade LED lamps with 10 feet of 14/3 SJTW cable between each lamp. This temporary LED string light system is connected to power via an integrated 3-foot cable terminated with a standard 5-15 straight blade plug. Each globe light is equipped with a high output LED bub which delivers more light output than a 100 watt incandescent. The 10 watt LED bulb draws 10 percent of the electrical power of a standard 100 watt bulb, making it suitable for standard voltage and low voltage applications. Each LED light screws into a molded E26 lamp socket and the bulb is enclosed in a bird cage style plastic guard.

Each lamp is protected by a yellow plastic guard enclosure that has a hook to hang the task lights overhead. Multiple light stringers can be connected end to end to extend work area illumination. There are limits to how many strings can be interconnected based on the overall amp draw and power source. Utilizing energy efficient LED lamps, operators are able to provide more light coverage from the same amp draw, or lower the amp draw using the same amount of LED lamps as incandescent. Each LED trouble light has an effective range that approximately covers 5 to 8 foot radius with 10-15 foot candles of light. These lights are configured to operate with 120V-277V AC current and are available in an optional 12-24V DC configuration as well. The LED lamps are suitable for wet areas, extremely long lived, resistant to damage from impacts and vibrations, and consume far less energy than standard lamps.

Detect Moisture with Non-destructive Kit

The RWS Kit from Tramex Ltd.

The RWS Kit from Tramex Ltd.

The RWS Kit from Tramex Ltd. is a complete moisture inspection kit for the roofing professional. The kit allows for deep penetration through non-conductive roofing membranes, Exterior Insulation and Finish System or drywall barriers. It does not use destructive or pin-type instruments while accurately and quickly locating and tracing leaks and their source.

The kit, which is suitable for leak detection in membranes, insulation and EIFS, includes the following:

An RWS non-destructive moisture meter
Professional digital pin-type resistance meter
Handheld electrode with 7-inch insulated pins
Infrared Surface Thermometer
Telescopic Handle (for use on roofs)
High-impact, polypropylene carrying case, with die-cut foam lining
(Optional) Digital Hygrometer

The meters are battery-operated (batteries are supplied) and feature clear, easy-to-read analog/digital dials.

All Tramex products carry a full satisfaction guarantee including a one-year warranty against defects in parts and workmanship, as well as a refund if the unit is returned, shipping pre-paid, in new condition within 21 days of original delivery. Proof of purchase is necessary.

Recycled Rubber Paver Provides Thermal and Mechanical Protection to the Roof Membrane



While offering unlimited design potential, SofTILE AP provides thermal and mechanical protection to the roof membrane. This unique marriage of form and function creates effective use of outdoor spaces above offices, hotels and apartment buildings.

SofTILE AP is manufactured from recycled rubber and specially formulated binding agents, which are molded into a high-density, durable locking paver. The locking feature, coupled with resiliency and color diversity are the unique benefits that have positioned SofTILE AP as a preferred product for rooftop applications.

SofTILE AP provides a resilient, shock-absorbing trafficable surface to complement virtually any roof system application. The resiliency of the rubber composition provides a flexibility that allows automatic adjustment to accommodate minor undulations and slope variation in the surface. the rubber composition is compatible with waterproofing membranes and does not require installation of a protective layer in most situations.

Cut Composition Shingles and More

Saiz Shingle Cutting Tool

Saiz Shingle Cutting Tool

Saiz Tool Co. was established in 2005 with an idea that there must be an easier way to cut the thick shingles that were on the market. As it has become more and more difficult to cut thick composition shingles with the old comp knife, the company’s owner—who has been in the roofing business since 1972—developed the Saiz Shingle Cutting Tool.

The Saiz Shingle Cutting Tool easily cuts the various different thicknesses of composition shingles, as well as many other roofing-related materials.

Bifocal Safety Eyewear Helps Wearers Focus on Small Items

Conqueror MAG by Gateway Safety is a bifocal safety eyewear solution.

Conqueror MAG by Gateway Safety is a bifocal safety eyewear solution.

Conqueror MAG by Gateway Safety is a bifocal safety eyewear solution in a design that end users find stylish and ultra comfortable. Conqueror MAG is an ideal product for those required to wear eye protection, but who have trouble focusing on small things close up—such as blueprints, schematics, small parts, equipment settings, tools and more.

Highlighted by an attractive contemporary design, Gateway Safety’s Conqueror safety eyewear has been found to be more comfortable and more cost effective than industry alternatives. Conqueror eyewear features a soft rubber nosepiece and ergonomic, contoured temple tips that don’t pinch—ensuring all-day wearability with no slipping. The addition of bifocal magnification to Conqueror reduces the inherent risk of switching between regular safety glasses and reading glasses, a dangerous necessity that could result in errors and eye injuries.

Available in five diopter strengths from 1.0 to 3.0, Conqueror MAG, like all Gateway Safety glasses, shields workers from daily impact hazards. Its durable, one-piece polycarbonate wraparound lens meets and exceeds ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards. Conqueror MAG is available in Clear and Gray lens styles (Gray in 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 diopters only). Each pair also comes with a free breakaway retainer.

Single-step Roof Coating

ERSystems' OneStep roof coating

ERSystems’ OneStep roof coating

Get the project done quickly with a single-pass roof coating from ERSystems. OneStep is a white, low-VOC, reflective, high-performance elastomeric coating. The product is a liquid-applied, single-component, moisture-cured modified silane. OneStep is designed to provide superb adhesion to a variety of substrates. OneStep Finish Coat is a “tough” coating and provides superior UV stability and weathering characteristics. The low-odor coating is designed to restore multiple substrates. It has excellent adhesion to asphalt, single ply, spray polyurethane foam and concrete.

Standing-seam Clamp for Use with Any Profile or Floating Steel Roof

Galaxy Energy's G7 universal standing-seam clamp

Galaxy Energy’s G7 universal standing-seam clamp

Galaxy Energy‘s G7 is a universal standing-seam clamp for use with any standing-seam profile and floating steel roof. On a low-pitched roof with the addition of stainless-steel Z brackets, the modules can be mounted to the desired angle.

The G7 single Rail Layer design offers ease of installation and allows increased airflow to avoid excessive loss of power production caused by high-operating temperatures.

Metal Roof Sealant Adheres to Metal and More

Novaflex Metal Roof Sealant from Novagard Solutions Inc.

Novaflex Metal Roof Sealant from Novagard Solutions Inc.

Novaflex is a complete line of one- and two-part sealants from Novagard Solutions Inc. The sealants meet the needs of roofing, window, door and siding dealers, building material wholesalers and contractors.

Novaflex Metal Roof Sealant provides adhesion to metal, coated metals, wood, masonry, PVC and most common construction materials. It offers excellent adhesion and flexibility, is mildew-resistent and extrudes down to -20 F. The sealant is freeze/thaw stable and it completely cures in up to two days.

The product adheres to wood, metal siding, galvanized steel, flashing, metal roofing, galvanized gutters, trim, PVC, aluminum, masonry, downspouts, roof tile and Kynar. It is VOC compliant, meeting CARB and OTC regulations, as well as meets or exceeds ASTM C-920-00, TT-S-001543A and TT-S-230C.

Commander Series Coming to Chevrolet Dealership Near You

LINE-X Protective Coatings has announced the arrival of its all-new Commander Series Truck developed by Truck Gear by LINE-X.

LINE-X Protective Coatings has announced the arrival of its all-new Commander Series Truck developed by Truck Gear by LINE-X.

LINE-X Protective Coatings, a developer and provider of high performance protective coatings, has announced the arrival of its all-new Commander Series Truck developed by Truck Gear by LINE-X. Inspired by Duck Commander’s Willie Robertson and launched at the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Duck Commander 500, the all-new Commander Series Truck will be available at participating Chevrolet Dealerships nationwide and will feature a variety of aftermarket accessories that will appeal to Duck Commander fans and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Commander Series Truck includes a variety of features that make it a standout. With exclusive aftermarket accessories from Truck Gear by LINE-X, the Commander Series features 3.5 inch round step bars and bedrails, each with a LINE-X finish, a performance efficient tonneau cover, custom floor liners with the Duck Commander logo and a polished SS exhaust tip. Inspired by the great outdoors, the Commander Series truck also includes Realtree MAX-5 Camo fender flares, exterior graphics and interior accents. Custom headrests and badging with the Duck Commander logo complete the package.

The Commander Series Truck package is available on 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab models and at participating Chevrolet dealerships in the United States. The theme for the all-new Commander Series Truck will resonate with LINE-X’s product application expansion and the diversification of the LINE-X Network outside of the traditional truck bedliner industry. The initial look of the exterior will set the truck apart from other vehicles on the road with graphics exclusive to the Duck Commander brand with camouflage and duck silhouettes.

Tubular Skylight Distributes Ambient Light Evenly

Solatube M74 DS Core

Solatube M74 DS Core

The Solatube M74 DS Core combines advanced dome and tube optics with a Prismatic Diffuser. It distributes ambient light evenly throughout an area, increases illumination on high wall and ceiling planes, and is ideal for floor to diffuser heights of 18 to 26 feet. The Solatube M74 DS with Amplifier pairs the core unit with the SkyVault Series Amplifier and Prismatic Diffuser. It delivers focused light across greater distances to visual task plane, reduces light high on walls and loss at the ceiling plane, and is ideal for floor to diffuser heights of 26 feet and up.