Report Assists with Gutter Systems

EagleView Technologies Inc.'s GutterReport

EagleView Technologies Inc.’s GutterReport

EagleView Technologies Inc. has introduced the GutterReport, an EagleView measurement report designed specifically to help with the sales, marketing and installation of gutter systems. The report is offered for commercial and residential properties and provides eave measurements, downspout and miter corner count, as well as total number of stories by direction. The customized cover page and color photos of the property turn the report into a professional presentation tool that can lead to increased sales closing rates.

Machine Applies Coatings Evenly

The Spraybot from Sprayworks Equipment Group

The Spraybot from Sprayworks Equipment Group

The Spraybot from Sprayworks Equipment Group is a spray gun mounted on a motorized mobile spray machine that is designed to evenly apply coating materials to roofs and more. The spray gun oscillates, delivering a wide angle—up to 7 1/2 feet—of material to its targeted surface. The Spraybot features two DC motors, user-friendly controls, an adjustable spray-head mounting device and speed-control options. It can process approximately 5 to 50 pounds of material per minute and can operate for 8 hours on 1 gallon of gas.

Anchor for Fall Protection and Accessory Attachment

Qualcraft Industries’ HitchClip

Qualcraft Industries’ HitchClip

Qualcraft Industries’ HitchClip functions as a permanently installed anchor point. Made from durable and lightweight powder coated aluminum, the HitchClip requires six screws or six nails for installation. Available in black, gray or brown, the product’s sleek design blends in with nearly any roof. Its patented “key-hole” connection point allows it to be used as a standard fall-protection anchor and with numerous attachment accessories, such as Qualcraft’s Bunk Jack, Roof Jack, Guardrails, Workbench and more.

Ridge Vent Provides Continuous Airflow

Benjamin Obdyke Inc.'s Shark Vent XLP

Benjamin Obdyke Inc.’s Shark Vent XLP

Benjamin Obdyke Inc. has introduced its Shark Vent XLP, an externally baffled shingle-over-roof ridge vent available in 25-foot rolls. Shark Vent effectively extracts heat and moisture from residential attics by providing continuous airflow along the attic ridge, the hottest part of the attic. Its sine-wave-shaped internal and external baffles with 1/8-inchwide vent holes protect attics from rain, snow and insect infiltration. For extreme weather areas, Shark Vent also comes in a filtered option (Xtra).

Attachment Systems for Standing-seam Metal

S-5! has released the X-Gard pipe snow-retention system and the S-5! Utility System.

S-5! has released the X-Gard pipe snow-retention system and the S-5! Utility System.

S-5! has released the X-Gard pipe snow retention system and the S-5! Utility System. Both can be attached to major standing-seam metal roof profiles without damaging the roof and voiding the roof manufacturers’ warranties. X-Gard spans up to 48 inches and can be purchased as a one- or two-pipe system, depending on project specifics. The Utility System enables easy attachment of signs, banners, light fixtures, gas pipe, antennas, roof walkways, HVAC equipment, lightning-protection systems, condensate lines, stack/flue bracing and more. The Utility System can be rotated 360 degrees for orientation versatility.

Create a Virtual Office

While on the roof, roofers are difficult to reach. But by having a professional receptionist from Opus Virtual Offices answer their phones, roofing companies can now present a professional image and convert business at a higher rate. Also, by having a professional address, the roofing company now has someone to receive mail and packages while they are on the roof. A virtual office is defined as a complete business system that utilizes advanced technology to create a flexible online workplace. Opus VO reduces the costs and hassles of renting physical space and combines the best features of a low-cost virtual office.

Contractors Help with the Development of Designer Shingle

Malarkey Roofing Products' Windsor Heavyweight Shingle

Malarkey Roofing Products’ Windsor Heavyweight Shingle

Malarkey Roofing Products has made available its elegant Windsor Heavyweight Shingle, which was created by contractors and the Malarkey Technical, Research and Development teams. Six individual shingle styles with 18 tab size variations are specially engineered to allow for easy book-style application using any order of shingles. The tabs were also elongated to 5 3/4 inches to offer large coverage area. The Windsor shingle features Scotchgard Algae Resistant Protection, UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistance, rain seal protection and cold weather flexibility to 0 F.

Edge Metal Products Feature TPO Skirt

Mule-Hide Products' TPO-coated metal edge products with an attached 6-inch TPO skirt

Mule-Hide Products’ TPO-coated metal edge products with an attached 6-inch TPO skirt

Mule-Hide Products has introduced TPO-coated metal edge products with an attached 6-inch TPO skirt. The skirt can be heat-welded to the perimeter TPO membrane, making installation faster by eliminating a lot of required hand-welding with traditional non-skirted products. Available in white, the products include a drip edge, T-edge, double-folded T-edge and gravel stop edge.

Rolling Metal Storage System Features Auto-return Closing Drawers

DEWALT's rolling Metal Storage system

DEWALT’s rolling Metal Storage system

DEWALT announced the national launch of its new rolling Metal Storage system for the automotive industry, contractors, and more.

The two products include a 36-inch 6-Drawer Top Chest—model DWMT73678—and a 36-inch 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet—model DWMT73679. Combined, the Top Chest and Roller Cabinet deliver up to 1,400 pound load capacity.

After extensive end-user research, DEWALT has built the rolling Metal Storage system to feature auto-return closing drawers, 100-pound capacity ball bearing drawers, 200-pound capacity extra deep bottom drawer, and fully extendable drawers.

The Metal Storage products are designed to be durable and tough, and offer a new level of convenience and lots of storage room. The pull-out drawers are deep and large enough to store and organize an array of large tools. The top lid design provides enough clearance to allow a DEWALT 20 Volt Drill to stand with the lid closed. Knockouts in the back of the top lid allow power cords to run inside for battery charging, with the lid closed and locked.

The drawers on the Top Chest and Roller Cabinet feature 100-pound auto-return drawer slides for heavy-duty storage capacity. Top and bottom keys are included for an internal locking mechanism with breakaway keys. Heavy-duty casters offer durability and easy movement.

The Top Chest provides 9,096 cubic inches of storage space with 10 3/8-inch deep top that stores a variety of power tools and hand tools for easy access. Specially designed gas lid stays offer smooth opening and closing to the top lid, as well as hold the lid open.

The Roller Cabinet features 12,896 cubic inches of storage space. An extra deep 12-inch bottom drawer offers additional storage with 200-pound capacity.

Snow Retention System Works with Most Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Sno Gem's iClad Snow Retention System

Sno Gem’s iClad Snow Retention System

Sno Gem Inc. recently introduced the iClad Snow Retention System, a bar/fence system that works with most standing seam metal roofing systems.

iClad is an innovative system that attaches to the standing seam with the company’s Sno Cube clamp. It attaches to virtually any standing seam metal roofing profile with WaveLock technology, unique and stronger due to the fact that it provides three points of attachment without penetration. Sno Cube’s Silver Bullet set screws include a rounded “bullet” tip to maximize strength without compromising the paint finish or the material.

The iClad and iClad-S offer a 2- or 3-inch-high profile and can accommodate any pre-finished metal trim to match the color of your standing seam metal roof panel.

The iClad system is available in standard mill finish aluminum, allowing contractors to keep the product in stock, avoiding construction delays. Once installed, it’s easy to attach the pre-finished metal trim from the material that was used to install the roofing panels onto the face of the iBeam to produce an aesthetically pleasing and effective snow retention system that matches the standing seam metal roof.

The iClad is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion and includes an iPlate for sliding snow and ice. No painting is required.