App Provides Roof Slope and Square Footage While In the Field

EagleView Technologies has launched the QuickSquares mobile app for iPhone iOS 7.x.

EagleView Technologies has launched the QuickSquares mobile app for iPhone iOS 7.x.

EagleView Technologies Inc., a technology provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions, has launched the QuickSquares mobile app for iPhone iOS 7.x. The app provides users with one central place to easily order, receive notifications and review QuickSquares. The report is an excellent sales and marketing tool for contractors providing overall square footage and predominant pitch for up to two residential structures in a professional report format in about an hour. The easy-to-use upgrade button for the EagleView PremiumReport makes this app critical for overall sales success in the field.

Contractors are now asking their sales teams to order a QuickSquares Report on every lead. EagleView wanted to provide a very easy app so they could quickly place an order while in the field, either by using their current location or entering an address. When the report is ready, contractors will receive a push notification along with an email letting them know it is ready and delivering the report within the email and within the app. Reviewing reports with customers is always right at their fingertips.

The mobile app and QuickSquares Report provides the ability to deliver a strong estimate quickly. The app allows sales teams to order on the go within the neighborhood as they are working it.

The app is available now for iPhones running iOS 7.x and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

Portable Lighting Solution for Places Where Power Is Not Available

Larson Electronics has released a portable LED mini light tower system

Larson Electronics has released a portable LED mini light tower system that provides a rechargeable, portable lighting solution for applications where power is not readily available.

Larson Electronics has released a portable LED mini light tower system that provides a rechargeable, portable lighting solution for applications where power is not readily available.

The WAL-RPS-TP-LEDP3W-3 from Larson Electronics is a portable LED mini light system that is comprised of a rechargeable battery pack, a 9 watt LED light mounted on a collapsible tripod, and a swiveling caster wheel deign for portable operation in work areas. This lighting system is a rechargeable LED work light tower that provides high quality LED lighting with a 50,000 hour lamp life. This portable unit is transferred on four caster wheels and is easily turned on an off with the power switch located on the side of the stool. The unit is comprised of a portable stool with swiveling wheels, a rechargeable battery pack, a low voltage 9 watt LED tripod, a 20-foot SOOW cable connecting the light to the cart, and a 120V charger.

The LED lamp is mounted to an adjustable tripod that extends to 9 feet in height. The tripod can be collapsed to 3¹ and be stored in the corner holster of the wheeled stool to aid in transportation and storage of this portable lighting system. The battery pack comprised with this light tower is recharged using a 120 volt charger, which can be charged in any environment. The battery pack is enclosed within a portable stool, which may also be used as a work bench. The caster wheels mounted on the bottom allows the unit to be easily transferred to various work sites. The 9 watt LED lamp is an efficient light source that provides 684 lumens of light and does not require an initial warm up time or a restrike warm up time in a power outage. The longevity of the LED lights combined with the long lasting battery power means this lighting system can remain in operation for long periods of time, which in turn increases work productivity.

Earplugs Offer More Comfortable Fit

Honeywell's new Howard Leight FirmFit™ earplugs

Honeywell’s new Howard Leight FirmFit™ earplugs

Honeywell’s new Howard Leight FirmFit™ earplugs feature a softer, more comfortable fit and better noise protection than most leading classic-style foam earplugs.

A welcome advance in classic-style foam earplugs, Howard Leight FirmFit was engineered to enhance the wearing experience for individuals who prefer a firmer fit to “feel” their earplugs in their ears and who are accustomed to the familiar cylindrical or barrel-shaped earplug.

The new Howard Leight FirmFit earplugs are significantly more comfortable, provide more effective hearing protection, and exert less pressure in your ear canal than most older foam models that workers have used for years. “The bottom line is this: The more comfortable the earplug, the longer workers will wear it. That’s more protection for employees and greater compliance for safety managers—a win-win for everyone.

Independent lab tests revealed the new Howard Leight FirmFit earplugs are 40 percent softer with 29 percent lower expansion pressure than most leading classic-style earplugs.

FirmFit earplugs provide effective 30 NRR dB hearing protection and are easy to roll down and insert, with plenty of time to adjust for a proper fit; bright orange in color for high-visibility identification; and available in corded and uncorded versions.

Workers are urged to try, compare, and feel the difference of FirmFit earplugs for themselves by requesting a complimentary “Ear-To-Ear Challenge” kit online. Each kit contains a week’s worth, or five pair, of FirmFit earplugs. Workers are encouraged to wear FirmFit for a week in place of their current foam earplugs and share their experience online.

Intake Ventilation at the Edge

Air Vent’s The Edge Vent

Air Vent’s The Edge Vent

Air Vent’s The Edge Vent provides proper intake ventilation for homes with little or no overhang. It’s a rooftop installed, shingle-over intake vent designed based on roofing contractor feedback from the company’s Ask the Expert seminars. It can be used to supplement existing soffit or undereave vents, as well.

The Edge Vent provides 9 square inches of net free area per linear foot to balance with ShingleVent II ridge vents and other Air Vent exhaust vents. The rooftop installation keeps the roofer on the roof. Internal baffles and filter provide weather protection.

The vent is constructed of the same material as industry-trusted ShingleVent II ridge vents. Each 4-foot piece has integrated end plugs on each end. Radius design allows for increased airflow. It features a 3/4-inch low profile and can be used on roofs with a minimum 3:12 slope. Setting tabs on bottom underside assists with installation.

Air Vent offers a limited lifetime warranty and five-year Replacement Plus protection.

Generator Handles a Host of Tools, Equipment and Jobs

Yamaha Motor Corp.'s EF6600DE/D generator

Yamaha Motor Corp.’s EF6600DE/D generator

Yamaha Motor Corp. has added the EF7200DE/D generator to replace the EF6600DE/D model. The new model offers additional wattage, run time, standard accessories, and a host of features and benefits at a new, lower price.

The EF7200DE/D offers customers Yamaha’s trusted reputation in an-all new generator designed to make on-the-job activities hassle-free plus offering a host of extras including fold-down locking handles and wheels which come standard on both models as well as a 3-year residential and commercial warranty. The battery is standard equipment on the electric start model.

The push-button start on the EF7200DE sparks the 358cc engine to life with little effort while the recoil starter with auto decompression makes for an easy pull start on the EF7200D. With eight hours run time at full load, the EF7200DE/D offers 18-percent longer run time than the previous model. The three-year warranty is the same regardless of use – residential or commercial – and an extended service warranty (Y.E.S.) for an additional one, two or three years is available when purchased through Yamaha dealers. The digital hour/volt meter shows total run time and voltage output, which makes keeping track of service intervals a breeze.

Offering full power, full time 120/240 dual voltage, the EF7200DE/D will quickly become your favorite assistant handling a host of tools, equipment and jobs including:

· Welders
· Lights
· Cutters and benders for rebar
· Battery charging for cordless tools
· Vacuums
· Circular saws
· Grinders
· In-home power appliances and refrigerators
· Backup power for emergency situations
· Use by municipalities for fire and rescue

The EF7200DE weighs in at 234 pounds while the manual start version comes in at 212 pounds. Both feature a rugged design with full roll cage protection for heavy jobs. The Ground Fault Circuit Interruption (GFCI) senses a leak to ground to reduce the risk of shock.

Clamp Resists Wind Uplift and Seismic Vibration

A2 AceCamp

A2 AceCamp

Installers of attachment systems on standing-seam metal roofs (SSMR) can now rest assured their roofs will resist wind uplift and seismic vibration with the A2 AceClamp. The A2 AceClamp’s unique design virtually eliminates the need for periodically re-torquing clamps to preserve manufacturers’ warranties, as is recommended for other SSMR clamp systems.

The A2’s innovative solution prevents torque back-out, caused by wind flutter or constant seismic vibration, by employing a distinctive “push-pin” design that locks two stainless steel pins into the roof panel to secure the clamp. The design effectively prevents loosening or torque back-out and is Patent-Applied-For.

Prior to the A2, manufacturers relied on round or concaved-headed set-screws that turned and rotated into the metal roof’s surface to penetrate and lock into the metal seam. This typically resulted in scratches or damage to the panels’ surface. The A2’s sliding push-pin design eliminates this concern. The A2 solution does not damage or scratch the panel surfaces, thus upholding manufacturers’ warranties while assuring one of the strongest clamp systems in the industry.

For solar-racking installations, the A2 saves time and additional costs where grounding cable brackets are used. The A2 is designed with a grounding cable groove in the clamp. A stainless-steel sleeve and set-screw kit securely hold the grounding wire in place. For the installer, this feature eliminates the need for a separate grounding attachment, as the cable groove is incorporated into the clamp itself. The stainless steel sleeve also prevents corrosion of the grounding wire while enhancing electrical conductivity.

New Line of 18V Battery-operated LED Work Lights

Metabo Corp. new line of 18V battery operated LED work lights.

Metabo Corp. new line of 18V battery operated LED work lights.

Metabo Corp., an international manufacturer of professional-grade hand-held power tools and accessories, has introduced its new line of 18V battery operated LED work lights. The launch includes three new models: the ULA 14.4-18 LED flashlight, SLA14.4-18 LED inspection/work light and BSA14.4 18 LED site lamp.

The star of the show is the BSA14.4-18 LED site lamp, featuring 18 LED lights and two intensity settings that produce an incredible 1800 Lumens on high, and 1200 on low. When combined with the new Ultra-M 5.2 Ah battery the BSA14.4-18 LED run will run up to 7-plus hours. The lamp swivels a full 180-degree filling a very wide work area with a bright, consistent white light. The site lamp is very durable and reliable compared to traditional halogen lamps and carries a rating of IP56, meaning it can be safely used in dusty and damp environments. For added convenience and flexibility, a very sturdy and robust tripod is also available.

The SLA 14.4-18 LED Inspection/work light features six high performing LED lights, a fully rotatable aluminum head and a hanging hook. The SLA’s wide field of diffused light makes it ideal for working in areas such as installing and maintaining large machinery, interior construction work or when working in narrow spaces such as cable ducts or suspended ceilings.

The ULA 14.4 18V LED flashlight is compact, lightweight, and with its die-cast aluminum head construction, is extremely robust and durable. The flashlight features a pivoting head and a swivel hook that easily puts bright, wide, even light where it is needed for inspection and general work, especially in areas where access is restricted.

Although smaller than conventional halogen or traditional light bulbs, LED lights are considerably more efficient and offer a brighter, whiter and more consistent light than other illumination sources. Additionally, LEDs are significantly more durable, capable of lasting more than 30,000 hours and are cool to the touch making them safer and allowing them to last considerably longer than halogen and other incandescent lighting sources.

The combination of durable lithium-ion battery packs and modern LED technology means that the new lamps are able to illuminate for a particularly long time per battery charge. As the world’s longest running 18V battery, the new Ultra-M 5.2Ah battery will power the BSA’s 18 LEDs for up to 7+ hours, the SLA’s 6 LEDs for 11.5 hours and the ULA lamp up to 16.5 hours.

Although longest run times will be achieved using Metabo’s new 5.2 Ah battery system, all three lamps are compatible with Metabo’s complete line of existing 18V batteries including its 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.2 Ah models.

Ridge Vent Is Composed of Natural Fibers

Roof Saver Rolled Ridge Vent

Roof Saver Rolled Ridge Vent

Roof Saver Rolled Ridge Vent is a sustainable, 100 percent natural fiber vent that won’t deteriorate or corrode from ice, snow, rain or wind and meets or exceeds all national building code requirements. The unique product promotes uniform ventilation, protecting the roof and shingles from excessive heat or condensation.

Roof Saver now offers Attic Ventilation System product videos to provide helpful guidance to roofing contractors with proper planning and installation of the attic ridge vent. Access the YouTube videos through the company’s website through the Installation tab. View videos anytime, anywhere on your mobile devices.

The Planning the Job video, describes necessary steps to ensure an adequate ventilation system is prepared before work begins on the roof. The Installation video is an instructional overview for proper installation of Roof Saver Ridge Vent.

Exterior Soffit Material Is Lightweight PVC

Zip-UP Ceiling finishing system

Zip-UP Ceiling finishing system

Zip-UP Ceiling finishing system is a game-changer for finishing the underside of exterior soffits at schools, hospitals, airports and commercial facilities. Zip-UP Ceiling is made from extremely sturdy lightweight PVC components and sports a long life cycle and low maintenance.

Testing for wind pressure, under static load and cyclic load, was performed in accordance with the requirements of the Florida Building Code (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) and the product meets every Florida standard for static and cyclic load tests of hurricane strength winds. The Static Load Test (TAS 202) is performed, in several ascending stages, under test conditions that eventually meet -110 psf design pressure for a prescribed length of time. The Cyclic Load Test (TAS 203) tests under various alternating positive/negative pressures for 631 cycles.

Made from durable interlocking PVC components engineered to fit together easily, Zip-UP Ceiling provides a flat, clean, grid-free washable mildew and mold resistant paintable ceiling surface. The panels unzip for quick access to mechanical and electrical services in the soffit. Zip-UP Ceiling is rust-free and can be cleaned with a garden hose.

Zip-UP Ceiling installs easily with just a few tools. The screw-in and zip-in-place system uses just a few components, including a main rail, foot-wide panels that are the visible surface of the system, and a hurricane L channel that supports the main rail.

Zip-UP Ceiling is available in three finishes, sand pebble (embossed), serrated and smooth, in white and in beige. The main rails and panels are available in 12- and 16-foot lengths.

The manufacturer warrants that the system is free from defects, materials and workmanship for 25 years from the date of purchase and that the components will continue to zip together for that time.

Telescoping Light Mast has 360-degree Rotating Capabilities

Larson Electronics' 16 foot telescoping light mast with 360-degree rotating capabilities.

Larson Electronics’ 16 foot telescoping light mast with 360-degree rotating capabilities.

Industrial lighting specialists Larson Electronics have announced the release of a 16 foot telescoping light mast with 360-degree rotating capabilities that is equipped with two Class 1 Division 1 150 watt LED light fixtures. The LM-16-EPL-2X150RT is a fold over light mast that produces 24,000 lumens of light capable of illuminating 1.25 acres of work space.

The LM-16-EPL-2X150RT produced by Larson Electronics features a rotating boom that allows for 360° of rotation, a removable mast head affixed with two 150 watt explosion proof LEDs, and an easy fold over assembly for. This light boom can be extended to a height of 16 feet for effective coverage and collapsed to 10 feet. The mast is elevated from its folding position with a 1,000 pound hand winch that is fitted with 3/16-inch cable. A second 1,000 pound winch provides the 10 to 16 foot elevation of the mast. The 360° rotation is provided by a single T-Handle. By loosening the T-Handle, operators can rotate the mast with ease in either direction and can be locked into place once the desired position is found.

The two explosion proof LED light fixtures on this mast produce 24,000 lumens of light while drawing only 300 watts of power. These explosion proof LED fixtures are Class 1, Division 1 & 2, Groups C & D and Class 2, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups E, F, & G rated for use within the most demanding hazardous locations. The lights are wired to an explosion proof junction box at the base of the tower and 10 inches of SOOW cable terminated in an explosion proof 5-15 plug is included. A 36-inch wide and 1Ž4-inch thick mounting plate is attached to the upper section of the mast which provides a strong and stable platform for the two light fixtures.

These light masts are typically mounted to trailers or other stable surfaces by a 15 by 13 inches, 1Ž4 inch thick mounting baseplate which has been predrilled to accept six 3Ž4 inch anchor bolts. When lowered to 10 feet, the mast can withstand winds up to 125 miles per hour. The light tower weighs approximately 400 pounds and can easily support and lift 150 pounds of weight.