Track Projects, Gather Info, Complete Roof Take Offs and More with New App

Pitch Gauge is a 100 percent mobile-enabled roofing solution.

Pitch Gauge is a 100 percent mobile-enabled roofing solution.

Project management, lead management and roof measurements—all from your smartphone or tablet. Pitch Gauge is the first roofing solution that is 100 percent mobile-enabled. Pitch Gauge is designed to be fully functional on smartphones and tablets. A majority of the features can also be used by logging into your account online. By utilizing Pitch Gauge and its well-rounded mobile offering, you’ll see an increase in productivity and also monetary savings.

Get started on your own:
• Create your account from inside the app or at
• New (company) accounts get 3 free projects; no credit card needed up front
• Pitch Gauge walks you through the basic account setup
• Add employees to your account for free (no limit) – no per-user fees

Lead & Project Tracking/Management
• Enter leads and projects by logging into the app or
• With permission, users can assign leads and projects to team members
• Change project & lead workflow statuses
• Real-time data sync across company account

Information Gathering
• Collect client info, insurance info (if necessary), project notes, etc.
• Document damage: take pictures and provide captions/comments
• Use iPhone or iPad to scan documents into the homeowner’s file

Accurate Roof Take Offs / Measurements
• Preview the roof on the map, then save (or import image/blueprint)
• Access sketch tool, and trace the roof to measure, one plane at a time (no need to set a scale unless using an image/blueprint)
• Use positioning tool and tap points to reposition or delete
• Label each line (ridge, eave, rake, valley, hip)
• Find slope using integrated pitch finders
• Enter % for waste (under summary tab)
• Once finished, view the summary tab for accurate lengths, tear off, and total squares

Personalized Roof Reports
• Pitch, area, and length breakdowns with 3D diagrams
• Pictures of damage/visual documentation with captions
• Export full PDF roof report; print or email
• Great for quickly closing sales and estimating materials

Map & GPS Integration
• Pitch Gauge provides turn-by-turn directions to properties through GPS integration
• View all of your projects or leads as pins on a map

• Schedule events: appointments, measures, installs, etc
• Review your schedule & receive alerts

• Store documents, reports, and photos inside each project to be accessed by admins and super admins

No per-user fees. It is free to add unlimited users to your company account. We encourage you to add all of your employees to your company’s Pitch Gauge account. It will help you to stay on the same page.

TAMKO Develops App for Its Pro Certified Contractors

TAMKO Building Products' app developed especially to meet the needs of TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors

TAMKO Building Products’ app developed especially to meet the needs of TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors

TAMKO Building Products announces the availability of an app developed especially to meet the needs of TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors. The TAMKO Pro App for iPad helps demonstrate the many advantages of hiring and working with TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors.

The TAMKO Pro App offers interactive presentations, photo galleries and detailed Limited Warranty information to help give customers peace of mind to help TAMKO Pros close the sale. Features of the TAMKO Pro app include:

    • Highlights the benefits of the TAMKO’s Mastercraft Limited Warranty Enhancement, exclusively offered by TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors
    • “Why a Pro?” presentation demonstrates the many advantages of hiring a TAMKO Pro
    • Ability to upload custom project photos to display during presentation
    • Field Notes section offers the opportunity to take photos during an inspection, add notes regarding roof areas that may need special attention, and then email the photos and notes directly to the customer
    • Features in-depth Limited Warranty and product information

The app is available for free download from the App Store on iPad. It can be found by searching for TAMKO in the store search bar or under the Lifestyle category.

SUN TUNNEL Skylights Are Improved

VELUX America has introduced the next generation residential and commercial SUN TUNNEL skylights.

VELUX America has introduced the next generation residential and commercial SUN TUNNEL skylights.

VELUX America has introduced the next generation residential and commercial SUN TUNNEL skylights to the roofing industry. Key improvements have been made to both tubular skylight product lines and a number of accessories have been added.

The new VELUX SunCurve, a highly transmissive light capturing technology for commercial SUN TUNNELS, captures more morning and evening daylight while diffusing the powerful afternoon sunlight to provide a more even and appealing light output throughout the day. Another key improvement to both the residential and commercial products is the Flexi-Loc tunnel assembly system that will enable installers to save approximately 50 percent of the time required for tunnel assembly while making quick, easy, and adjustable connections.

ThA new diffuser complements any décor with a choice of brushed nickel, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze, and white trim options. Manual blackout shades and night light kits are available for various SUN TUNNEL residential skylight models.

A new commercial SUN TUNNEL ordering system allows for configuring and ordering exactly what is needed, or for larger projects, in bulk, for cost savings from an extensive selection of new options and accessories.

Commercial ceiling options include hard, suspended and open while diffuser options include frosted for aesthetics, prismatic for a look and feel to match existing architectural design, and Fresnel to maximize light distribution.

Tile Roofing’s Cool Colors Meet California’s Title 24

Boral Roofing LLC is launching more than 30 new cool colors in California

Boral Roofing LLC is launching more than 30 new cool colors in California.

Boral Roofing LLC, a provider of clay and concrete roof tile, is launching more than 30 new cool colors in California, ideal for new construction and reroof applications. Boral Roofing is partnering with leading designers and colorists to introduce trending exterior color palettes.

Boral Roofing’s cool color range is available at no added cost to the consumer. Consumers can choose from a range of colors at a standard price. Boral Roofing leads the nation with the largest Cool Roof Rating Council tile listing and offers choice ENERGY STAR-rated colors.

With the inherent beauty and energy benefits of concrete tile, cool roof colors do not have to be white. Boral Roofing offers a vibrant selection of earth tones, terra cottas and cool greys that meet or exceed cool roof standards. These beautiful cool colors are available in a wide range of styles and textures to fit any architectural design.

Boral Roofing has been continually expanding cool roof colors to fit new trends. Cool roofing is paramount in states such as California pursuing a net zero energy building code by 2020. California Title 24 building codes are requiring increased cool roof performance in select regions that take effect on July 1, 2014.

The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards were established to reduce California’s energy consumption. Cool roofs are highly reflective, highly emissive roofing materials that stay cooler than a normal roof under a hot summer sun, offering homeowners considerable energy cost savings.

Bracket Makes Standing-seam Roofing Installation More Efficient

The Ultimate Bracket from Metal Plus LLC

The Ultimate Bracket from Metal Plus LLC

Designed strictly for standing-seam roofing, the Ultimate Bracket from Metal Plus LLC, enables a contractor to install metal roofing in a comfortable, efficient and safe manner.

The bracket is designed for 2- by 8-inch and 2- by 10-inch wooden planks. It adjusts from 3:12 to 24:12 slope. A double start crank shaft system allows you to adjust the tool one degree at a time. The high-grade powder coating prevents corrosion, and custom-designed rubber pads on the base of the tool prevent roof damage. The bracket installs from 1 inch up to 2 inches on snaplock or mechanical standing-seam metal roofs.

The Ultimate Bracket can be easily installed with one hand. It is rated at 300 pounds wet or dry and follows OSHA guidelines with proper fall-arrest systems and tie downs. The product also is made in the USA.

Determine Fastener and Clip Patterns to Meet Local Building Codes

Applicad's Zones Technology

Applicad’s Zones Technology

Roof Wizard now employs Zones Technology automatically for ordering extra clips and fasteners for panels and purlins on roofs in high-wind areas.

A 3-D roof model developed in just a few minutes in Roof Wizard shows operator defined zones for corners, edge and field where different fastener and clip patterns are required to be specified to meet your local building codes. Roof Wizard does this entirely automatically, ensuring that you get everything you need to fit your job the first time, every time.

Users also can model in 2-D, which is even easier and quicker, and report fully all 3-D areas and lengths and even apply labor and materials for a detailed client proposal

Model 3-D roof geometry from field data, blueprints or aerial images with NEW enhanced pitch measure tools for gables and hips from oblique images. Reduce roofing material waste costs and improve profitability of every job.

Roof Wizard also:

Provides professional client presentation of roof estimates in MS Word or Excel.
Automatically generates complete roofing material take-offs and labor cost data.
Reduces estimating costs with greater efficiency generating complete bids.
Fast and accurate quotation of all roofing materials and installation costs.

Low-slope Product Line Is Expanded with New SBS Modified Products

Malarkey Roofing Products has expanded its Paragon line of products to include torch-grade Paragon Ultra TG Base and Paragon Ultra TG Cap, as well as the highly reflective Paragon RCap SBS cap sheet.

Malarkey Roofing Products has expanded its Paragon line of products to include torch-grade Paragon Ultra TG Base and Paragon Ultra TG Cap, as well as the highly reflective Paragon RCap SBS cap sheet.

Malarkey Roofing Products has expanded its low-slope product line to meet the growing requirements of roofing specifications. Malarkey Roofing’s bituminous systems now include three additional roll products to the newly rebranded Paragon low-slope roofing product line.

The new additions to the Paragon line of products include torch-grade Paragon Ultra TG Base and Paragon Ultra TG Cap, as well as the highly reflective Paragon RCap SBS cap sheet. All Paragon-branded products are styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) modified to meet the needs of a high-performance built-up roofing system. SBS modified products absorb thermal shock and movement allowing the products to perform in all climates. For over 30 years, Malarkey has been a leader in the SBS modified low slope roofing industry with SBS modified base and cap sheets.

The expanded line of bituminous systems manufactured by Malarkey offers a more diverse product portfolio to broaden its reach in the low-slope market. Malarkey offers SBS modified and conventional bituminous low-slope roofing systems, as well as steep-slope asphalt roofing systems.

Roof Seamer Includes Tooling Conversion Kits

D.I. Roof Seamers' Universal Kit

D.I. Roof Seamers’ Universal Kit

D.I. Roof Seamers has released its “Universal Kit,” one roof seamer with tooling conversion kits to fit 1-, 1 1/2 and 2-inch roof panels and can be formed in 90- or 180-degree seamed profiles. Simply change the tooling on your job site to fit any panel you are working with. Bi-directional option available when seaming 90-degree profiles.

The machine is self-propelled with hands-free operation. Built with a durable 9 amp/115 volt/60 cycle electric motor, it is equipped with a quick-disconnect plug for added safety. It is recommended for use with 24-gauge panels only. The machine is exceptionally lightweight (37 pounds) and fast (34.2 feet per minute) and comes with a six-month manufacturer’s limited warranty. All roof seamers come with user-friendly owner’s manual.

Secure Ladders from a Lower-level Surface to an Upper Level

EZ Guardian from SafePro Guard

EZ Guardian from SafePro Guard

EZ Guardian from SafePro Guard is a new ladder safety device designed to reduce the risk of using conventional ladders on a sloped surface, such as an upper-level roof, known in the industry as a “double-pull.”

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 75 to 100 roofers lose their lives each year because of an accident on the roof. Three-quarters of these are fall-related, including falls from ladders. Eighty percent of fatal injuries in falls from ladders occur from falling from a distance of as little as 4 feet. That’s about the distance between the first and second levels of most houses and commercial buildings. EZ Guardian reduces the risk to anyone who works on a roof.

Until now, there has been no practical way to secure ladders leading from a lower-level sloped surface to an upper level. The EZ Guardian solves the problem without leaving holes in your roof.

EZ Guardian makes it easy to climb multi-story roofs more safely and securely. Each EZ Guardian is adjustable, and a 4-foot extension is included for added convenience and versatility. When purchasing, choose the EZ Guardian that will fit your most common worksite conditions.

The EZ 2-4 extends to 8 feet with 4-foot extension (included)
The EZ 4-8 extends to 12 feet with 4-foot extension (included)

Trailer Hitch-mounted Light Tower

Larson Electronics' trailer hitch bracket mounted light tower

Larson Electronics’ trailer hitch bracket mounted light tower

Larson Electronics has released a trailer hitch bracket mounted light tower that comes complete with two IP67 rated 70 watt HID light heads that produce 12,600 lumens of light capable of illuminating an area 500 feet in length by 500 feet in width.

The HIDTH-66X2-70W work area light tower from Larson Electronics is multi-voltage capable and can be used with either 12 or 24 volts DC and is ideal for use as work area illumination, event lighting, emergency operations lighting, equipment lighting, and is suitable for use on any vehicle that accepts a hitch mount. This light tower provides operators with a very versatile lighting solution for operations where easily managed illumination of a large area is required. The two IP67 rated 70 watt HID floodlights create a total of 12,600 lumens of bright white light and provide light coverage for an area 500¹ long by 500¹ wide. This unit is also available in a spotlight version that produces a beam 4200 long by 180 wide. The HID lights have a 70 watt HID bulb that produces 6,300 lumens each that is paired with high purity 35-degree optics to produce a wide area flood beam with exceptional spread. The optional spotlight versions have 10° optics and produce a much longer and tighter spotlight beam.

The tower is extendable from 3 feet to 8 feet and incorporates a trailer hitch mounting system that allows operators to easily secure the fixture to vehicles at any location. The mounting system provides extremely secure placement of the tower in areas where high winds are commonly encountered as the weight of the vehicle removes the possibility of the unit swaying excessively or tipping over. There is several different power options provided for this light tower to accommodate any vehicle with a receiver hitch, including a round 4-pin, 6-pin, and 7-pin, a flat 4-pin, battery clamp connectors, ring terminal connectors, and a cigarette socket plug in.