Clean, Quiet and Safe Glass

VELUX America has introduced “Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass” for its skylights.

VELUX America has introduced “Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass” for its skylights.

VELUX America has introduced “Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass” to the roofing industry. This laminated glass will keep ENERGY STAR-certified VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air skylights cleaner, reduce outside noise, and take the guesswork out of interpreting local building codes for the type of glass required for out-of-reach applications.

Clean: A thin coating of titanium dioxide and silicone dioxide on the exterior surface of the laminated glass will smooth the glass and, with the help of the sun, destroy organic matter deposited on skylights over time. Then, the next time it rains, this organic matter is washed away keeping the skylight glass cleaner longer.

Quiet: Laminated glass reduces outside noise by up to 25 percent when compared to a standard double pane glass and up to 50 percent more when compared to a plastic skylight.

Safe: U.S. building codes require laminated glass be used in out-of-reach applications where any point of the glass is 12 feet above the floor of the room. VELUX Clean, Quiet & Safe glass meets or exceeds this important building code requirement nationwide and also carries a 10-year warranty against hail damage on the glass itself.

In addition to its water-shedding properties, the new glass option carries a 10-year hail warranty and is superior to regular tempered glass in U-Value, UV protection and fade protection. Beginning in 2014, it will be available on most VELUX skylights and will be the standard glass option for the VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air skylights. The new glass option is also available in Impact, Miami-Dade, White laminated and Snowload models.

The Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight, now standard with Clean, Quiet & Safe glass, is also a No Leak Skylight and carries the VELUX 10-year installation warranty plus 20-years on glass, 10-years on product, and 5-years on blinds and controls. The units use standard VELUX engineered flashing and energy efficient LoE3 glass. VELUX solar powered skylights, along with solar powered blinds, as well as the installation costs, are eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit.

Charge Vehicle Batteries Automatically

Stanley 8 Amp High Frequency Battery Charger

Stanley 8 Amp High Frequency Battery Charger

The new Stanley 8 Amp High Frequency Battery Charger offers fully automatic charging. Just set it and forget it™.

Vehicle won’t start? Battery needs maintenance? Just connect the new Stanley 8 amp battery charger clamps to the battery terminal and press charge. The battery charger automatically does the rest for optimum performance. With fast, high frequency technology, it delivers multistage charging, automatically switching from fast charge, to top-off, to trickle charge. If the cables are connected to the wrong terminal the charger will alert you with an LED indicator. No spark, just simple & easy.

Apps Are Made More User-friendly

TAMKO's Shingle Style App

TAMKO’s Shingle Style App

New updates have been implemented to the TAMKO Decking and Shingle Style Apps. The changes to both apps make them more user friendly and offer updated information about TAMKO’s products.

Updates to the Shingle Style App include a setting that enables users to select a region (NE, SE, SW, WS and CN) for the colors offered in their area or users can select “all shingles” if they want to view all of TAMKO’s shingle color options. In addition, multiple regional settings have been implemented under the navigation tab. When first opening the app, a regional map will pop-up which enables users to select their specific region. They can also adjust this setting from the navigation bar by clicking on the “Region” tab. Regional availability will be applied to the product lines that are not distributed nationally.

The Longest Up-front Protection Warranty section within the app has also been expanded. Now information can be viewed in a slideshow which enables users to easily navigate through content. Other updates included:

• Residential and Multi-family Warranty calculator.
• Content related to the “Find a Pro Page”.
• Addition of Heritage IR shingles and photo gallery colors.

The Decking Styles App now includes TAMKO’s EverGrain Deck Board Challenge. The challenge includes a side-by-side comparison of EverGrain Envision compression molded decking versus a competitor’s extruded decking product. Several new photos have been added to the photo gallery as well. Some of the new photos include TAMKO’s Marquee Railing systems which are available in the deck viewer and the photo gallery.

These apps are available for free download from the App Store on iPad on iTunes. They can be found by searching for TAMKO in the store search bar or under the Lifestyle category.

Accelerate Cash Flow By Collecting Payments in the Field

NetSecure Payments Inc.'s TradeRoute

NetSecure Payments Inc.’s TradeRoute

NetSecure Payments Inc., a provider of mobile payment processing services, has launched its TradeRoute payment acceptance service designed to accelerate cash flow for contractors and service professionals.

Unlike other solution providers that provide a fixed and limited set of payment services targeted at a general market, TradeRoute provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the workflows of service professionals. Including unique features like remote check deposit; mobile PIN debit; and online tools for pre-payments, deposits, recurring payments, and online invoice payments, TradeRoute stands apart from the pack.

TradeRoute’s key advantage is that it runs on the smartphones and tablets that service professionals already have in their pockets. No additional hardware is required, keeping upfront costs to a minimum. Transactions are fully secured and encrypted, so employees can safely collect payment while out in the field. Check payments are also fully guaranteed, reducing the headache of collecting on bounced checks.

The developers understand the need for accelerated payment options, especially in businesses where service is provided before payment. TradeRoute promises to dramatically reduce the time spent chasing receivables, so business owners can focus more on growing their business and less on managing cash flow.

TradeRoute also has a private label program and a developer SDK, allowing third parties to quickly leverage TradeRoute payments into their existing payment ecosystem. TradeRoute supports iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry environments.

Solar Solution For Ponding Water

The Sentinel Solar Roof Pump

The Sentinel Solar Roof Pump

The Sentinel Solar Roof Pump was developed by a licensed roofing contractor and solar engineer to be a cost-effective solution for ponding water on flat roofs. Rather than re-pitching, re-decking and reroofing or installing new in-roof drains, the roof pump features smart chip technology and a proprietary solar panel to remove water from roofs continuously. The fully portable pump includes a battery backup, allowing it to pump any time of day and in any weather all year long.

Simulated Slate Is Virtually Maintenance Free

Inspire Roofing Products, a division of The Tapco Group, releases Aledora Slate Roofing.

Inspire Roofing Products, a division of The Tapco Group, releases Aledora Slate Roofing.

Aledora Slate Roofing offers the look of genuine slate tile at an economical price and lighter weight. The virtually maintenance-free solution from Inspire Roofing Products, a division of The Tapco Group, features sharp and jagged tile edges, as well as natural shadow variance. The slates, which can be nailed by hand or nail gun, are available in Charcoal Black, Mist Grey, Olive, Steel Grey, Sage Green, Red Rock and Brandywine. The product features a Class A fire rating, 110-mph wind-uplift rating, Class 4 impact rating and a limited lifetime warranty.

Engineered Slate Blended with Natural

Ply Gem’s engineered slate shingles

Ply Gem’s engineered slate shingles

Molded from nearly 100 percent recycled materials, Ply Gem’s engineered slate shingles feature deep shadow lines and chiseled edges. Color schemes include Sagebrush, gray mixed with deep green hues; Brownstone, a subtle mixture of earth-tone colors; Pewter, blends light and dark slate to create a rich gray; and Charcoal, dark gray slate with silver and charcoal shades. Each color is blended with natural slate to produce an authentic look. The shingles are manufactured with indented nail flanges, eliminating the need for additional framing support or special tools.

Owens Corning Releases Total Protection Roofing System App

Owens Corning's Total Protection Roofing System app

Owens Corning’s Total Protection Roofing System app

A roof is an integrated system of seven components and layers working together to help increase performance and enhance comfort for those living beneath it. Owens Corning has released its Total Protection Roofing System app that allows users to walk through each layer, product by product, with the homeowner for better understanding of an estimate. The free app is available for iOS and Android platforms.

Modified Bitumen Cap Sheet Is Highly Reflective

Polyglass U.S.A. Inc.'s Polyfresko G SA APP membrane

Polyglass U.S.A. Inc.’s Polyfresko G SA APP membrane

Polyglass U.S.A. Inc. has launched its Polyfresko G SA APP membrane, a highly reflective, granular-surfaced modified bitumen cap sheet. The membrane features patent-pending CURE Technology, a thin film applied during the manufacturing process that makes the roof surface resistant to granule loss and discoloration. Polyfresko G SA membrane also is manufactured with ADESO Technology, which allows a contractor to install the roof membrane on a variety of substrates in a safe, fast and environmentally friendly application. Long-term warranties are available when Polyfresko G SA membrane is part of a multi-ply roof system.

Insulation Offers Acoustic Properties



Designed for commercial and industrial roof insulation applications, ROXUL TOPROCK DD Plus is a dual-density mineral wool board insulation with a rigid upper layer for durability and enhanced strength. The product, which is suitable for new construction and reroofing applications, is impregnated with a bitumen layer compatible with torch- or mop-applied membrane. The dimensionally stable insulation is non-combustible, will not warp or cup, features high impact resistance and low moisture absorption, offers acoustic properties, and is made of natural and recycled materials.