Flashing Is CSA-approved

Leland Industries' Master Flash

Leland Industries’ Master Flash

Leland Industries introduces Master Flash, which is now CSA-approved. Master Flash, a development of the Aztec Washer Co., is specially designed to accommodate roof penetrations for pipe up to 28 1/2-inch diameter, cable, conduit and wire. Some flashings are of the multi-port design. CSA, IAPMO and ICC listing or approvals are only available on Master Flash products.

Firestone Building Products Releases Build My Roof App

Firestone Building Products Co. LLC's Build My Roof App

Firestone Building Products Co. LLC’s Build My Roof App

Firestone Building Products Co. LLC has made available its Build My Roof App for iPad and Android tablet devices. The app is available as a free download from iTunes and the Google Play Store. Starting from the deck and selecting additional components, contractors, sales reps and architects can construct a virtual roof using any of the Firestone Building Products roofing systems. The Build My Roof App intuitively narrows options to only those appropriate to the selected assembly. Users can create multiple projects, save plans and add construction notes. A convenient R-Value calculator is built in, making it easier to construct a roof that meets the necessary codes.

OMG Roofing Products Introduces the OMG Interactive App

OMG Interactive app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

OMG Interactive app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

OMG Roofing Products has introduced the OMG Interactive app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The app, which is available as a free download from iTunes and the Google Play Store, lets roofing contractors calculate estimated labor and materials savings provided with OMG productivity tools by entering the roof parameters. The OMG Interactive app has separate calculators for OMG’s RhinoBond non-penetrating insulation and attachment system, OMG’s RhinoTrac automated insulation attachment tool, OMG’s AccuTrac stand-up insulation attachment system and OMG’s RetroDrain systems.

Sealant Adheres to Various Substrates

Titebond Roof Plus Sealant

Titebond Roof Plus Sealant

Varied substrates comprise roofing materials, and contractors need a roofing sealant sufficiently versatile to adhere to as many of them as possible. Now, they have one, with the introduction of Titebond Roof Plus Sealant.

Titebond developed its newest roof sealant for a wide variety of roofing applications, such as metal trim, solar roof systems, architectural metals, painted metals, aluminum and general roofing projects. It provides excellent adhesion to a range of substrates: shingle and tiled roofs, sheet roofing, metal roofs, wood forms, flashings, edge and ridge tiles and liquid applied roofs. In addition, contractors can apply the sealant in temperatures from 20 F to 100 F, advancing its status as a great all-around roof sealant.

Titebond develops its adhesives and sealants with the professional contractor in mind, so it’s no surprise that its newest sealant offers performance characteristics that will appeal to the pro – and, by extension, the skilled DIYer. Beyond the wide application temperature range, Roof Plus can speed up application, increasing contractor productivity. The ready-to-use formula requires no messy, time-consuming mixing; the contractor simply inserts the cartridge in the gun and tools for quicker application and neater joints. It easily fills properly prepared joints one-quarter to two-inches wide. In addition, its clear formulation blends with most substrates – although the contractor can paint it with any non-rigid paint within just two hours.

However quick the application time, when cured, Titebond Roof Plus Sealant is an extremely long-lasting, supple sealant. It provides a weather-tight seal with 560 percent elongation and 25 percent total joint movement. The contractor can leave the job site confident that the sealant will meet high performance standards.

The newest Titebond sealant also complies with ASTM C-920 Type S Grade NS Class 12.5 Use T, NT, M, A and O; Federal Specification TTS-00230C Type II Class B; and SCAQMD Rule #1168.

Titebond Roof Plus Sealant is available in 10.1-ounce cartridges through building materials suppliers and hardware stores. It joins a full line of Titebond caulks and sealants for siding, roofing, multi-purpose, interior and specialty applications.

Sealant Approved by Miami Dade TAS-132

Bostik 915 Polyurethane Roofing Sealant

Bostik 915 Polyurethane Roofing Sealant

Bostik Inc. has announced that its 915 Polyurethane Roofing Sealant is the first and only product in its category to be approved by Miami Dade TAS-132 test specification.

Because of the hurricanes which have hit South Florida with such devastating force, new building codes were created, mandating stronger, higher-performance roofing sealants. These code requirements were very stringent. To address this, Bostik launched a comprehensive R&D program, focused to deliver a product formulated to combat hurricane uplift with the strongest bond possible. This resulted in 915 Sealant being brought to market.

Bostik 915 offers elastic bonding. When buildings have movement, the product can flex, meaning less likelihood for the roofing system to break. Additionally, the material not only is a strong adhesive, it also functions as a durable waterproofing sealant. It offers a thorough warranty, covering material and labor.

Protect Roof Sheathing from Moisture

Proof Dura-Felt from Insulation Solutions

Proof Dura-Felt from Insulation Solutions

Proof Dura-Felt from Insulation Solutions Inc. is designed to protect roof sheathing from moisture penetration. It provides an essential layer of protection beneath the roofing material, acting as a secondary barrier to moisture that might otherwise be absorbed into the sheathing.

The 10-mil product is composed of 8×8 HDPE laminated to point-bonded PP-coated with high COF co-polymers for traction. At 4.75 ounces per square yard, it offers a tensile strength that meets ASTM D751.

Roof Windows Are Operated By Hand

VELUX's GDL CABRIO roof window

VELUX’s GDL CABRIO roof window

Roof windows and skylights share common elements, including glass, wood frames, sashes and aluminum. But skylights are designed for out-of-reach applications and can be automated while roof windows are within reach and are operated by hand.

Roof windows utilize a ventilation flap that allows fresh air circulation even while the unit is closed. Roof window sashes also rotate inward for easy cleaning from the inside.

VELUX produces two types of roof windows: the deck mount GPL Top hinged model which opens to a 45-degree angle to satisfy current requirements for emergency escape and rescue, while admitting natural light and passive ventilation, and the deck mount GDL CABRIO roof window which utilizes a dual-sash operation that allows the top to open upward to 45 degrees for ventilation and the bottom to open outward to create a roof balcony. The design makes the CABRIO a “fresh air” alternative to a dormer and it can also provide emergency escape and rescue capabilities.

Both models can be fitted with blinds and screens and provide decorative flair in addition to their functional features.

System Combines Flashing and Counterflashing

FlashCo's FlashCap System

FlashCo’s FlashCap System

FlashCap’s innovative design and easy one-minute installation provides contractors with a fast, high-quality option for flashings. The FlashCap System from FlashCo combines the flashing and counterflashing, completely sealing the penetration without compromising the integrity of the protrusion. With FlashCap, venting capacity is maximized while the pipe and flashing are allowed to naturally expand and contract.

The purpose of the prefabricated part is to save the contractor field fabrication and installation time and provide a quality part fabricated in a controlled factory environment. The FlashCap system eliminates the need for a hose clamp and caulking. Compared to the universal boots in the market, FlashCap does not need to be cut down to fit the penetration. The FlashCap system is made to size and is customizable for a snug and secure fit. When utilizing FlashCap the seal is complete and simply needs to be heat welded to be secure. The FlashCap is available in TPO, PVC and lead.

The mission of FlashCo is to save the roofing contractor time and money by providing quality products that are easy to install.

Tripod Light Collapses for Easy Transport and Storage

Stanley</a> FatMax Portable Tripod Light

Stanley FatMax Portable Tripod Light

The new Stanley FatMax Portable Tripod Light provides 360-degree lighting for large and small jobs, power outages and outdoor events. The Portable Tripod light is corded, cordless and rechargeable. With 45 watts of ultra-bright LEDs, the rechargeable light reaches up to 2400 lumens. The 90-degree adjustable hinges and 360-degree pivoting base allow for multi-directional positioning to cover larger areas. The 3 detachable cordless lights are great for smaller jobs and can be used in tighter spaces for maximum brightness. Each separate light runs for up to 10 hours and features Lithium Ion technology to stay charged for up to 12 months.

The Stanley FatMax tripod light is rechargeable and provides up to 10 hours extended runtime. The unit is lightweight and easy to use for a variety of outdoor situations. After use, the tripod stand collapses for easy transport and storage.

Natural Orange Solvent Designed to Clean Up Tar, Asphalt, Mastic and More

Roofer’s and Paver’s Edge Tar, Asphalt, Adhesive and Tack Oil Remover

Roofer’s and Paver’s Edge Tar, Asphalt, Adhesive and Tack Oil Remover

Roofer’s and Paver’s Edge Tar, Asphalt, Adhesive and Tack Oil Remover is the strongest natural orange solvent available. Specifically formulated for the tough jobs encountered by roofing and paving companies, this biodegradable product is safe on most painted surfaces. The product is great for tar, asphalt, oil, grease, adhesives, mastic, etc. It is biodegradable and 100 percent natural. The convenient aerosols make cleanup a breeze.

Available in convenient aerosols, 4- by 1-gallons, 35-gallon drums and 55-gallon drums.