Max Chemical Becomes Trademark Licensee of Kynar Aquatec

Arkema Inc. has announced that Max Chemical Inc. is now a trademark licensee of Kynar Aquatec high-performance coating technology in North America. Max Chemical uses Kynar Aquatec PVDF latex as the basis for its Crossco MaxWhite ultra-durable roof coating product.

“Max Chemical has been providing quality products to builders, developers, contractors and hardware stores in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for more than 30 years and we are delighted to welcome them to our family of Kynar Aquatec PVDF licensees,” said James Feorino, global market manager at Arkema. “Our licensing program provides a growth platform for strong regional roof coatings brands, such as Crossco MaxWhite, by capitalizing on the performance-enhancing benefits of our advanced emulsion technology.”

Kynar Aquatec high performance coating technology is an innovative platform of emulsions that enable formulators to produce ultra-durable water-based coatings with low VOC levels below 100 grams/liter. Coatings formulated with these emulsions provide the durability and performance of traditional Kynar 500 resin-based coatings and can easily be applied to a variety of substrates. Given their low-VOC waterborne character, excellent weatherability and ability to be formulated with IR reflective pigments for lasting building efficiency, the Kynar Aquatec emulsions offer sustainable coating solutions for a wide variety of building requirements.

“We are pleased to become an official licensee of the Kynar Aquatec PVDF emulsion for our Crossco MaxWhite roof coating as we are always striving to embrace innovative technology to differentiate our products,” said Ignacio Cotto, technical director at Max Chemical. “This agreement gives us important advantages in terms of material, supply and support, and we will be able to provide our customers with a sustainable, long-life roof coating with outstanding durability, low maintenance and high thermal reflectivity.”

Designed for application as a protective topcoat, Crossco MaxWhite coating formulated with Kynar Aquatec PVDF provides exceptional performance in thermal reflectivity, color stability and weather resistance over new or existing roof surfaces. This innovative coating product exhibits strong adhesive characteristics and dries to a tough, durable finish that withstands years of wind, rain, dust and heat exposure. Crossco MaxWhite is available through Pro-Seal Distributors in Puerto Rico and through CTI Imports Inc. in Florida.

CertainTeed Launches Academy of Continuing Education

Strengthening its long-standing reputation as a leading resource for Building Knowledge, CertainTeed Corp. has launched the Academy of Continuing Education, a new dynamic resource for professional training and technical information created to inform and inspire. The academy features the industry’s most extensive and engaging collection of Continuing Education Unit courses and provides access to unparalleled applied building science expertise through CertainTeed’s subject matter experts and live events.

“For nearly 20 years, CertainTeed has been educating architects and design professionals on the latest trends, building and product innovations,” said Jill Betters, manager, commercial and architectural programs for CertainTeed Corporation. “The Academy of Continuing Education takes education delivery to a whole new level by making it easy and efficient for busy professionals who need more dynamic ways of learning in their ever-changing professions.”

Developed in conjunction with McGraw Hill Construction, the Academy of Continuing Education features intuitive navigation of the company’s CEU courses, helping to establish a clear connection between current industry topics and relevant products and solutions from CertainTeed. The courses are designed by experts with hand-on experience to address the ever-changing issues faced by today’s building professionals. A few of the most recent courses cover topics including “Understanding and Improving Indoor Air Quality,” “Understanding LEED 2009 vs. LEED Version 4: Driving Transparency in the Marketplace,” and “Creating Superior Acoustic Environments in Schools with Evidence-Based Design.”

All CEU courses available through the Academy are accredited by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and many are certified by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), giving professionals the credits they need and the product and system knowledge to specify smarter. And the online academy helps users easily organize and keep track of their completed courses and earned credits.

Online content is accessible 24/7 via multiple platforms and devices, giving users the ability to choose how and when they want to learn—whether by attending scheduled seminars or taking an online self-guided course. In addition to the Academy of Continuing Education, CertainTeed also connects with architects through in-person learning opportunities at national trade shows, architect symposiums and plant tours.

“Years of building science and construction expertise make CertainTeed an acknowledged leader in educating building professionals, and sharing what we know is an essential part of our company purpose,” said Eric Nilsson, vice president of corporate marketing for CertainTeed Corporation. “The launch of the Academy of Continuing Education takes CertainTeed to the next level in being a trusted and innovative resource for up-to-date, unbiased information that helps architects put sound building principles to work for their clients, and for their business.”

Petersen Aluminum President Offers Career Advice to Chicago Shelter Guests

Guests at the Breakthrough Urban Ministries’ shelter in Chicago received career advice and job-search tips in August when John Palesny, president of Petersen Aluminum Corp., Elk Grove Village, Ill., gave a presentation during the organization’s job readiness course.

In addition to employment advice, Palesny shared the background of the metals industry as well as a list of qualities manufacturers look for when considering candidates for employment. “The guests at the shelter were receptive to the advice I was sharing with them. They asked good questions and were really engaged. I enjoyed the experience and was happy to help,” Palesny said. The mission of the job readiness course was to equip shelter guests with the skills they need to be successful in their pursuit of employment.

Volunteer and member of the Breakthrough Young Professionals Board Ashley DeVecht said the evening was a success. “Shelter guests were receptive to John and we had a lively Q&A session after he was finished making his presentation. Many of the guests were eager to share their experience with the metals industry. Some had worked for garage door manufacturers or with a company that made paint cans. Many were certified to drive a fork lift, too. John left them with an inquisitive outlook toward the metals industry and with confidence in their skill sets and job experience. That is the most valuable outcome of John’s talk—confidence.”

Breakthrough partners with those affected by poverty on Chicago’s west side and serves Chicago’s men, women and children in the East Garfield Park neighborhood. Breakthrough has been working for 20 years to bring forward what’s positive about the East Garfield Park neighborhood and eliminate its struggle against the cycle of poverty. Services include a men’s shelter, women’s shelter, after-school program, preschool-age program, Fresh Market neighborhood food pantry, mentor-based youth running club and much more.

Each year, Breakthrough …

  • Serves 70,000 meals to the homeless.
  • Provides 300 homeless men and women with 24/7 shelter and free health care.
  • Connects 580 youth to a support network that provides opportunity.
  • Supplies 1,100 families with groceries and fresh produce.

Karnak Discusses Roof Coatings Industry with Rep. Leonard Lance

Karnak Corp., a member company of the Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association (RCMA), hosted U.S. Representative Leonard Lance (R-NJ-7) at its headquarters recently in Clark, N.J. During his visit, he met with Karnak President Sarah Jelin and Chris Salazar, chief operating officer, to discuss the roof coatings industry and the issues impacting coating manufacturers, such as clarifying the IRS 25C tax credit and concerns over the EPA’s potential proposal to lower the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for Ground-Level Ozone.

In 2013, Congressman Lance first met with Jelin, Salazar, and RCMA Executive Director John Ferraro during the RCMA Government Affairs Lobby Day in Washington. RCMA, the national trade association representing the manufacturers of cold-applied coatings and cements used for roofing and waterproofing, facilitated meetings with 70 different congressional offices during their Lobby Day on July 24, 2013. Since then, the Association’s manufacturing members have continued their dialogues with the members of Congress from their states and districts. The visit to the Karnak Corporation manufacturing facility to learn more about the issues of interest to the roof coatings industry can be seen as a product of these efforts.

“We are very pleased with the visit by the Honorable Congressman Leonard Lance to Karnak Headquarters in Clark, N.J. Congressman Lance listened carefully to the regulatory challenges that affect and threaten our industry,” said Salazar.

During their meeting, Jelin and Salazar emphasized to the Congressman some of the issues that are most highly impacting their industry, including modification of language used in the Homeowner Energy Efficiency Tax Credit (IRC Sec. 25C) to include roof coatings, the Commercial Building Tax Deduction (IRC Sec. 179D), and the EPA’s potential proposal to lower the Ozone NAAQS from the current 0.075 parts per million (ppm) to 0.06-0.07ppm.

At its 2013 Lobby Day, RCMA spoke in opposition to the proposed reduction to the EPA NAAQS for Ozone, as this highly-costly regulation would be damaging to companies, jobs, and the economy. Of particular concern to the RMCA is that a reduction to the standard would likely result in the implementation of hundreds of state and local regulations aimed at further limiting the volume of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contained in products. Over-reduction of VOCs in roof coatings can result in a number of issues for the effectiveness of the products, and the regulatory burden of keeping apace of hundreds of different rules is extremely high for small businesses.

“The EPA-proposed reduction of ground level ozone will impact VOC limits throughout the U.S. and generate a multitude of different requirements by county and state, making compliance extremely burdensome,” noted Salazar, who has worked to ensure the VOC compliance of his company’s products for decades. “Congressman Lance recognized that our businesses are important to the economy, and promised to do his best after reviewing the RCMA informational materials we provided.”

Roof coatings protect roofs against water, chemicals, and physical damage, and can prolong the life of new roof systems and extend the lives of existing roof systems, which can result in less tear-off waste and a reduced environmental impact from fewer full roof replacements. Solar reflective roof coatings, which reflect visible light as well as infrared and ultraviolet radiation, lead to lower roof temperatures and have been shown to reduce building energy costs and improve air quality.

GAF and Habitat for Humanity Partnership Contributes to Building More than 700 Homes

Kicking off a revolutionary program in 2011, GAF committed to a national partnership with Habitat for Humanity, matching its own roofing materials donations with installation services donated by GAF Master Elite and Certified Contractors across the United States. Reaching the three-year mark this summer, the collaboration has contributed to building over 700 homes for families in need.

Over 460 of GAF’s Master Elite and Certified Contractors have signed up for the program, and are working with their local Habitat for Humanity affiliates to provide roofing materials and professional installation for Habitat houses. “We are thrilled not only to be able to offer this contribution to an organization creating affordable housing, but also to be able to reinforce the efforts of our Master Elite and Certified Contractors as they strive to support the communities in which they live and work,” stated Jim Slauson, vice president of Certified Program and Services at GAF.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit with more than 1,500 local affiliates in the United States and more than 70 national organizations around the world. The organization has helped to build or repair more than 800,000 houses and serve more than 4 million people worldwide through volunteer labor and donations. Habitat for Humanity homeowners invest hundreds of hours of their own labor into building their Habitat houses and the houses of others, and their monthly mortgage payments are used to build more Habitat houses.

MFM Building Products Releases Underlayment Brochure

MFM Building Products, a manufacturer of a full envelope of waterproofing and weather barrier products for the building industry, recently issued a Roofing Underlayment Systems brochure which outlines the company’s full complement of steep-slope, self-adhering underlayment products.

The brochure highlights each of MFM’s underlayment categories which include granulated, polymer film, high temperature and shingle starter products. Each MFM underlayment is self-adhering and self-sealing around fasteners, come with a split release liner for easy valley application, and can be used as a flashing material around exterior penetrations. Complete technical information, product specifications and roll photos are included in the brochure.

To request a FREE copy of the brochure or any product sample, visit the company’s website.

Quest Construction Products Is Trademark Licensee of Kynar Aquatec Coating Technology

Arkema Inc. is pleased to announce that Quest Construction Products is now a trademark licensee of Kynar Aquatec high-performance coating technology in North America. Quest Construction Products uses Kynar Aquatec technology as the basis for its Kymax brand of protective coatings for new or existing roof surfaces.

“While we have a long history of partnering with Quest Construction Products on their high-quality Kymax coatings, it gives us great pleasure to welcome them as an official licensee of Kynar Aquatec,” said Vince Casmirri, marketing manager of architectural coatings at Arkema Inc. “Our licensing program is a key component of our strategy to provide customers the support and innovative technology they need to succeed, and we are pleased with the outstanding recognition that Kymax coatings has achieved in the cool white roof market.”

Kynar Aquatec is an innovative platform of emulsions for producing premium water-based coatings with low VOC levels below 100 grams/liter. Coatings formulated with these emulsions can provide the durability and performance of traditional Kynar 500 resin-based coatings and can easily be applied to a variety of substrates, including metals, plastics, wood, concrete, textiles and previously painted surfaces. Given their low-VOC waterborne character, excellent durability and weatherability, and ability to be formulated with IR reflective pigments for lasting building efficiency, the Kynar Aquatec emulsions offer sustainable coating solutions for a wide variety of building requirements.

“We are extremely pleased to have been selected as an official trademark licensee of Kynar Aquatec latex,” said Michelle Carlin, product manager at Quest Construction Products. “This program provides a growth platform for strong brand owners in the architectural roof coatings market by capitalizing on the proven success of Kynar Aquatec technology by Arkema.”

Kymax coatings are manufactured using Kynar Aquatec emulsions to deliver the proven durability and performance of traditional Kynar PVDF coatings. However, rather than requiring high-temperature baking, they are air-dry finishes that cure at ambient temperatures. Designed as a liquid applied roofing product over new or existing roofs, Kymax provides the ultimate in reflectivity, color stability, algae resistance and weatherability. It is also certified to meet ENERGY STAR, Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), LEED and California Title 24 reflectance and emissivity criteria.

Petersen Aluminum Hires Director of Communications

Petersen Aluminum has named Rob Heselbarth as director of communications. Heselbarth will be responsible for overall marketing communications including public and media relations, promotional material, social media, website content, and print and online advertising.

Heselbarth has significant experience in the construction industry in both the residential and commercial markets. He most recently was editorial director at Cygnus Business Media where he oversaw Qualified Remodeler and Residential Design + Build magazines and their online properties covering home design, construction and remodeling. Prior to this, he was with the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society’s RSES Journal and Reed Business Information’s Contractor magazine covering the commercial, industrial and residential plumbing and mechanical industries.

Petersen Aluminum CEO Mike Petersen said, “Our marketing program has reached the point where we need an individual whose sole responsibility is to manage and direct our communication efforts, and we’re glad to have Rob join our team.”

Petersen Aluminum’s longtime media relations facilitator Larry McLane will continue to work with the company writing case studies and communicating with industry editors.

LINE-X Partners with Make-A-Wish Foundation to Grant the Wish of a San Antonio Teen

Locally owned LINE-X of San Antonio, a franchise of LINE-X Protective Coatings, a developer and provider of high performance protective coatings, has partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help grant the wish of local San Antonio teen, Brandon to refurbish his 1997 Chevrolet 1500 pickup truck. LINE-X of San Antonio helped to create this unique wish for Brandon who has Cystic Fibrosis unveiled the vehicle to him on Wednesday, Aug. 13, at the local LINE-X of San Antonio along with his family, the Make-A-Wish Staff members and volunteers, and LINE-X team.

“Making Brandon’s wish come true was a great experience and to see the look on his face really set this build apart from the normal everyday work. Brandon supplied us with a rough idea of what he wanted and with the donation of time, efforts and products from a team of vendors, manufactures, and warehouse distributors we were able to make his wish come true,” said LINE-X of San Antonio owner, Josh Berg. “Make-A-Wish has the ability to do wonderful things for children with life threatening medical conditions and we are truly honored that we could help grant a wish that was in our scope of work.”

“This year, thanks to the help of generous donors and volunteers, Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas will make it possible for 231 kids like Brandon to experience the magic of a wish,” said Lauren Bremer, Director of Communications for Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas. “We are so grateful for the support and dedication of businesses like Line-X of San Antonio to help fulfill these wishes. Line-X is helping to give seriously ill children like Brandon an incredible gift and memories of a lifetime.”

Make-A-Wish grants wishes to children with life threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. The Central & South Texas chapter grants wishes to over 230 kids each year, and uses the support of individuals and local businesses to reach as many brave kids as they can. Make-A-Wish believes a wish not only brings joy to the wish child, but to the entire community.

LINE-X is honored to partner with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to support and provide the resources to grant the wish of a one of San Antonio’s local teens. For the full refurbishment of Brandon’s 1997 Chevrolet 1500 pickup truck, LINE-X coated the truck bed in LINE-X PREMIUM, a high quality, fade, rust and impact resistant bedliner coating with an ultra-violet (UV) element to keep the bedliner looking new with a long-lasting luster, even in harsh environments. Also, LINE-X installed a durable Truck Gear by LINE-X tri-fold soft bedcover with a low profile design, sitting only 1” above the truck bed, offering easy operation, premium nylon straps for secure storage and a patented auto latch, dual locking system.

With a team of over 25 individuals and the support of vendors, manufactures, and warehouse distributors additional upgrades included Fabtech 4-inch suspension kit with new factory suspension parts, Ranch Hand Grill guard, KC slimlights, Big Country 3-inch nerf bars, XD crank 20-inch black wheels, Nitto terra grapplers 305/55/20, and Magnaflow cat back kit. For aesthetics, the team also contributed a refreshed paint job, camo wrap on rocker panels, custom leather interior and a full detail job of the truck.

Sno Gem Celebrates 20th Anniversary

As Sno Gem Inc. celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2014, it is an opportunity to reflect on its journey from start-up to the forefront of the snow retention industry.

Like many businesses, Sno Gem was born out of necessity. The Smeja family had founded Metalmaster Sheet Metal Inc. in 1977, which was growing into one of the largest commercial sheet metal and roofing businesses in the industry. They came to realize there were few snow guard manufacturers, to meet the increasing demand for snow retention products, and for integration into the roofs they were consistently installing. “The roofing business was growing and they were doing a large portion of the work in the Chicagoland area,” says James T. Carpenter, Vice President of Operations at Sno Gem. “The business was consistently buying snow guards for their projects and at one point, the Smeja family made the decision to design their own snow guard.”

The Sno Gem “Original” Polycarbonate design was the initial snow guard product developed by the company. With the Smeja family incurring decades of combined architectural sheet metal experience, it was essential to create this snow guard to have a large base for securement and attachment, that’s when the 25 square-inch base was created, which was more than any other snow guard found within the industry. This meant additional surface area to bond to the roof panel with, and thus, creating increased attachment strength per unit. Another similar product offering was the Sno Gem Junior Polycarbonate design. This is a snow guard with a 12.5 square-inch bonding surface and a narrower base. The design of the Junior model was ideal for metal panel systems, with intermediate ribs, and/or corrugated metal panels which are more common with pre-engineered metal buildings and post-frame building systems and designs.

“The Smejas are an innovative and business-minded family,” Carpenter says. “Early profits were directly invested back into the company and they consistently increased their marketing budgets by advertising in more trade publications and attending industry trade shows. These efforts increased market awareness of all of the Sno Gem products, for consumers, architects and contractors.”

Sno Gem has consistently been quick to react to the latest in consumer demands, industry trends and has developed snow retention systems for slate, shingle and membrane roofing since their inception. The Sno Barricade was Sno Gem’s first bar snow retention system for standing seam metal roofing applications and is now one of the company’s most popular systems. The Sno Barricade can be finished in either a powder coating application, or with a Kynar finish to match any roof panel finish and color.

More recent innovations include the iClad and Sno Blockade snow retention systems, both are bar/fence systems made of aircraft-grade aluminum extrusions. These designs are compatible with most standing seam metal roofing systems currently on the market. These innovative products draw their strength from Sno Gem’s unique attachment design of the patent-pending WaveLock Technology. WaveLock Technology features three or five points of attachment and is designed to maximize the system’s strength, without piercing, marring, or penetrating the roof panel, or its finish. Sno Gem also recently introduced the PV Cube, a clamp-to-seam solar panel racking and mounting system attachment product, which also employs the same patent-pending WaveLock Technology.

“We’re proud of the innovations that Sno Gem has introduced into the industry over the past 20 years and we’re looking forward to working with our customers to meet their needs in the future,” says Rock Smeja, third-generation family business member and Vice President of Marketing. “We remain very hands-on, within the day-to-day operations of Sno Gem, to ensure that we are always on the cutting-edge of not only snow retention, but the overall industry as well.”