Create a Weathertight Seal with a Closure that Contours to a Metal Panel Profile

The newly patented design of LCF Universal Closure by Lakeside Construction Fasteners, Paragould, Ark., creates a weathertight seal by contouring to the metal panel profile without the need for carrying die-cut closures in stock.

“LCF developed this product to be a solution outside of die-cut closures for metal building rollformers and contractors,” explains Eric J. Velliquette, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Lakeside Construction Fasteners. “With the Universal Closure, only one product is needed to conform around various minor/major panel profiles of 1 1/2 inches or less.”

The LCF Universal Closure by Lakeside Construction Fasteners

The LCF Universal Closure by Lakeside Construction Fasteners

The new close-cell closure can be used as an inner/outer with adhesive applied the full length and width of the LCF Universal Closure. The patented adhesive bonding agent helps prevent water, dirt, snow and insects from penetrating the building structure after installation.

“With our patented UV Inhibitor and Anti-Microbial Coating System, this product can be exposed to direct sunlight or weather without fail,” Velliquette adds. “The aggressive adhesive on the Universal Closure is used the full length and width of the product, so, once attached to the metal panel, it will not fall out of the building structure.”

The LCF Universal Closure System can be used in multiple applications throughout the ridge cap, eave, hip or valley to provided an alternative in-place low-cost solution.

The LCF Universal Closure is Dade County approved to 110 mph, as well as contractor tested and approved.

“A key takeaway is the unique design of the Universal Closure allows for fast contractor installation while conforming to various metal-panel profiles to create a weatherized barrier, keeping the natural outside elements from penetrating the building structure,” Velliquette concludes.

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