Customized Report Provides Estimate of Roof Size in About One Hour

EagleView Technologies' QuickSquares Report

EagleView Technologies’ QuickSquares Report

EagleView Technologies Inc., a provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions, has introduced the QuickSquares Report. A sales and marketing tool for roofing sales teams, this report delivers an overall estimate of the roof size within approximately one hour from the time that the order is placed. A customized cover transforms the report into a professional presentation tool that leaves a lasting impression.

The QuickSquares product provides an easy price point for roofing contractors to quickly obtain an overall square count for residential roofs. It works in conjunction with the entire EagleView suite of solutions offering an easy means to upgrade to an EagleView Premium report when more detail is required for ordering materials. After winning the job, contractors can simply upgrade their QuickSquares Report to a Premium Report for industry-leading, precise measurements to be used for material ordering and production planning.

The report is created using EagleView’s patented technology and includes a color aerial image of the property. It is available now and can be ordered online.

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