Establish a Wireless Network in Locations where Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks Are Unavailable

OpenRoute offers OnSite Wi-Fi technology.

OpenRoute offers OnSite Wi-Fi technology.

OpenRoute offers OpenRoute OnSite Wi-Fi technology. Using the private broadband wireless network from OpenRoute, a construction firm is able to apply LEAN construction processes ­where the immediate access to rich data on the job site is paramount ­even in locations where traditional Wi-Fi and cellular networks are not available.

An OnSite Wi-Fi network is easily established by arranging several briefcase-sized boxes­ distinctly yellow and equipped with an enclosed antenna ­at strategic points around the job site. The network is arranged and deployed using the OpenRoute NetMeter app, which is compatible with most Android devices. NetMeter monitors network performance in real-time and supports users in positioning the OnSite Wi-Fi access point for optimum coverage. The NetMeter app also assists when access points need to be moved or repositioned as the job-site develops.

The network hardware is designed to be rugged and reliable ­ but through initial pilots OpenRoute learned the importance of keeping deployment simple and highly flexible. Through the NetMeter app, the network is essentially self-deployed and can be quickly adjusted as a building is erected or as a job site expands.

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