Expanded Line of Coping Systems for Commercial Roofing Applications

OMG EdgeSystems rebranded its popular line of PermaSnap Coping systems to include the former QuickSnap Coping products. The re-named and expanded product line includes four products that provide contractors with more choices for every type of commercial application. They include:

  • PermaSnap — formerly QuickSnap — for walls from 6 – 24-inches wide.
  • PermaSnap Plus — formerly QuickSnap Plus — for walls from 6 – 32-inches wide.
  • PermaSnap Premier — formerly PermaSnap — for walls from 4 – 24-inches wide.
  • PermaSnap Premier Plus—- formerly PermaSnap Plus – for walls from 4 – 32-inches wide.

All PermaSnap products include self-locating pre-punched clips, matching concealed splices with integral gutter system to channel water back onto the roof, and snap-on coping caps to enhance rooftop productivity. According to the manufacturer, the PermaSnap family offers some of the highest wind performance in the industry with test values up to 329 PSF (vertical) and 190 PSF (horizontal).

“PermaSnap has become synonymous with superior productivity and superior performance in commercial coping systems,” said Karan Patel, product manager for OMG EdgeSystems. “With the expanded line, contractors now have choices for every type of commercial roofing application.”

The PermaSnap Family of products are supplied in convenient 10-foot lengths and available with face heights in sizes ranging from 3.25 inches to 12 inches to accommodate most applications. Snap-on covers are available in more than 100 colors and finishes in 22 and 24-gauge galvanized steel; .040-in., .050-in., .063-in., or .080-in. aluminum; and 22 and 24-gauge Stainless Steel. In addition, the PermaSnap family is available with a full assortment of inside/outside miters, end caps, sumps and spill-outs.

According to the company, all PermaSnap products are easy to install and manufactured in new manufacturing cells at OMG EdgeSystems in Asheville, North Carolina that were specifically designed to maximize manufacturing quality and shorten lead times for faster customer delivery.

“Our customers have been looking for shorter delivery times,” said Patel, “and we are happy to have the expertise and manufacturing capability to deliver.”

PermaSnap and PermaSnap Plus are ES-1 tested only for non-Factory Mutual projects. PermaSnap Premier and PermaSnap Premier Plus are both ES-1 tested and approved for use by Factory Mutual.

For additional information, please contact OMG EdgeSystems customer service at 800.892.9173, visit www.OMGEdgeSystems.com, or contact your local OMG field sales representative.

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