Lanyard Restrains Hardhat from Falls

GearKeeper's RT5-5601 Hardhat Lanyard System

GearKeeper’s RT5-5601 Hardhat Lanyard System

In the event of a fall, a fall-arrest harness will protect the worker but not the worker’s hardhat. The retractable RT5-5601 Hardhat Lanyard System is attached with Velcro strap loops and cinches around the fall-protection harness strap, ring or tri-bar. It is designed to stay close to the body to avoid discomfort and entanglement. The lanyard features an industrial-grade spectra/nylon line that extends up to 14 inches and a 2.5-ounce retraction force that mitigates slack. The product also allows a worker to drape his or her hardhat over a shoulder during breaks.

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