Lens Cleaning Products Maintain Anti-scratch and -fog Coatings

Gateway Safety's Kleen View lens cleaning products

Gateway Safety’s Kleen View lens cleaning products

In most work environments, safety glasses have a way of getting dusty, dirty and smudged. Frequently, employees just use a t-shirt or facial tissue to clean their protective eyewear. There’s a problem with that method of cleaning: The worker is actually wiping off the anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings that were originally applied to the surface of the lens during the manufacturing process.

Gateway Safety has a solution to that problem with its improved line of Kleen View Lens Cleaning products. Kleen View lens cleaning products feature a fast-drying, silicone-free formula that actually includes an anti-fog, anti-static ingredient that helps extend the life of safety glasses. Workers love the functionality of the anti-fog coating and the dust and dirt resistance gained from the anti-static coating, while employers love the cost savings associated with longer-lasting safety products.

Kleen View Lens Cleaning products are safe to use on any Gateway Safety eye- or face-protection product. Kleen View is available as a spray solution packaged with soft, non-abrasive tissues or as convenient single-use towelettes for quick lens cleaning.

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