New Line of 18V Battery-operated LED Work Lights

Metabo Corp. new line of 18V battery operated LED work lights.

Metabo Corp. new line of 18V battery operated LED work lights.

Metabo Corp., an international manufacturer of professional-grade hand-held power tools and accessories, has introduced its new line of 18V battery operated LED work lights. The launch includes three new models: the ULA 14.4-18 LED flashlight, SLA14.4-18 LED inspection/work light and BSA14.4 18 LED site lamp.

The star of the show is the BSA14.4-18 LED site lamp, featuring 18 LED lights and two intensity settings that produce an incredible 1800 Lumens on high, and 1200 on low. When combined with the new Ultra-M 5.2 Ah battery the BSA14.4-18 LED run will run up to 7-plus hours. The lamp swivels a full 180-degree filling a very wide work area with a bright, consistent white light. The site lamp is very durable and reliable compared to traditional halogen lamps and carries a rating of IP56, meaning it can be safely used in dusty and damp environments. For added convenience and flexibility, a very sturdy and robust tripod is also available.

The SLA 14.4-18 LED Inspection/work light features six high performing LED lights, a fully rotatable aluminum head and a hanging hook. The SLA’s wide field of diffused light makes it ideal for working in areas such as installing and maintaining large machinery, interior construction work or when working in narrow spaces such as cable ducts or suspended ceilings.

The ULA 14.4 18V LED flashlight is compact, lightweight, and with its die-cast aluminum head construction, is extremely robust and durable. The flashlight features a pivoting head and a swivel hook that easily puts bright, wide, even light where it is needed for inspection and general work, especially in areas where access is restricted.

Although smaller than conventional halogen or traditional light bulbs, LED lights are considerably more efficient and offer a brighter, whiter and more consistent light than other illumination sources. Additionally, LEDs are significantly more durable, capable of lasting more than 30,000 hours and are cool to the touch making them safer and allowing them to last considerably longer than halogen and other incandescent lighting sources.

The combination of durable lithium-ion battery packs and modern LED technology means that the new lamps are able to illuminate for a particularly long time per battery charge. As the world’s longest running 18V battery, the new Ultra-M 5.2Ah battery will power the BSA’s 18 LEDs for up to 7+ hours, the SLA’s 6 LEDs for 11.5 hours and the ULA lamp up to 16.5 hours.

Although longest run times will be achieved using Metabo’s new 5.2 Ah battery system, all three lamps are compatible with Metabo’s complete line of existing 18V batteries including its 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.2 Ah models.

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