Pay Per Click Marketing for Roofers

Use a Customized Landing Page

You pay Google (or other search engines) to bring potential customers to your website. Once they come to your website, you need to make sure they immediately know what you do and how to contact you.

I recommend building a customized landing page that prominently displays your phone number and a contact form. Most people are not interested in reading your “About Us” page. Most potential customers want your contact information or someone to contact them ASAP.

Measure Results

With a customized landing page, it is easy to measure the exact number of phone calls and form submissions you receive from your PPC campaign. You constantly need to be monitoring your campaign to make sure you are getting the maximum number of leads based on your budget.

This is also an important part of the optimization process (more about this in the next tip).

Start with a Lower Budget

For the first few days of your new PPC campaign, I highly recommend you use a low budget. I recommend using no more than $1,000 with Google your first month just to make sure your campaign is set up correctly.

With PPC campaigns, the more information you have, the better you are able to optimize your campaign. This means you can determine the services to promote, the geographical areas to target and the time of the day where your prospects are most likely to look for a roofer.

Even if you think you set up your campaign 100 percent correctly, it is still a best practice to start slowly and then increase your budget when you are completely confident.

Use Remarketing

One of the best features of Google is that you can use image ads for your past website visitors. These image advertisements appear on other websites to people that have previously been on your website. For example, visit and you will see ads for websites you’ve previously visited.

Previous website visitors have already shown a clear interest in your company. With remarketing, you ensure they remember your company’s name when they are ready to make their purchasing decision.

A Pay Per Click campaign is easy to set up. However, it requires time, effort and expertise to make your campaign profitable. If you follow these seven tips, you will greatly increase the chances of receiving a steady stream of qualified phone calls.

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About Daniel Rosenberg

Daniel Rosenberg is a Pay Per Click marketing specialist for MarketPlace Solutions, Raleigh, N.C.

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