Secure Ladders from a Lower-level Surface to an Upper Level

EZ Guardian from SafePro Guard

EZ Guardian from SafePro Guard

EZ Guardian from SafePro Guard is a new ladder safety device designed to reduce the risk of using conventional ladders on a sloped surface, such as an upper-level roof, known in the industry as a “double-pull.”

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 75 to 100 roofers lose their lives each year because of an accident on the roof. Three-quarters of these are fall-related, including falls from ladders. Eighty percent of fatal injuries in falls from ladders occur from falling from a distance of as little as 4 feet. That’s about the distance between the first and second levels of most houses and commercial buildings. EZ Guardian reduces the risk to anyone who works on a roof.

Until now, there has been no practical way to secure ladders leading from a lower-level sloped surface to an upper level. The EZ Guardian solves the problem without leaving holes in your roof.

EZ Guardian makes it easy to climb multi-story roofs more safely and securely. Each EZ Guardian is adjustable, and a 4-foot extension is included for added convenience and versatility. When purchasing, choose the EZ Guardian that will fit your most common worksite conditions.

The EZ 2-4 extends to 8 feet with 4-foot extension (included)
The EZ 4-8 extends to 12 feet with 4-foot extension (included)

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