Snow Retention System Works with Most Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Sno Gem's iClad Snow Retention System

Sno Gem’s iClad Snow Retention System

Sno Gem Inc. recently introduced the iClad Snow Retention System, a bar/fence system that works with most standing seam metal roofing systems.

iClad is an innovative system that attaches to the standing seam with the company’s Sno Cube clamp. It attaches to virtually any standing seam metal roofing profile with WaveLock technology, unique and stronger due to the fact that it provides three points of attachment without penetration. Sno Cube’s Silver Bullet set screws include a rounded “bullet” tip to maximize strength without compromising the paint finish or the material.

The iClad and iClad-S offer a 2- or 3-inch-high profile and can accommodate any pre-finished metal trim to match the color of your standing seam metal roof panel.

The iClad system is available in standard mill finish aluminum, allowing contractors to keep the product in stock, avoiding construction delays. Once installed, it’s easy to attach the pre-finished metal trim from the material that was used to install the roofing panels onto the face of the iBeam to produce an aesthetically pleasing and effective snow retention system that matches the standing seam metal roof.

The iClad is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion and includes an iPlate for sliding snow and ice. No painting is required.

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