Atlas Roofing Corporation Announces Changes to Leadership Team

Atlas Roofing Corporation announced Tracy Cook has joined the company as its new Director of Marketing, overseeing the Shingles & Underlayments and Roof & Wall Insulation Divisions. Cook also will guide Atlas’ overall corporate marketing strategy across the company’s Shingles & Underlayments, Roof & Wall Insulation, Molded Products and Web Technologies divisions. As the first director of marketing to manage multiple divisions under the Atlas brand, she will provide strategic guidance and insight on all marketing efforts, ensuring brand consistency, developing new marketing opportunities and expanding strategic partnerships, including those with 3M Scotchguard and television host Mike Holmes.

“We are thrilled to welcome Tracy to the marketing leadership team,” said Steve Heaton, Vice President, Roof & Wall Insulation Division. “We are taking significant strides in our marketing efforts, ensuring the right people and resources are in place to enhance our strengths and further confirm Atlas’ leadership position in the building materials industry.”

Cook joins Atlas with more than 20 years of experience and deep expertise in marketing strategy, customer insights, trend forecasting, brand strategy and management. Prior to joining Atlas, Cook worked for nine years at INVISTA, most recently serving as the Senior Director, Shopper Innovation, as well as previous senior marketing positions with Mohawk Industries and Interface. She graduated with a B.A. in liberal arts from Auburn University and resides in metro Atlanta.

In addition to Cook’s appointment as Director of Marketing, Atlas officially announced Stanley Bastek’s promotion to National Sales Director for the Shingles & Underlayments Division. Bastek started his career at Atlas in 2007 and has held several cross-functional sales and marketing positions over the past 10 years. In his new role, Bastek will manage national pricing and sales development, contractor engagement programs and distributor relationships.

“This is a very exciting time for Atlas,” said Kirk Villar, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “These strategic investments to our sales and marketing departments ensure our continued growth and success, allowing us to deliver innovative products to our customers.”

These new appointments are part of Atlas’ continued expansion of its corporate sales and marketing footprint in Atlanta. In addition to the sales and marketing teams, the Atlanta headquarters houses several fundamental departments, including the leadership team for the Shingles & Underlayments, Roof & Wall Insulation, and Tapered Services divisions; pricing, accounting and finance; and human resources. Atlas’ marketing teams recently won multiple industry awards, including the notable Hanley Wood Brand Builder Awards for best product marketing launch and the best B2B marketing event.

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DIY Network Launches Webisode Series Featuring Atlas Shingles With Scotchgard Protector By 3M

Mike Holmes Jr. and Sherry Holmes grew up watching their celebrity dad, Mike Holmes, “Make It Right.” Now it’s their turn as they host an exclusive five-part web series, Roof It Right, in which they team up with Atlas Pro contractors to replace ugly, streaky roofs for two lucky homeowners.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Holmes group on this special project,” says Stan Bastek, director of marketing and sales development for Atlas Roofing Corporation. “And, we’re proud to manufacture shingles with Scotchgard Protector by 3M, which are a HOLMES Approved Product. It’s a win-win relationship for everyone involved.”

While the Holmes siblings usually share the spotlight with their father, they took on this mini-series by themselves — with confidence. 

“Our dad taught us everything we know,” Mike Jr. says. “Because of him, Sherry and I are passionate about what we do and feel honored to be able to help so many people ‘Make It Right’ — in this case, Roof It Right.”

Mike Jr. joined George Boudreaux, owner of Pelican Roofing in Lafayette, LA, at the home of Carl and Ann Leblanc, who began noticing black streaks on their roof about four years ago.

Sherry Holmes met up with Kyle Grasso, president of A-Team Roofing in Collierville, TN, and homeowners Mark and Donna Collinsworth, who have been living with ugly algae stains on their roof for more than five years.

“It’s all about using the right products for the right job,” Sherry Holmes says. “Atlas shingles with Scotchgard Protector by 3M look amazing because they resist unsightly algae and their beautiful color is not going to get covered by black streaks.”

Unlike competitors’ algae-resistant shingles, Atlas shingles with Scotchgard Protector come with a lifetime warranty against the black streaks caused by blue-green algae.

“None of the competition does what Atlas does,” says Boudreaux. “Atlas has a minimum of 10 percent copper granules infused into the shingle and that prevents the algae growth. This warranty is the best in the business in terms of algae resistance.”

Both Roof It Right crews installed an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System, including Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles with Scotchgard Protector by 3M. The Leblancs decided on classic Hearthstone Gray, while the Collinsworth family chose Copper Canyon, one of the new colors available in the Natural Expressions color palette.

“Atlas Pinnacle Pristine is our go-to shingle,” Boudreaux says. “It’s what I put on my personal properties.

“Contractors are only as good as the products they install. We can do a perfect job, but if we’re using an inferior material, it’s just not going to last. Atlas shingles featuring Scotchgard Protector mean quality. I have peace of mind knowing that our customers can enjoy a roof free of the ugly black streaks caused by algae.”

With the power of Scotchgard Protector by 3M, the homeowners’ new roofs will maintain their curb appeal for years. 

“When you choose Atlas shingles featuring Scotchgard Protector, the color you purchase is the color you keep!” Grasso says. “We take pride in standing behind products that are just as beautiful 10 years later as the day of the install.”

Mike Jr. and Sherry Holmes have taken part in countless projects and TV shows over the years, but this one was especially memorable for them.

“We had a lot of fun making this webisode series,” Sherry Holmes says. “Getting to show the homeowners their finished roofs and seeing the smiles on their faces was priceless.”

The first of the five weekly “webisodes” begins airing Feb. 26 on the Mike Holmes YouTube channel.

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