RICOWI to Host Underlayment Seminar on March 17

The underlayment systems play a vital role in today’s roof designs for long-term performance. The challenges of selecting the right materials, application techniques and performance criteria can be challenging to the roofing professional. RICOWI‘s Spring Seminar, which will be held March 17, 2017, in Anaheim, Calif., will provide an in-depth look at the two styles of underlayments—organic and synthetic—that might be used in low- and steep-slope roof designs. This seminar will touch upon the product designs, product approvals and code language that address how to select and properly use these various underlayment products in roof system applications.

Underlayment Speakers
Organic Underlayment: Doug Thagard, Fontana Paper Mills
Synthetic Underlayment: Mark Strait, Synthetic Roof Underlayment Institute

When underlayments are installed as part of a roof system, they may have special requirements for how they are designed, selected and installed to meet the anticipated roof performance. To better understand the relationship of the components, the speakers will cover the various styles of roof applications that will help inform the audience of best practices from the various industry associations.

Association Speakers
Low-slope Underlayment Applications: Mike Ennis, SPRI
Steep-slope Underlayment Applications:

For more information, visit RICOWI’s website or contact Joan Cook, executive director, at (330) 671-4569.

Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau Announces Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau announced the recipients of its Lifetime Achievement Awards. This distinguished group of people has shown outstanding dedication to the Certi-label brand, association goal achievement, innovation and field services. The prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award honor provides industry-wide recognition to the recipients and ensures that their decades of hard work and volunteerism are formally recognized.

Lifetime Achievement Award winners (some posthumous awards are included):

  • Fred Amundson
  • Fred Monte
  • John Coker
  • Kirk Nagy
  • John Dziedzic
  • Marty Obando
  • Homer Earll
  • Virgil Peterson
  • Dean Hurn
  • Darrell Trask
  • Eleanor Lobb
  • Leonard Watkins Sr.
  • Jack MacMillan
  • Frank Welch
  • Clay Meeker
  • Patty Wood-Shields
  • Toke Meeker
  • William Woodbridge

In 2015, the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau celebrates its 1OOth anniversary. On Sept. 12, 2015, a Cedar Shake and Shingle Packing Contest will be held in Whistler, British Columbia, continuing a tradition that started more than a century ago with skilled industry craftsmen. Later that day, a networking gala dinner will take place and Lifetime Achievement Awards will be presented on stage to those in attendance. Chairman Kent Gibson states: “It is a true honor to bestow Lifetime Achievement Awards on such worthy recipients. Their commitment and foresight were large factors in helping our association reach its 100th anniversary.”

Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau Publishes 100th Anniversary History Book

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CSSB) is pleased to announce that its 100th Anniversary History Book will be published and available for purchase in December 2014. Covering a century of historical events, this book is an entertaining read, accompanied by a significant number of photos. Chapters include topics such as industry pioneers’ accomplishments, quality control initiatives, work conducted during World War I and II, plus extensive marketing campaigns. The book contains information about the CSSB’s lost Hollywood film starring two famous silent movie actors, Annabelle the Certigrade Cow, plus shows color reproductions of actual ads from the 1930s to today.

Chairman Len Taylor III stated: “… Extensive research has gone into the CSSB’s 100th Anniversary History Book. Numerous industry stakeholders gave generously of their time to be interviewed for this publication and their stories are shared in an easy-to-read, engaging manner. Many regional museums and archives were also consulted and the result is a comprehensive look back at our industry’s accomplishments, extensive archives and future plans.”

Written by CSSB Director of Operations Lynne Christensen, MBA, CAE, Celebrating 100 Years 1915-2015: A History of the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau is hardcover bound and runs 240 pages. This book would suit anyone interested in the shake and shingle industry, forest industry or history of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia areas. The CSSB has copies available for sale to the public for $35 USD plus shipping and handling.

Founded in 1915, the CSSB represents top quality Certi-label cedar shakes and shingles, offering its manufacturer and affiliate members extensive quality control, technical and marketing services. Author Lynne Christensen is an award-winning writer with numerous published articles, scripts, newsletters and technical publications. She has worked in the cedar shake and shingle industry since 1994, serving as the CSSB’s Director of Operations since 2002 and starting as CSSB Marketing Manager in 1998.