Edge Metal Profile Reduces Material Costs

The EclipsEdge edge metal profile is not fastened to the horizontal surface of the roof, so there are no fasteners to seal with membrane flashing.

The EclipsEdge edge metal profile is not fastened to the horizontal surface of the roof, so there are no fasteners to seal with membrane flashing.

EclipsEdge edge metal profile from Mule-Hide Products Co. makes installing raised roof edges, gravel stops and full coping caps in single-ply roofing systems easier while also reducing material costs.

A two-part design, with a base and a top cover, makes EclipsEdge versatile and helps eliminate entire steps often required in traditional installations. The profile can be used in TPO, EPDM and PVC roofing systems and is not sensitive to membrane thickness.

EclipsEdge is not fastened to the horizontal surface of the roof, so there are no fasteners to seal with membrane flashing. There is no need to install a continuous clip when the face dimension exceeds 4 inches. The ends of the top cover are notched for overlapping, eliminating the need for joint covers.

Using the EclipsEdge provides the same aesthetics from the ground as traditional coping cap installations while using a fraction of the metal. It also eliminates the need to measure and fabricate copings, and then return to the jobsite to complete the job.

Fastener holes are pre-punched for installation. EclipsEdge can be installed using battery-operated equipment.

EclipsEdge complies with ANSI/SPRI ES-1, “Wind Design Standard for Edge Systems Used with Low Slope Roofing Systems.”

EclipsEdge is available in prefinished steel, aluminum, stainless steel and bonderized steel. The standard base is fabricated from 22-gauge GALVALUME Plus steel or .050-gauge aluminum. The cover is available in 24-gauge GALVALUME with mill or Kynar finish, 24-gauge stainless steel or .040-gauge aluminum in mil or Kynar finish. All covers measuring 9- to 13-inches are fabricated with aluminum.

Firestone Building Products Celebrates 35 Years of Its EPDM Roofing System

Firestone Building Products Co. LLC, a manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive “Roots to Rooftops” product portfolio, is celebrating the 35th anniversary of its trademark ethylene propylene diene monomer, RubberGard EPDM roofing system, which has helped cement its commercial roofing reputation for trust and confidence.

Firestone Building Products began its journey to become a global leader in the commercial roofing industry in 1980 with the installation of its first warranted EPDM roof in the small town of West Bend, Wis.

“At the beginning, none of us really knew the life expectancy of the EPDM roof,” says Clay Van Gomple, president of Spec Products, a sales representative for Firestone Building Products. “The Firestone Building Products professionals were very positive they had the formulation.”

Today, Firestone Building Products is internationally known to set the standard for quality rubber products, innovation and leadership. Its manufacturing plant opened in Prescott, Ark., in 1983 and has increased capacity to become the largest EPDM manufacturing facility in the world. Since 1980, approximately 6.5 billion square feet of Firestone Building Products RubberGard EPDM have been installed globally.

Throughout the years, Firestone Building Products has grown from one to 15 plants and expanded into multiple product lines, including EPDM rubber membranes, thermoplastic membranes, modified bitumen and polyisocyanurate insulation.

“Innovating new commercial building performance solutions is top of mind at Firestone Building Products because we understand and always consider the unique challenges of our contractors, architects and building owners,” says Tim Dunn, president of Firestone Building Products. “This 35th anniversary milestone demonstrates our commitment to those key stakeholders. Their trust is the reason we can confidently promise that, ‘Nobody Covers You Better.'”

The original EPDM formulation has held strong for more than three decades and still holds strong today. Firestone Building Products has built on that foundation of reliability, evolving its application to meet the needs of building owners, contractors and architects.

In 2015, Firestone Building Products introduced its revolutionary Secure Bond Technology, the next generation in fully adhered roof system application. Secure Bond Technology ensures adhesion coverage across the entire roofing membrane, establishing one of the most powerful bonds possible. RubberGard EPDM SA with Secure Bond Technology is the only EPDM SA available on the market today.