Fastener Solution Prevents Wind Uplift

ZMAX offers a large outer diameter to prevent wind uplift and is suitable in snow load regions.

ZMAX offers a large outer diameter to prevent wind uplift and is suitable in snow load regions.

Lakeside Construction Fasteners, a U.S. owned company, offers fastener solutions. The ZMAX Long-Life is available #10 x 1-inch to 3-inch.

ZMAX Long-Life high-low threads and sharp cut point allows for holding power. ZMAX can be used with battery operated and impact screw guns. ZMAX alloy fasteners are engineered for corrosion applications. ZMAX offers a large outer diameter to prevent wind uplift and is suitable in snow load regions. The ZMAX Long-Life is ideal for coastal environments, preventing red rust on fastener heads once installed into metal buildings.

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MCA Publishes Technical Resource on Selecting Proper Types of Fasteners

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has published a new technical resource to assist designers and installers in selecting the proper type of fastener: Fastener Compatibility with Profiled Metal Roof and Wall Panels.

Found in the technical resources section of the MCA website at, the new bulletin includes a convenient table that serves as a guideline to check fastener compatibility with different types of cladding materials. The table references corrosion resistance between eight common types of metal roof and wall cladding materials and nine different fasteners. With it, users can quickly determine if they are matching the right fastener with the right roof or wall material to ensure performance over time and a strong, weather tight attachment.

The integrity and aesthetics of a building is at risk when the wrong type of fastener is used with a metal roof or wall cladding system. Premature corrosion of the metal panel and/or the fastener may occur under certain conditions. Known as galvanic corrosion, this is often a result of corrosion between the dissimilar metals that are in contact with each other. To prevent dissimilar metal corrosion at the connection point, fasteners should be made of a compatible or the same material as the roof or wall material whenever possible. At the very least, the fastener should display equivalent corrosion resistance to the material being fastened.

The bulletin also provides a discussion on the fastener durability and the roles (primary or secondary) and type (self-drilling, self-tapping and self-piercing) of fasteners that will help designers and installers achieve high fastener performance.

The MCA updates its education/technical resources section on its website on a regular basis, addressing practical and educational topics related to the metal construction industry. All materials are available free to website visitors to download in PDF format.

Mount Snow-retention Systems and Solar Panels

S-5!'s VersaGard

S-5!’s VersaGard

VersaGard is a strong, versatile and affordable exposed-fastened solution for mounting snow retention and solar panels. It is compatible with almost any trapezoidal, exposed-fastened profile. VersaGard comes with factory-applied butyl sealant already in the base; the S-5!-patented reservoir conceals the sealant from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracks. A VersaGard pipe snow-retention system functions without cluttering the lines of the roof. It also can be used in lieu of an L-foot to support the installation of photovoltaic panels. VersaGard works with most rail or racking systems and can be oriented parallel or perpendicular to the roof line.

Triangle Fastener Launches Product Video for VRT Technology

Triangle Fastener Corp. has launched a new product video for VRT Technology, the company’s patented screw thread designed to increase back-out resistance of screws used in thin metal connections.

Screws with VRT Technology produce more than 3 1/2 times more back-out resistance than some ordinary screw threads, reducing the chance for leaks caused by screws that loosen.

View more information about the performance by viewing the new product video on TFC’s YouTube channel.

Triangle Fastener Corporation provides a full line of standard and specialty fasteners, sealants, tools and accessories to the commercial construction industry. It has 24 locations in 14 states and offers job-site support and technical assistance.

Leland Industries Celebrates 30 Years of Fastener Manufacturing

Leland Industries Inc. celebrates 30 years of fastener manufacturing. In 1984, Byron Nelson, president and founder of Leland began production in a 2,000-square-foot rented space in Toronto. Beginning with two cold headers and a staff of six, Leland has grown into one of North America’s largest fastener manufacturers, offering a broad line of screws, nuts and bolts for agricultural storage, post frame and metal building construction. Leland was the first manufacturer in the industry to offer powder coating of screws to match panel colors. Leland takes pride in being a domestic manufacturer; the company does not import. All Leland products, from the earliest days were considered green. From melted scrap steel to recycled paper or plastic in our packaging, everything qualifies for LEED points.

In 2012, Leland acquired the equipment from a failed producer, allowing our offering to be expanded to include bolts to ¾ by 6 inches, nuts to 7/8 inch and A325 structural items. Following that, and still expanding, Threadall manufacturing was acquired, once again allowing a product line expansion, now including; U-Bolts, J-Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Up to 4 1/2-inch diameter studs and threaded rod and special shapes to customer specifications.

Leland Industries competes with import products every day, concentrating on quality, delivery and value for money. We are presently adding 50,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. To provide the best possible service, Leland operates from and additional seven warehouse and branch locations across the USA and Canada.