Reach Truck Performs Compact Turns

The Multi-directional Reach truck allows the operator to perform compact turns in confined spaces.

The Multi-directional Reach truck allows the operator to perform compact turns in confined spaces.

Combilift has premiered the Combi-MR, a Multi-directional Reach truck which allows the operator to perform compact turns in confined spaces, creating the opportunity to reduce aisle width and increase storage space. It’s characterized by maneuverability and steering function. The multifunctional controlled joystick allows the operator to change direction and travel speed in a seamless motion, in addition to full control of all the hydraulic functions. This contributes to faster procedures for manufacturing distribution and logistics operations. The Combi-MR has the versatility to handle both palletized and longer loads.

The low operator’s entry and exit design is achieved by the positioning of the drive wheel to the rear right corner. The single drive wheel is fitted with a 16-inch rubber tire and features 360-degree steering rotation. The benefits of AC technology in the drive and steering ensure optimum and efficient performance. The rear articulated axle provides traction and smooth ride for the operator especially across uneven floors. Operators are also assured of a safe working environment, thanks to the stand-up overhead guard design, offering visibility of the surrounding area. The on-board ergonomic positioned display provides the operator with constant monitoring of the truck.

Combilift is available in seven other models. From the small Combi-WR4 multidirectional pedestrian stacker truck to the Combi-CB, to the heavy duty C10,000XL and stand up sideloaders, Combilift caters for the specific requirements of the fabricating industry. Safe handling plus maneuverability are at the forefront of Combilift’s product development – evident in the variety of trucks on show.

Completing the line-up is an Aisle-Master articulated forklift designed for handling pallets in narrow aisles as well as versatile indoor and outdoor operation. It replaces a combination of reach and counterbalance trucks to optimize storage space in a warehouse.

ALL Family of Companies Acquires Crawler Cranes, Aerial Lift Equipment

The ALL Family of Companies began the final quarter of 2016 announcing the acquisition of an equipment package consisting of large-capacity crawler cranes and aerial lift equipment, including boom lifts and telescopic forklifts. The two separate deals with leading-brand manufacturers Manitowoc and JLG will include 30 machines.
The Manitowoc purchase includes two 275-USt Manitowoc 999 crawler cranes. These crawlers are a combination of capacity, reliability, and versatility. Also joining the crawler fleet is a 220-USt Manitowoc 14000. With its long reach (up to 462 feet with the luffing jib attached), this is a versatile crane. “We are using them in steel mills, power plants, water treatment plants, wind farms, and many types of new construction. They can set steel and precast concrete, among a variety of other applications,” says Michael L. Liptak, president of ALL.
ALL Aerials, the company’s aerial equipment division, continues to experience demand for their inventory of equipment. The company’s new JLG package includes 17 telescopic boom lifts, with horizontal outreach ranging from 33 to 80 feet, as well as 10 JLG telescopic forklifts (telehandlers). These range from the JLG 642, with a capacity of 6,600 pounds, to the JLG G15-44A, the largest of JLG’s telehandlers, with a maximum capacity of 15,000 pounds. Telehandlers and boom lifts are maneuverable machines that offer advantages on crowded job sites. Their ability to work at awkward angles can directly affect productivity.
“Our crawlers and aerials are in demand,” explains Liptak. “We are responding to existing demand with these additional 30 units. We think the appetite for new-model equipment is strong, so we define ourselves by our commitment to a modern, technologically-advanced fleet.”