BASF Drives Discussions Around Sustainable Solutions

BASF is driving discussions around sustainable solutions and was the partner sponsor of GLOBE 2016 in Vancouver, B.C.

In the opening plenary event, Wayne T. Smith, CEO of BASF Corp., delivered a keynote address, which underscored how chemistry and collaboration can help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. The keynote was followed by a live one-on-one interview with Rudyard Griffiths, Anchor, Bloomberg North and Munk Debates Moderator.

“Chemistry plays an important role in developing sustainable technologies to address global challenges,” says Smith. “However, we also recognize that we cannot simply solve big problems on our own. The science we bring is just one part of the equation and equally important is the chemistry between people—such as our customers, the communities we operate in, universities, governments, NGOs and other key stakeholders.”

Throughout the conference, sustainability leaders will participate in lively debates, roundtables and SPARK talks with a goal of catalyzing collaborations that will drive more sustainable solutions. Charlene Wall-Warren, director of Sustainability for BASF in North America, will explain the company’s Sustainable Solution Steering method, which looks at the entire value chain to assess the overall sustainability contribution of BASF products.

In a discussion on innovative cross-sector partnerships, Keith Edwards, business manager, Specialty Plastics, BASF, will focus on the company’s collaboration with major league sports stadiums to drive sustainability at their venues through closed-loop waste management and composting systems.

BASF also presented examples of its sustainable solutions in the Innovation Expo, including live demonstrations of a complete composting system for coffee production, packaging and waste disposal using ecovio compostable plastic.

“The achievement of a sustainable future is dependent on collaboration across industries and along the entire value chain,” says Marcelo Lu, president of BASF Canada. “BASF participated in and sponsored GLOBE to share best practices and identify opportunities where we can work together to address global challenges.”

GLOBE is a biannual conference that brings together thousands of thought leaders and innovators from around the world. The theme for GLOBE 2016 was “Business Innovation for the Planet” focusing on the challenges between people, planet and profit.