Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress Announces Additional Funding for Roofing Research

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress announces the addition of four members during 2016’s third quarter, adding $300,000 in funding for progressive roofing research that contributes to the ongoing advancement of the industry.

The Alliance’s newest members are:
Academy Roofing, Aurora, Colo., is one of Colorado’s premier roofing contractors providing commercial and residential roof system replacement and repair in addition to solar roofing, gutter installation and cleaning, new insulation and walkable deck systems. Academy Roofing joined the Alliance at the Governor level.

Bennett and Brosseau Roofing, Romeoville Ill., specializes in in low-slope, steep-slope, metal and green roof system design, construction and maintenance. As one of Chicago’s premier, full-service roofing contractors, Bennett and Brosseau Roofing has a commitment to sustainability and green building practices. Bennett and Brosseau Roofing joined the Alliance at the Governor level.

FiberTite Roofing Systems/Seaman Corp., Wooster, Ohio, manufactures an extensive line of membranes, systems and accessories. FiberTite Roofing Systems/Seaman joined the Alliance at the Regent level.

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC, Atlanta, one of North America’s leading manufacturers of gypsum products and marketers of building products. GP Gypsum joined the Alliance at the Regent Level.

Through the generosity of its members, The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress commits to the following:
Education and training — Develop programs and projects addressing current and future workplace issues ensuring a qualified and trained workforce for the roofing industry.

Technology — Engage collaborative industry segments to embrace innovation and use technology.

Sustainability — Advocate environmentally sustainable design.

Philanthropy — Enrich the well-being of the roofing community through scholarships, charitable gifts and endowments.

Alliance membership is reserved for those who commit their pledged amount during a three- to five-year period. All members are entitled to participate in the task forces established to guide the Alliance’s agenda, to attend the semiannual meeting of the full Alliance, and other Alliance activities scheduled throughout the year.

After Years of Roof Leaks, a Laboratory That Produces Theatrical Equipment and Software Undergoes a Complex Reroofing

Founded in 1910, Rosco Laboratories is a multi-national producer of equipment, software and products for the theatrical, film, and television industries and architectural environment. As with every aging flat roofing system, water leakage was becoming a recurring problem at Rosco’s Stamford, Conn., facility. The severity of the leakage was further exacerbated by the lack of roof drainage (only two roof drains serviced the entire building) and poor deck slope conditions (less than 1/16 inch per foot).

The gypsum decking was cut out within the limits of the entire framing “bay” and infilled with galvanized metal decking. The longitudinal deck panel edge was seated atop the horizontal leg of the bulb-tee section (visible in the center of the photograph) and mechanically fastened using self-tapping screws. The ends were supported by the steel purlins. The underside of the decking was prepainted to match the ceiling finish. Supplemental structural support consisting of strips of 14-gauge galvanized sheet metal were attached to the bottom of each bulb-tee section contiguous to the repair to provide additional support for the adjacent gypsum roof decking segment.

The gypsum decking was cut out within the limits of the entire framing “bay” and infilled with galvanized metal decking. The longitudinal deck panel edge was seated atop the horizontal leg of the bulb-tee section (visible in the center of the photograph) and mechanically fastened using self-tapping screws. The ends were supported by the steel purlins. The underside of the decking was prepainted to match the ceiling finish. Supplemental structural support consisting of strips of 14-gauge galvanized sheet metal were attached to the bottom of each bulb-tee section contiguous to the repair to provide additional support for the adjacent gypsum roof decking segment.

Rosco representatives employed traditional methods to control and/or collect the moisture within the building by use of several water diverters. This technique was effective but Rosco representatives soon recognized this was not a viable long term solution as the physical integrity of the roof structure (deck) became a principal concern to the safety of the building occupants.

The Fisher Group LLC, an Oxford, Conn.-based building envelope consulting firm was retained by Rosco in March 2009 to survey the existing site conditions and determine the need for roofing replacement. The existing roofing construction, which consisted of a conventional two-ply, smooth-surfaced BUR with aluminized coating, exhibited numerous deficiencies (most notably severe alligatoring) and was deemed unserviceable. Construction documents, including drawings and specifications and a project phasing plan were developed by Fisher Group to address the planned roof replacement.

Bid proposals were solicited from prequalified contractors in June 2010, and F.J. Dahill Co. Inc., New Haven, Conn., was awarded the contract on the basis of lowest bid.

Existing Conditions

The building basically consists of a 1-story steel-framed structure constructed in the 1970s. It is a simple “box”-style configuration, which is conducive to manufacturing.

In conjunction with design services, destructive test cuts were made by Fisher Group in several roof sections as necessary to verify the existing roofing composition, insulation substrate, moisture entrapment, and substrate/deck construction. A total of four distinct “layers” of roofing were encountered at each test cut. The existing roofing construction consisted of alternating layers of smooth- and gravel-surfaced, multi-ply felt and bitumen built-up roofing. The bitumen contained throughout the construction was fortunately asphalt-based. Succeeding layers of roofing were spot mopped or fully mopped to the preceding layer (system). The combined weight of the roofing construction was estimated to be upwards of 20 to 22 pounds per square foot when considering the moisture content. This is excessive weight.

The roof insulation panels were set into ribbons of low-rise polyurethane foam insulation adhesive. The adhesive was applied in a continuous serpentine bead, spaced 6 inches on-center throughout the field of the roof.

The roof insulation panels were set into ribbons of low-rise polyurethane foam insulation adhesive. The adhesive was applied in a continuous serpentine bead, spaced 6 inches on-center throughout the field of the roof.

It is interesting to note that a minimal amount of roof insulation was present in the existing construction. Insulation was limited to a single layer of 1/2-inch-thick fiberboard. Additional insulation would need to be provided as part of the replacement roofing construction to increase the roof’s thermal performance and comply with the prescriptive requirements of the Connecticut State Energy Conservation Construction Code.

The structural substrate, or decking, is conventional in nature, comprised of poured gypsum roof decking. The roof decking incorporates 1/2-inch gypsum formboard loose laid between steel bulb-tee supports spaced about 32 inches on-center. The poured gypsum roof decking in this instance was utilized as the structural substrate and for insulating purposes. Poured gypsum roof decking has a minimal insulating value of perhaps R-2 to R-3, which is obviously considered to be minimal by present standards.

A representative number of bulk material samples were obtained by Fisher Group from the existing roofing construction as necessary to determine the material composition. The sampling included field membrane roofing plies, coatings and cements, and associated roof penetration and perimeter flashings. Laboratory analysis revealed that the second, third and, in some instances, fourth roofing “layers” (field membrane plies) contained varying amounts—5 to 10 percent—of asbestos (chrysotile) which would necessitate full abatement of the roofing construction.

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CertainTeed Gypsum Receives Award for Customer Service from Do it Best Corp.

CertainTeed Gypsum was rewarded for its perpetual commitment to excellence in customer service by Do it Best Corp., a home improvement industry co-op. Do it Best Corp. named the Gypsum division the 2015 Building Materials Vendor of the Year at its annual Member and Vendor Excellence Awards in Indianapolis. The ceremony recognizes outstanding performance among Do it Best vendors based on four criteria: product quality, service level, sales growth and sales/customer service.

CertainTeed Gypsum stood out this year for the high level of support it gives Do it Best member-owners through competitive pricing, enhanced programming and improved market specials offered throughout the year.

“At Do it Best Corp., our number one goal is helping our members grow and achieve their dreams,” says Joe Corah, divisional manager for building materials sales at Do it Best Corp. “CertainTeed Gypsum has been a highly effective partner in pursuing that goal as we work together to strengthen independent dealers across the country with top-notch programs and services.”

CertainTeed Corp.’s gypsum product division was first awarded Vendor of the Year in 2013 when its scored high marks in the areas of inside and field sales staff support, quality products and accurate invoicing. The product division has continued to excel in these areas, proving its commitment to Do it Best Corp. and its members.

“We are honored to receive our second Vendor of the Year award from Do it Best Corp., especially because of what it represents,” says Dave Engelhardt, president of CertainTeed Gypsum. “Maintaining strong customer relationships is just as vital to us as manufacturing innovative, high-quality products, and this award is evidence of our commitment to our valued distribution partners.”

CertainTeed Teams up with the Host of Income Property

Scott McGillivray, the host of Income Property—the real estate, renovation and rental finance solution television show—is teaming up with CertainTeed Corp., a brand of high-performance building products. In addition to McGillivray and his construction team having access to CertainTeed’s wide range of interior and exterior building materials on upcoming episodes of Income Property, the partnership also includes event appearances, collaborative website and social media content and more.

“CertainTeed’s long-standing commitment to manufacturing a wide breadth of high-performance, sustainable building materials fully aligns with my philosophy of smart home renovation and passion for helping homeowners get the most value out of their biggest investment,” Scott says.

With the 11th season of Income Property premiering in 2016, the internationally renowned real estate investor, contractor, author and educator, will continue his quest to assist homeowners by building income rental suites to help them afford their mortgages. In each episode, Scott evaluates, plans, and executes renovations by presenting homeowners with two plan options, enhanced by CGI and three-dimensional animation. The final scenes reveal a beautifully staged income suite and the increased home equity data.

“Scott McGillivray is the definition of a Canadian success story; an astute real estate investor, skilled contractor and accomplished entrepreneur who shares our passion for sustainable innovation and the importance of taking a holistic, structural approach when remodeling a space,” says Mara Villanueva-Heras, vice president of corporate marketing for CertainTeed Corp. “We are fortunate to partner with such a respected and trusted resource to help us create greater awareness of the high-performance and stylish solutions CertainTeed offers North American homeowners.”

Scott will have his pick of CertainTeed’s extensive selection of ceiling, gypsum and mold prevention products, as well as roofing, housewrap, siding, trim, railing and fence products to remodel each show’s unique home projects. A sampling of his choices include:

  • AirRenew IAQ Drywall – Specially designed to offer a healthier living environment by improving indoor air quality and offering peace of mind for generations, AirRenew uses proprietary technology to absorb formaldehyde and convert it into safe inert compounds. Once captured in the board, the chemicals cannot be released back into the air.
  • Forticel Mold Prevention Coating – A spray applied mold inhibitor for use on interior wall studs and wood framing.
  • Membrain Smart Vapor Retarder – A revolutionary product that not only blocks moisture from entering, but also adapts permeability to allow excess moisture to escape from wall cavities, helping to reduce the potential for mold growth and other moisture-related problems.
  • Performa Fine Fissured Ceiling Panels – A mineral fiber panel with a 100 percent non-directional fissured pattern that comes in a variety of edge details and panel sizes, offering best-in-class value and performance. The VOC-compliant product is high-humidity and sag resistant.
  • Landmark PRO Asphalt Roofing Shingles – Engineered to outperform ordinary roofing in every category, Landmark PRO is available in a palette of Max Def colors that feature a rich mixture of surface granules for a brighter, more dramatic appearance. Heavier than traditional laminate shingles, and backed with a transferable lifetime limited warranty, Landmark PRO will keep a home comfortable and protected for years. The shingles are a key component of the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System, comprised of underlayments, shingles, accessory products and ventilation all working together to provide optimum performance.
  • Cedar Impressions Polymer Shake and Shingle Siding – All the rugged charm of cedar without the high cost and maintenance, Cedar Impressions enhances a home’s look with the elegant, yet subtle appearance of finely crafted cedar shingles in half-round, staggered, or straight edge styles. More than 30 color options are available in three authentic TrueTexture finishes.
  • Restoration Millwork Cellular PVC Trim – Available in TrueTexture woodgrain and smooth finishes and featuring UV resistance, Restoration Millwork cuts and mills with traditional woodworking tools and fastens with nails or screws.
  • Vinyl Carpentry – The most complete siding accessory line in the industry, Vinyl Carpentry includes window and door trim, corner systems, accents, wall and soffit transitions and functional trim such as j-channels and starter strips. Choosing the proper accessories can guarantee optimum performance, design flexibility and aesthetic enhancement to create eye-catching curb appeal.
  • CertaWrap Weather Resistant Barrier – A housewrap that provides an added layer of protection against air and moisture damage, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs by preventing air infiltration and leakage through gaps, cracks or holes.
  • EverNew Kingston Vinyl Railing System – Available in White, Almond or Clay, it offers classic wood styling in a durable, low-maintenance classic broad-loaf design for top and bottom rails with a choice of square or traditional balusters in two heights and two lengths.
  • Bufftech Vinyl Fence – Manufactured from premium quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for exceptional impact strength and UV resistance, Bufftech will not rot, warp, split or splinter. Its easy-care privacy or picket design comes in a variety of heights and leads the industry in colors, styles and textures including smooth, woodgrain and stucco finishes; and is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum Expands Canadian Sales

Georgia-Pacific Canada LP, an affiliate of Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, a manufacturer of gypsum products, has expanded its coast-to-coast sales presence in the country.

Three independent sales representative firms, all based in Canada, cover specific territories.
· Div7 Building Systems, based in Surrey, BC, will cover British Columbia
· North 49 Sales Agency Inc., based in Toronto will service Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.
· Pilot Group Inc., based in Calgary, AB, will operate in The Prairie Provinces.

According to Leo Bissonnette, regional business manager – Canada & Northeast US, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, the companies represent all gypsum products, including innovative Dens Brand fiberglass mat panels. This team will focus on building owners, architects and roofing contractors, complementing the work of the company’s internal field sales managers, who focus on drywall contractors and distributors.

Div7 Building Systems is a manufacturers’ representative agency whose prime focus is the promotion of premium manufacturers outlined in Division 7 of the construction specification category. Its principals are Enzo Saponaro, P. Eng., who has more than 16 years of experience in the construction industry, and Robert Jahnsen, who has more than 19 years of sales experience in the construction industry.
Contact information:
Enzo Saponaro
Phone: (604) 644-5934

Robert Jahnsen
Phone: (604) 657-5886

North 49 Sales Agency Inc. is a building products sales agency owned and operated by Marc G. Allaire, who has been involved in the building science and roofing industries since 1980 in the areas of engineering, sales, marketing, building science and project management. Allaire and his team bring a wealth of experience in distribution to the table.
Contact information:
Marc G. Allaire
Phone: (416) 996-6164

Pilot Group Inc., under the direction of its president, Larry Shoesmith, has operated as a sales agency since 2002. Pilot Group represents manufacturers of quality products to cover a wide range of building envelope solutions for building owners, architects, consultants and contractors.
Contact information:
Larry Shoesmith, CTR
Phone: (403) 560-2107

Patch a Variety of Poured Roof Decks

SECUROCK Gypsum-Concrete Patch

SECUROCK Gypsum-Concrete Patch

SECUROCK Gypsum-Concrete Patch, formerly known as PYROFILL Gypsum Concrete, is a high-performing patch solution that delivers a professional finish on a variety of poured roof decks. It features more than 500 psi of compressive strength while its fast-setting properties enable foot traffic and fasteners within four hours of application.

  • Easy application to patch many different types of roof decks such as gypsum roof decks.
  • Mill-formulated and composed of specially calcined gypsum and wood chips or shavings.
  • Provides excellent fire performance – non-combustible in accordance with ASTM E136, and it’s fire rated and approved for use in UL Roof Deck Systems (P676, P503, P207, P229, P505, P507)
  • Manufactured to conform to ASTM C317, “Standard Specification for Gypsum Concrete”