OMG Roofing Products Has Logged More than 2.4 Million Safe Miles

OMG Roofing Products has announced that the company’s sales force logged more than 920,000 “safe” miles during 2014. Through its “Think Safe Drive Safe” program, the company defines “safe” miles as those without accidents, citations or call-ins.

The Think Safe Drive Safe program was instituted in 2010, and requires all participants including the company’s international sales representatives to successfully complete two online training modules—a Defensive Driving Course and a Distracted Driving Course—and sign a “Safe Driving Promise” indicating their commitment to complying with the company established performance requirements.

“OMG’s number one priority is the health and safety of our employees,” says Matt Fuller, environmental health and safety manager for the company. “Highways have become increasingly dangerous and represent an area of high risk to our field sales teams, and their primary responsibility while on the road is the safe operation of those vehicles. The safe driving program includes policies regarding seatbelt use, safe speed, distracted driving and driving while impaired. We’re pleased with the results of this program and also with the focus that it brings each and every day to our team on the road.”

Since the program was first established, the existing sales force has logged more than 2.4 million safe miles.

CentiMark’s Scott Luck: A Leader on the Roof

CentiMark Corp. is proud of its 2,500-plus crewmembers, foremen and superintendents. Their jobs are unique: to install quality roof systems, maintain a safe work environment, communicate with customers and co-workers, and meet and exceed customers’ expectations for their reroofing projects.

This year, CentiMark’s Scott Luck, production foreman, Canonsburg, Pa., was recognized by the roofing industry for his 22 years’ experience, excellence in roofing, and knowledge of first aid and roof safety.

This year, CentiMark’s Scott Luck, production foreman, Canonsburg, Pa., was recognized by the roofing industry for his 22 years’ experience, excellence in roofing, and knowledge of first aid and roof safety.

This year, CentiMark’s Scott Luck, production foreman, Canonsburg, Pa., was recognized by the roofing industry for his 22 years’ experience, excellence in roofing, and knowledge of first aid and roof safety. At the Rosemont, Ill.-based National Roofing Contractors Association’s 128th Annual Convention in February, Luck was one of four winners of the 15th Annual Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards by The Roofing Industry Alliance For Progress and the Best-of-the-Best Award winner sponsored by Professional Roofing magazine and OMG Roofing Products Inc., Agawam, Mass. (CentiMark’s Pedro Arguelles, foreman, Denver, and Edgar Ramirez, foreman, Lakeland, Fla., were recognized as Roofing MVP Awards finalists.)

“I am proud to have Scott represent CentiMark in the national roofing industry,” says Timothy M. Dunlap, CentiMark’s president and chief operating officer. “He has always been a hard worker, quick learner and dedicated to the job. He’s a good family man and an active volunteer in CentiMark’s charitable projects in the community.”

After starting as a laborer on the roof, Luck’s career advanced to production laborer, service assistant, service foreman and, currently, production foreman. He has an extensive technical knowledge of roofing, roofing materials and roof safety. His Canonsburg-based crews have not had a workplace injury in nine consecutive years.

Luck is trained in first aid and safety practices through CentiMark and has medical training from his previous career as a certified nursing assistant.

Utilizing those skills, Luck has saved the lives of two of his crewmembers from medical emergencies on the roof. One crewmember had a heart attack; the other had a heart attack and stroke. A quick-thinking Luck attended to them and called the local fire department for a ladder truck to help them off the roof. Both men were able to return to work after they recovered from their medical emergencies.

“I have great respect for my crewmembers. My job is to keep them safe and train them to succeed and advance at CentiMark,” Luck states. “We work well together as a team and take care of each other.”

Luck takes his crewmembers’ safety seriously. He adds: “I train new crewmembers myself because I want them to be safe on the roof and be the best they can be. I am responsible for their safety and their knowledge of roofing.”

PHOTO: CentiMark Corp.

System Attaches Equipment to TPO and PVC Membranes

OMG Roofing Products has introduced the PowerGrip Plus Roof Mount System

OMG Roofing Products has introduced the PowerGrip Plus Roof Mount System.

OMG Roofing Products has introduced the PowerGrip Plus Roof Mount System, a watertight structural attachment used to secure ballasted solar racks and other equipment to roofs covered with TPO and PVC membranes. PowerGrip Plus is designed with wind performance in mind and offers ultimate tensile strength of 2,000 pounds per foot and ultimate shear strength of 1,075 pounds per foot. A wide membrane skirt promotes easy welding in place, and the 15/8 diameter and 1/2-inch-tall mount provides a perch for securing brackets or struts.

OMG Donates PaceCart2 to Raise Money for Roofing Industry Education

OMG Roofing Products of Agawam, Mass., donated a specially decorated PaceCart2 honoring the 40th anniversary of the Western States Roofing Contractor Association (WSRCA) to the association’s annual auction, held on June 8 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. PaceCart2 is OMG’s patented application tool for applying OlyBond500 and OlyBond500 Green Insulation Adhesives. It is capable of dispensing enough OlyBond500 to cover 60 squares in an hour.

The PaceCart2 donated to the auction features a graphic commemorating WSRCA’s 40th Anniversary. Proceeds from the auction go to the Davis Memorial Foundation scholarship and grants programs. These scholarships are for children of the roofing industry and the grants are used to sponsor technical roofing seminars at colleges and universities.

“Throughout the years WSRCA has done a lot for roofers in the western region, especially regarding education for contractors and their families,” says Sam Everett, director of marketing for OMG Roofing Products. “Donating a WSRCA Anniversary-themed PaceCart2 is a fun and appropriate way to acknowledge their contributions in this area and celebrate this 40-year milestone.”

OMG Roofing Products is North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial roofing products featuring specialty fasteners, insulation adhesives, drains, pipe supports, emergency repair tape, edge metal systems and productivity tools.

AccuTrac Helps Ohio Roofing Contracting Firm Achieve Safety Innovation Award

OMG Roofing Products has announced Advanced Industrial Roofing of Massillon, Ohio, has won the Judge’s Choice OSC Safety Innovation Award from the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation by demonstrating the benefits of using the AccuTrac System versus the traditional roofing fastener application method.

AccuTrac from OMG Roofing Products is an ergonomically correct stand-up tool that aligns and installs the insulation fastener in one motion. The system eliminates the need for continuous bending, twisting or kneeling often required in mechanically fastening roof insulation. AccuTrac also keeps workers safer by keeping their hands and face further away from the installation point.

“We have used the AccuTrac System for three years and it has enabled us to increase productivity by 52 percent while keeping our employees safer while they work,” says Fred Horner, president and CEO of Advanced Industrial Roofing. “AccuTrac has given our workers the ability to perform their duties more effectively and enables them to work later in life.”

Projects: Offices/Manufacturing

Accident Fund Holdings Inc. Headquarters, Lansing, Mich.


Roofing Contractor: Bloom Roofing, Brighton, Mich.
Construction Manager: The Christman Co., Lansing
Architect of Record: HOK, St. Louis
Construction Engineer: Ruby + Associates Inc., Farmington Hills, Mich.

Roof Materials

Accident Fund Holdings Headquarters features a white TPO roof. PHOTO: Image Michigan and The Christman Co.

Accident Fund Holdings Headquarters features a white TPO roof. PHOTO: Image Michigan and The Christman Co.

An insulated cool roof minimizes the building and surrounding area’s heat-island effect.
White TPO Roof: Firestone Building Products Co.
Polyurethane-foam Adhesive: OMG Roofing Products
Caged Roof-hatch Grab Bars: LadderPort

Roof Report

Accident Fund Holdings, the nation’s 13th largest workers’ compensation insurer and a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, has been headquartered in Lansing, Mich., for more than 100 years. When it outgrew its office, the firm’s leaders were determined to stay in Lansing.

By revitalizing the iconic Ottawa Street Power Station, which was built along the Grand River in 1939 but had been mostly abandoned since 1992, the company would have 9 stories and 122,000 square feet to grow into. To support Michigan’s economy, 106 of the 118 contracts and suppliers that participated in the project were Michigan-based firms and 54 of those were Lansing-based.

To remove existing building elements, including catwalks, elevator/ stair shafts, framing and platforms, the team cut two 40-foot-long by 20-foot-wide roof hatches so a crane operator could move about 8,900 pieces of steel in and out of the building while the floors were built from the bottom up.

Since Accident Fund moved into its new headquarters, the building has won numerous awards, including the Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation from the state of Michigan and an Excellence in Economic Development Award from the Washington, D.C.-based International Economic Development Council. [Read more…]

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OMG Roofing Products Introduces the OMG Interactive App

OMG Interactive app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

OMG Interactive app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

OMG Roofing Products has introduced the OMG Interactive app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The app, which is available as a free download from iTunes and the Google Play Store, lets roofing contractors calculate estimated labor and materials savings provided with OMG productivity tools by entering the roof parameters. The OMG Interactive app has separate calculators for OMG’s RhinoBond non-penetrating insulation and attachment system, OMG’s RhinoTrac automated insulation attachment tool, OMG’s AccuTrac stand-up insulation attachment system and OMG’s RetroDrain systems.

OMG to Distribute Tubos, Which Extend Vent Stacks on Commercial Roofs

OMG Roofing Products of Agawam, Mass., has become the exclusive worldwide distributor for Tubos Inc., a Clearwater, Fla.-based company that produces products for extending vent stacks on commercial roofs. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Tubos products, patent-pending, can be used to extend plumbing vent stacks that come through the roof. Vent stacks are connected to the plumbing for toilets and waste water, and are critical because they let air into the waste system for proper drainage, and they allow noxious gases to evacuate the building. The International Building Code specifies how tall vent stacks must be over the surface of the roof. Frequently, when re-roofing a commercial building the added insulation takes the existing vent stack out of code compliance. Tubos products are used in these situations.

“We are very pleased to have OMG Roofing Products as our exclusive distributor,” says Kevin Morris, CEO and founder of Tubos Inc. “With their strength in the commercial roofing market and the distribution channel, Tubos will be in a better position to service the entire commercial roofing market, here and abroad.”

“Tubos products solve a very real problem on the roof, and offer roofing contractors a significantly faster method for extending vent stacks,” adds Sam Everett, director of marketing for OMG Roofing Products. “OMG Tubos is a natural extension of our OlyFlow line of roof drains and pipe supports, and clearly meets our brand value statement of improving contractor productivity and enhancing roof system performance. Additionally, OMG Tubos provides a great new opportunity for our distributors, so we are really excited about this product.”

OMG will market the product under the OMG Tubos name. OMG Tubos products are compatible with 2-, 3- and 4-inch diameter plumbing vent stacks. Each Tubos unit is 28-inches long and can be used to extend two vent stacks. In addition, the Tubos product is typically installed in less than five minutes and is compatible with all commercial roofing systems.

OMG Roofing Products Is on Facebook

OMG Roofing Products has established a Facebook page.

The new page is designed to provide ongoing news and updates to the market. Planned content includes all information that supports the company’s brand promise of proving products and services that improve contractor productivity and enhance roof system performance.

As such, the page will focus on product and installation tips, upcoming webinars, trade shows and company activities, OMG field team information, as well as a variety of product and marketing programs and announcements.