RoofConnect Launches New Paving Division

RoofConnect, known for specializing in emergency roofing repairs, maintenance, re-roofing, and projects that requires nationwide labor availability, announced the creation of a paving division, PaveConnect. The new division PaveConnect, will provide asphalt and concrete paving services nationwide for multi-facility customers.

David Workman, the President and CEO of RoofConnect explains, “Roof and parking lot repairs tend to go hand-in-hand, and our clients were expressing a need for quality paving services”. RoofConnect started providing parking lot services in 2017 to assist a few existing customers. The number of clients requesting help with their parking lots continued to grow, so the decision was made to create a division focused primarily on parking lot services. PaveConnect now works with a growing number of local paving contractors and seeking to add more qualified contractors.

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New Visualizer Tool Assists Customers with Paving Projects

GAF has launched a visualizer tool to help sell its StreetBond Pavement coatings. Created by Chameleon Power, the leader in visualization technologies and GAF’s partner in roofing visualization tools, the StreetBond Visualizer assists customers with envisioning the outcome of their paving project prior to installation.

Users can select from a variety of different StreetBond coating colors and StreetPrint patterns, and apply to their own project photos or drawings. The tool also features a “Need Ideas?” button that gives the user some starting patterns and colors to help them in making design decisions. “GAF has utilized Chameleon technologies for nearly two decades, and continues to embrace our next generation tools and concepts,” said Dan Dempsey, President of Chameleon Power. “Visualization is a standard in the construction industry, and we are proud to partner with GAF to provide this experience to GAF customers.”

Chameleon Power visualizers shorten the design cycle and enhance customer satisfaction. Websites that utilize Chameleon visualizers enjoy increased user time of more than 3X and sales closure rates of more than 75 percent.

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Porous Pave Inc. Celebrates Environmental Milestone

When Greenbuild convenes in Los Angeles, Porous Pave Inc. will celebrate an environmental milestone by surpassing 7.5 million pounds of recycled rubber used in manufacturing its permeable paving material. An eco-friendly green building product made in the U.S.A., Porous Pave is a paving material consisting of recycled rubber, chipped granite aggregate and a liquid binder. The shredding and processing of discarded tires produces the 1/8-1/4-inch chips of recycled rubber incorporated into Porous Pave.

“Topping 7.5 million pounds of recycled rubber is an achievement for the environment,” said Dave Ouwinga, president, Porous Pave Inc. “For us it also signifies the continued confidence of builders, landscape architects and contractors to request, specify and install Porous Pave for a range of public, commercial and residential applications of permeable paving.”

Porous Pave retains stormwater on site, decreasing the volume and velocity of runoff into storm drains and storm sewers. While the porosity of permeable pavers is limited to only the joints between them, the entire surface of Porous Pave is porous. It is engineered with up 29 percent total void space. Water drains through it at a tested permeability rate of 5,800 to 6,300 gallons of water per hour per square foot.

Porous Pave is slip resistant and resilient. It will not freeze, heave, crack or crumble. A pour in place material that can express any hardscape or landscape plan, Porous Pave offers design versatility and application flexibility. Porous Pave is available in a variety of colors.

Porous Pave Refines Texture and Appearance of Permeable Paving Product

In response to customer preferences, Porous Pave Inc. has changed the standard size range of the recycled rubber chips in its surfacing material from 1/4-3/8 inch to 1/8-1/4 inch. The smaller, fine-cut rubber chips provide a more refined, smoother paved surface. An eco-friendly green building material made in the U.S., Porous Pave is a highly porous, durable and flexible pour-in-place permeable paving product. The XL formulation consists of 50 percent rubber chips and 50 percent stone aggregate with a moisture-cured, liquid binder. The XLS formulation is made with 100 percent rubber chips.

“We saw the need for a smoother finish based on comments and suggestions from landscape architects, hardscape contractors, homeowners, and facility managers,” says Dave Ouwinga, president, Porous Pave Inc. “We have worked with rubber-aggregate permeable surfacing for more than a decade. When our testing verified that smaller, 1/8 -1/4 inch rubber chips would not compromise our high standards for porosity and permeability, we adopted the fine-cut chip as our new standard.”

Discarded tires, saved from landfills and recycled, are shredded and processed into rubber chips for Porous Pave. With 27 percent porosity, Porous Pave made with the fine-cut chips retains 93 percent of the porosity and permeability of the product made with the traditional larger size. Porous Pave Inc. and its distributors will continue to supply the bigger chips for extensions of existing installations, as well as for new projects, with a minimum size of 5,000 square feet, where a slightly coarser, higher traction finish with 29 percent porosity is preferred.

Porous Pave XL, the formulation with the 50-50 rubber chip and aggregate mix, is a heavy-duty material poured in place at thicknesses of 1 to 2 inches over a compacted aggregate base of 2, 4 or 6 inches, depending on the application and required compressive strength. It retains stormwater on site by allowing rain and runoff to drain directly through its entire pervious surface, filter down into the aggregate base, and then slowly seep into the soil below. XL is used for loading docks, parking lots and driveways, building entrances and courtyards, patios, footpaths and walkways, golf cart paths, and tree surrounds that require a strong, durable, slip-resistant and permeable surface.

With 100 percent recycled rubber chip content, Porous Pave XLS permeable surfaces are more impact absorbing. XLS is a good option for pool surrounds, as well as school and public park playgrounds. Its light weight makes it ideal for rooftop applications, such as patios and pavement borders on green roofs.