Roof Vent Designed Specifically for Clothes Dryers

The DryerJack is the first roof termination designed for the demanding needs of venting clothes dryers. Made in the USA of Galvalume and available powder coated in black, brown or white, DryerJacks are built tough. Building code disallows screens and requires that dryer terminations have a backdraft damper. With a patented curved damper, the DryerJack meets code requirements and goes further. To safely vent dryers, airflow restriction must be minimized to prevent lint blowback and the fire hazard that creates. A passageway of 21 square inches delivers nearly zero airflow restriction, allowing the dryer to operate at peak performance.

The 26-gauge Galvalume DryerJack is available in two models. Model 466, at less than 5 inches tall, delivers safe venting through the roof and low-profile aesthetics. When you need room for high-profile tile or to accommodate heavy snowfall, select model DJK486. It’s as efficient as model 466 but provides more clearance above the roof.

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Install Solar Panels around Roof Vent Pipes

The Solar Roof Jack redesigns vent pipes so that solar panels can be installed on top of them without sacrificing vent pipe functionality and utilizes solar roof space.

The Solar Roof Jack redesigns vent pipes so that solar panels can be installed on top of them without sacrificing vent pipe functionality and utilizes solar roof space.

Solar installers usually install solar panels in a “jigsaw” styled fashion with empty spaces where the roof vent pipes are or are forced to relocate these pipes in order to maximize available space, increasing installation timelines. A solution to installing solar panels around vent pipes, called The Solar Roof Jack, has been released to the market. This technology is making solar more economical and aesthetically pleasing.

Currently solar panels are designed around ABS plumbing vent pipes, otherwise the installer incurs additional costs for relocation. As a result, there are times when empty spaces on rooflines where a solar panel could have otherwise been placed. The Solar Roof Jack resolves this problem with technology that redesigns the vent pipes so that solar panels can be installed on top of them without sacrificing the functionality of the original vent pipes and utilizes solar roof space.

The benefits of the Solar Roof Jack:

  • Additional panel sales
  • Increased power production for customer
  • Total utilization of solar roof space
  • Reduced labor costs and installation timelines
  • Creates visually pleasing designs
  • American made product

Since roof vent pipes prevent a customer from utilizing a lot of their roof space, they are being limited to the number of panels they can fit on their roof and therefore losing potential savings that additional panels would have generated. In addition, the installer can now sell more panels because they are no longer limited to working around the vent pipes and are able to save on labor costs because they no longer have to relocate the exposed pipes.

With the Solar Roof Jack the overall appearance of the panels is consistent and helps guarantee that the client gets what they want.

Solar Roof Vent Offers Increased Airflow

Master Flow Green Machine High-Power Solar Roof Vent

Master Flow Green Machine High-Power Solar Roof Vent

GAF has introduced the new environmentally friendly and energy-saving Master Flow Green Machine High-Power Solar Roof Vent. The new vent offers many features and benefits to help contractors differentiate themselves, including increased airflow and improved aesthetics.

The Green Machine offers 750 CFM max airflow and its simple installation makes it easy for all contractors, with virtually the same installation process as typical electric-power roof vents. Impact-resistant construction helps it to withstand hail and foreign object impact, and its standard six-year limited warranty with three-year Labor Protection Plus** allows contractors and homeowners peace of mind.

Two models of the Green Machine™ High-Power Solar Roof Vent are being introduced. The Solar-Powered model has a 20-watt integral solar panel and an adjustable thermostat/humidistat, and helps to reduce attic cooling costs. The Dual-Powered model uses unique dual-power technology to switch automatically between solar and house power for 24/7 cooling during cloudy weather or at night. It uses just 1/6th the electricity of typical electric-powered vents and comes with an adjustable thermostat that features a dual-power controller.

** See Master Flow Powered Ventilation Products Ltd. Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.