DryHome Is Accepting Free Roof Nominations

DryHome Roofing and Siding in Sterling, Va., has begun to accept nominations for the annual Free Roof for the Holidays program.

This is the thirteenth year the company will provide a roof for a Northern Virginia individual, family or nonprofit in need of the repair. The roof will be awarded based on nominations DryHome receives from customers and the community through Dec. 1.

Nominations may be made online or by email at info@dryhome.com. Nominators should include their name and phone number as well as the nominee’s name, address, phone and reason why they are being nominated.

The Free Roof for the Holidays program is intended to thank DryHome customers and the community.

Roof and Cladding Panels Look Like Rusted Metal

Cor-Ten AZP Raw offers the look of aged or weathered roofing and cladding.

Cor-Ten AZP Raw offers the look of aged or weathered roofing and cladding.

McElroy Metal has made available Cor-Ten AZP Raw, which offers the look of aged or weathered roofing and cladding. Cor-Ten AZP Raw is a fluoropolymer coating system that uses cool pigment technology McElroy Metal applies over Galvalume-coated steel sheet. It’s available in a variety of McElroy Metal standing-seam and through-fastened panel profiles.

Modified Bitumen Membranes Adhere to a Variety of Substrates

SA-APP KoolCap and SA-APP KoolCap FR modified bitumen roofing membranes adhere to a variety of roofing substrates.

SA-APP KoolCap and SA-APP KoolCap FR modified bitumen roofing membranes adhere to a variety of roofing substrates.

Mule-Hide Products Co. has made available SA-APP KoolCap and SA-APP KoolCap FR modified bitumen roofing membranes, which adhere to a variety of roofing substrates. The products deliver the safety and ease of self-adhering application, long-term performance and durability, as well as the benefits of a cool roof. Complementing the membranes is the new SA-APP KoolCap Touch-Up Kit for treating lap areas, details and repairs. The granular-surfaced cap sheets are manufactured using a patented dual-compound technology in which a true APP polymer modified asphalt compound is applied to the top, weathering side and a proprietary adhesive formulation is applied to the bottom surface.

Seal Pipe Penetrations with Pitch Pan Kits

R.M. Lucas Co. adds the #409 PolyPan kits to its line of pitch pan products.

R.M. Lucas Co. adds the #409 PolyPan kits to its line of pitch pan products.

R.M. Lucas Co. has added the #409 PolyPan kits to its line of pitch pan products. PolyPans are lightweight, strong and UV-resistant interlocking pitch pans that are suitable for most types of low-slope roofing. The PolyPans, used in conjunction with the Lucas #9600 Sealant and #4500 Semi-Self Leveling Sealer, make sealing of pipe penetrations fast and economical. With up to a 20-year warranty, the #409 PolyPan kits are a great option when sealing pipe penetrations.

Dan Worstell of Pyramid Roofing Creates Positive Change in His Community

Dan Worstell (right) is pictured with his dad Jerry (center) and his brother Dave (left).

Dan Worstell (right) is pictured with his dad Jerry (center) and his brother Dave (left).

Dan Worstell, president of Pyramid Roofing, which has offices in Newport News, Suffolk, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, Va., believes the biggest changes can be made with small efforts. Worstell lives his belief every day.

For example, after signing up as a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Williamsburg, he was quickly paired with 7-year-old Jordan. The plan as to spend a few hours a month with the boy over the course of a year, sharing activities and generally being a positive male role model for Jordan. Recently, the pair celebrated 10 years as “Big” and “Little,” and both their lives have changed for the better as a result of their relationship. Jordan is a smart, popular teen in his senior year of high school. He works after school and on weekends, has his own bank account and buys presents for the Worstell family at Christmas.

Meanwhile Worstell and his family—wife Tammy and sons Derek and Drew—include Jordan in family activities, from holiday celebrations to just hanging out around the house. Worstell also attends Jordan’s sporting events and hangs photos of Jordan along with his own sons on the walls of his office.

Through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Williamsburg, Wortsell has mentored Jordan for the past 10 years.

Through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Williamsburg, Wortsell has mentored Jordan for the past 10 years.

Worstell is not only one of the most prominent roofing contractors in the Hampton Roads area, he’s also a stand-up guy who cares about his employees and community.

For example, Worstell roofed the home of a disabled veteran for free and also supplied the labor to install roofing shingles (donated by Atlanta-based Atlas Roofing Corp.) at the Jamestown 4-H Center. On rain and snow days, Worstell keeps his crews working by posting on Facebook that the roofers are available to do odd jobs around the house. All Worstell asks in return is a $15 minimum donation to the Grove Christian Outreach Center.

On rainy mornings, Worstell often can be found in his company truck in the Chick-fil-A drive-thru in Hampton Roads. He hands his credit card to the cashier and moves to the end of the line, paying for breakfast for everyone originally behind him. Along with the free breakfast, the cashier passes out a chip clip with the Pyramid Roofing name and logo on it. This small investment has led to new business and positive feedback about Pyramid Roofing.

Photos: Atlas Roofing Corp.

MFM Building Products’ Roofing Underlayment Is CSA Compliant

MFM Building Products has announced that the Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal high temperature roofing underlayment complies with CSA 123.22-08 “Self-Adhering Polymer Modified Bituminous Sheet Materials Used as Steep Roofing Underlayment for Ice Dam Protection.” The evaluation was completed by Canada Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) Evaluation Listing 14048-L.

This self-adhering roofing underlayment is composed of a white, non-slip, cross-laminated, high density polyethylene film laminated to a high temperature rubberized asphalt adhesive system. This product is durable, and offers a 90-day UV exposure rating.

Ultra HT is engineered as a whole roof underlayment for use under all roofing systems, including metal where high heat is generated. Product rolls out smooth and lays flat while offering the contractor foot traction. Ultra HT comes with a split release liner for use in valleys, ridges, around chimneys and at eaves for protection against ice dams, wind-driven rain and water penetration. Ultra HT adheres directly to the roof deck and self-seals around roofing fasteners. The product is rated to 121C maximum service range.

Ultra HT has a thickness of 45 mils and is available in a 91 centimeter by 20.4 meter roll. Ultra HT comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

For technical data, installation instructions or to request a free product sample, visit the company’s website.

Chute Systems Send Debris Directly to Dumpster, Truck

The Smart Chute is meant to assist the demolition process by sending the debris directly into the dumpster or truck.

The Smart Chute is meant to assist the demolition process by sending the debris directly into the dumpster or truck.

Quantum Smart Solutions introduces the Smart Chute Economy Series, SC-200-E, to the line of Smart Chute systems specifically designed by a roofer for roofers. The Smart Chute is meant to assist the demolition process by sending the debris directly into the dumpster or truck, therefore only handling the materials one-time.

Through continued focus on creating a debris removal solution which provides less physical wear and tear on a crew, safer work environments and limiting customer property damage; Quantum has developed the SC-200-E Smart Chute, which allows commercial and residential contractors to remove construction debris.

The features and functionality for the SC-200-E Smart Chute include:

  • Service up to a 2-story building & up to 20-foot chute length.
  • Chute length can adjust from 8-foot to 20-foot in 1 foot increments.
  • Easy to Use – Sets up on any jobsite commercial or residential
  • Lightweight – Under 125 lbs. at maximum chute length
  • Saves you time and labor with every use
  • Transports and stores as simple as an extension ladder

For more information on the SC-200-E Smart Chute, visit the website, telephone (631)285-3520, or e-mail sales@quantum-smart.com

EcoStar Roof Is Installed on Farmhouse to be Featured on TV Show

An EcoStar roof was installed on This Old House’s 2016 Idea House in Emerson Green, a development in Devens, Mass. The Idea House focused on sustainable design, and EcoStar’s Majestic Slate was chosen for the durability and sustainability.

The Idea House, an updated farmhouse, will use less than a third of the energy of a typical new house of its size. This is done by utilizing efficient systems and sustainable building products. Majestic Slate was used on the home in Black Traditional 12-inch and Smoke Gray Chisel Point tiles. Majestic Slate is manufactured using up to 80 percent post-industrial materials. Millions of pounds of unnecessary waste are diverted annually from landfills or incarnation, and no slates are quarried for the manufacture of EcoStar synthetic slate.

An EcoStar roof offers a solution with little maintenance and can outlast the lifespan of many alternate roofing products. EcoStar products are made in the USA.

The Idea House in Emerson Green is to be featured on the TV show “This Old House” this fall.

OMG Roofing Launches Webpage Designed To Provide System Resources

OMG Roofing Products of Agawam, Mass. has launched a new webpage designed to provide RhinoBond users with access to system resources that they may need while on the jobsite.

The web page, www.RhinoBondResources.com, includes access to the RhinoBond operating manual and the RhinoBond Best Practice tip sheet, both are provided in English and Spanish. In addition, six videos are accessible from the site, including three videos about the system, wind performance and use over standing seam metal roofs, and three “how to” videos covering start-up requirements, tool calibration and magnet rotation.

RhinoBond, designed for use with thermoplastic PVC and TPO roofing systems, uses induction welding technology to bond the membrane directly to coated plates that are used to secure the insulation to the deck, all without penetrating the roofing membrane. The result is a roofing system with wind performance that requires up to 50 percent fewer fasteners and plates and up to 30 percent fewer membrane seams to weld on the roof.

“Roofers have a challenge of keeping crew-members up-to-date when it comes to training and best practices,” said David Allor, RhinoBond product manager for OMG Roofing Products. “Therefore we’ve made the information available from anywhere by going to the website, or by scanning a QR Code that is displayed on a yellow sticker on the inside of the RhinoBond tool case.”

Roofing contractors who want to add yellow reminder stickers to the inside of their existing RhinoBond tool cases, should contact their local OMG Field Service Representative or order stickers directly at the website.

For additional information, please contact OMG Roofing Products at (800) 633-3800 or visit OMGRoofing.com or RhinoBondResources.com.

ICP Adhesives & Sealants Inc. Adopts Honeywell’s Solstice GBA

Honeywell has announced that ICP Adhesives & Sealants Inc. will use Honeywell’s Solstice Gas Blowing Agent (GBA) in its Handi-Foam High Density roof repair kits.

“We are proud to be making a change that not only improves the performance of our products, but positively impacts the world,” says Stefan Gantenbein, president, ICP Adhesives & Sealants Inc. “In addition to these kits, we are transitioning to Solstice GBA in our one-component aerosol can products and will soon be introducing a low-pressure foam mining product.”

Solstice GBA is based on hydrofluoro-olefin (HFO) technology. It is a near drop-in replacement for HFC blowing agents such as HFC-134a, delivering performance with a lower climate impact.
“ICP’s conversion to Solstice GBA is a milestone in the global adoption of Honeywell’s low-GWP product platform,” says Laura Reinhard, global business manager for spray foam, Honeywell. “The launch by ICP demonstrates Solstice GBA’s comparable advantages for low-pressure foam applications.”

Prior versions of the Handi-Foam repair kits used HFC-134a blowing agent. According to Mojee Cline, vice-president technology, ICP Adhesives, “The switch to Solstice GBA has allowed us to achieve a compressive strength in these repair kits that match typical foam densities on roofs. This provides the toughness needed to handle foot traffic and the durability that contractors require.”

Handi-Foam roof repair kits provide thermal performance, a smooth surface that can be coated, and a shelf life of at least 12 months. They offer contractors an alternative to high-pressure spray foam for repairing foam roofs. Another feature of the new kits is Handi-Gun II, the latest in ICP’s spray gun technology, offering a variable speed trigger among other features.

Solstice GBA has low GWP of less than 1, more than 99.9 percent lower than HFCs and also lower than carbon dioxide. It is nonflammable (ASTM E-681 and EU A11) and is not a volatile organic compound per the Environmental Protection Agency. Solstice LBA is listed under the EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program. In Europe, it is not listed in the Annex I of F-Gas regulation and thus not considered an F-Gas. Solstice GBA is registered under the European Union’s REACH program. Honeywell’s Solstice GBA manufacturing plant in Louisiana started up in May 2014.