S-5! Launches Spanish Company Facebook Page Amidst Growth in Latin America

S-5! announces its new Spanish company Facebook page dedicated to the Latin American market. Building owners, design professionals, solar installers and S-5! distributors can stay up-to-date with S-5!’s product offerings, training videos and educational webinars―all in Spanish. S-5! will share its Latin American case studies, featuring a variety of residential and commercial projects with its rail-less, direct-attach solar mounting solutions.

 “S-5! continues to experience growth throughout Latin America and has recently onboarded a number of new distributors in the region with an uptick in business since February, especially in the exposed-fastener roofing market since the launch of our new product RibBracket V,” said Juan Carlos Fuentes, S-5! International Director of Sales and Business Development for Latin America.

And soon, S-5! will announce its upcoming tradeshow participation and speaking engagements at shows like Solartec Americas, Costa Rica; ExpoSolar Columbia; The Green Expo, Mexico; SolarExpo Chile; Solar Power Mexico; GENERA, Spain; and Energy 2021, Puerto Rico.

“New customers and distributors are reaching out to us from all markets to learn about our engineered mounting technologies, extensive load testing and expertise with metal roofs,” continued Carlos Fuentes. “We look forward to expanding our outreach through our new Spanish company Facebook page. This new communication channel will help us to directly reach our target audience.” 

For more information about S-5!’s work in Latin America, contact paulao@s-5.com.

For more information about the company, visit www.S-5.com

New Clamp Technology Increases Wind Resistance for Metal Roofing

S-5! introduces the newest addition to its line of WindClamps, designed to increase wind resistance for standing seam and other concealed-fastened metal roofs. 

The new WindClamp2X, as with all S-5!’s WindClamps, are small aluminum clamps placed over the roof’s seam at designated intervals to prevent male-to-female seam separation and/or seam separation from the roof’s mounting clip. S-5! WindClamps are a cost-compelling alternative for new construction and can also be used in retrofit applications to bring older roofs into compliance with current codes and wind standards. 

Attaching these simple, yet highly-tested clamps to a roof’s seams have proven to dramatically improve wind uplift performance for more than 25 years. S-5! WindClamps increase – and often double – wind resistance, preventing multiple modes of failure, including seam separation and clip disengagement when used at roof clip locations. This clamp-to-seam technology has been a highly cost-effective solution to preserve rooftops in some geographic regions and/or roof “zones” with increased probability of extreme wind uplift conditions. 

S-5! Now offers three WindClamp solutions for a variety of roof profiles:

  • WindClamp DL, designed for MBCI Double-Lok and licensees
  • WindClamp UD, designed for MBCI Ultra-Dek and licensees 
  • New WindClamp2X, designed for other specific double-folded standing seams, i.e., Butler MR-24 and Varco Pruden SSR

“The magic is not in a generic ‘seam clamp,’ or in a seam clamp that ‘fits okay’ or ‘fits’ multiple seam profiles,” said S-5! CEO and Founder Rob Haddock, who has served on ASTM committees for wind testing and standardization. “The magic is in knowing how to design a seam clamp for this purpose and for a specific panel profile. S-5! WindClamps can increase strength by 100, 200 or even 300 percent with test protocols to prove it. We understand how to design these clamps because our team has the in-depth knowledge and experience of how the total roof assembly responds to wind uplift.”

For more information, visit www.s-5.com.

S-5! Launches New and Improved Website

S-5! announced the launch of its new and improved website, designed to create a more user-friendly, information-packed resourceful site for end-customers, manufacturers and distributors. S-5!’s new website offers revamped content with up-to-date information and load test tables, featuring new and improved navigation, an enhanced user interface design and additional resources, including:

New Learning/Resource Center: Provides enhanced product pages, brochures, case studies, installation instructions and other marketing resources, providing the ability to filter information via multiple categories in a user-friendly database.

New Training Center: S-5! University features free live and on-demand webinars as well as AIA and NABCEP courses; also available in Spanish.

New and Improved Online Snow Calculator: Now more robust than ever, S-5!’s web-based snow calculator searches its entire test database to determine accurate, engineered options and quantities for any application. Helps users understand their roof type, allows them to log and save all project data, and connect with a distributor or S-5! personnel to request an engineering stamp; with an option for exposed-fastened roofing.

New Online Project Configurator Tool: Helps customers design their projects from start to finish and guide them to find the right clamp, bracket and/or system for the specific roof profile. A project dashboard allows users to log and save all project data, add multiple roof profiles, view all projects and offers advanced filters via multiple categories. The Project Configurator Tool is linked to S-5!’s snow retention calculator. (A new solar calculator is coming soon.)

“We are delighted to offer a more user-friendly, up-to-date website providing web-based tools to help our customers make informed decisions,” said S-5! CEO & Founder, Rob Haddock.  “With hands-on experience in the field and on roofs, we are always evaluating ways to bring competitive advantages to our customers, and hope they find our new website to be a critical resource for the success of their projects.”

For more information, visit www.S-5.com

At the Boulder JCC, Rooftop Solar Fulfills Several Key Priorities

The Solar Revolution installed a photovoltaic array located on multiple rooftops on the campus of the Boulder Jewish Community Center. Photos: S-5!

The 52,444-square-foot Boulder Jewish Community Center (Boulder JCC) was conceived as a contemporary interpretation of sustainable design. The campus was designed and built by Colorado-based RB+B Architects and Calcon Constructors, who desired to create something beautiful, functional and unique. Construction included a wing for daycare and education, a gymnasium and fitness center, a full commercial kitchen, a community hall with a state-of-the-art stage, a library, administrative offices and a large outdoor gathering area, complete with a fireplace.

The Boulder JCC is a 501c3, nonprofit organization. Sustainability, energy efficiency and education are priorities for its members. The goal was to incorporate rooftop solar during the initial construction, but the budget wouldn’t allow it. After the complex was built, the challenge was to find a cost-effective photovoltaic (PV) solution that presented a solid return on investment, which would make the project a no-brainer from a financial standpoint.

Installing solar panels on the standing seam metal roof provided excellent visibility for the solar system, increasing its viability as an educational tool.

The Solar Revolution, a PV system designer and installer located in Boulder, was there to help. Doug Claxton, principal and founder of The Solar Revolution, advised the Boulder JCC that grants from the City of Boulder and Boulder County were available for helping nonprofits go solar. The high visibility of the PV system and the educational opportunities afforded by solar power were important to both the Boulder JCC and the grant committees, and the project was approved.

The Boulder JCC now has a 74.4kW PV array located on multiple rooftops, including the highly visible and gently curved standing seam metal roof and a low-slope TPO roof. In addition to solar on the main facility, a 7.2kW array is installed on the adjacent barn at the “Milk and Honey Farm.” The farm is 100 percent powered by solar and serves as a valuable tool for the Boulder JCC’s educational and preschool programs.

Adding Solar Power

Work on the project was done in phases, beginning with the Firestone UC-3 double lock standing seam metal roof over the gymnasium. “We did the solar on the metal roof first because that’s the most cost-effective place to do it, using S-5!’s clamps and PVKIT,” notes Claxton. “So, we did that, and then a year later, another round of grant money was available, so we were able to do even more solar up there on the flat roof.”

Installing solar panels on the roof would provide excellent visibility and have a lower initial cost than the low-slope roof sections. “That’s one reason we actually won the job, along with the grants,” Claxton recalls. “We quoted it and when they saw the number, they said, ‘That’s much less expensive than we had anticipated.’”

Solar modules for metal roof installation were secured with the S-5-PVKIT 2.0, which provides a simple, secure, economical attachment method with no penetrations.

The key to the metal roof installation was the S-5-PVKIT 2.0, which provides a simple, secure, economical method for attaching solar modules with no penetrations. The PVKIT’s pre-assembled components enable installers to directly attach PV modules to the roof’s standing seams using S-5! clamps and brackets, which is faster and more economical than a traditional rail mounting system.

“I think a standing seam metal roof is hands down the best roof for solar just because of the fact that we don’t penetrate, and it installs so quickly,” Claxton says. “What’s unique about the S-5! system with their PVKIT is that we don’t use a traditional support rail underneath the panels. With the S-5! kit, the panels rest right on the kit. You eliminate the rail, so you cut your material costs down quite a bit. You also cut the labor cost quite a bit.”

The safety plan called for traditional fall protection equipment, which was also easy to implement on the metal roof. “There are a couple of companies that make really good fall protection equipment for standing seam metal, so again that’s the beauty of a standing seam roof — there are no penetrations for the solar mounting, and we use fall protection that doesn’t damage the roof,” Claxton notes.

The installation method eliminates concerns about violating the manufacturer’s warranty. “In order to route the power from the roof down, we just did a conduit detail around the eave,” says Claxton. “In this case we didn’t penetrate the roof and the steel deck at all. And we got all those solar panels on in two days with a four-man crew. It’s really pretty darn simple.”

The Second Phase

When solar was added to the flat roof, The Solar Revolution developed a hybrid system using both ballast and mechanical attachment. “We installed the Ecolibrium system, which is a ballasted solution that uses concrete pavers to essentially weigh the system down,” Claxton explains. “In this case, though, with our windspeeds being as high as they are, we introduced about a dozen mechanical attachments interspersed throughout, and that allowed us to get the designed windspeed without making the system too heavy.”

Attachments were made using the U Anchor 2400 from Anchor Products, which is fastened to the deck and features TPO flap that’s bonded to it. “What we do is zip it in and have a roofer come in right after us and weld the TPO down,” Claxton says. “For every attachment we do, it eliminates the need for 420 pounds of concrete block, so it helps us keep our ballast weight in check on these systems. It gives us a lot of peace of mind that the system is not going anywhere. Even though we have to penetrate, it’s such a good flashing detail that I would argue it’s better than any pipe jack out there in terms of its watertightness.”

The solar installations went smoothly, according to Claxton, and The Solar Revolution is preparing another grant application for the third phase of the project.

“The only challenge was working around a facility that has events going practically 24-7,” he says. “We had to make sure we were being safe, especially working in areas above people. There were no real challenges other than coordinating the work in an operational facility.”

According to Claxton, the project illustrates the company’s strengths, which include finding the optimal way to design and install the PV system. “We were the only company to propose utilizing the standing seam metal roof,” he says. “We are very good at analyzing the site and finding the best solution, which isn’t always the most obvious solution. That standing seam is like a barrel vault — it has a gentle curve to it — and a lot of companies don’t think to use that because of the curve, but the S-5! system allows us to contour that curve perfectly.”

The aesthetics of the solar system were an important consideration as well as ROI. “Again, the JCC is doing solar because they also want it to be a learning tool, and the city’s grant wants it to be visible, so by using the metal roof we achieved the goal of visibility,” says Claxton. “They are putting solar all over their campus so they can reduce their energy costs and have more money to put into these early childhood programs. They also help educate kids on renewable energy and sustainability. It’s all part of their mission. As a nonprofit, anything they can do to reduce their energy costs is beneficial.”


Architect: RB+B Architects, Fort Collins, Colorado, www.rbbarchitects.com

General Contractor: Calcon Constructors, Englewood, Colorado, www.calconci.com

Roofing Contractor: Douglass Colony, Commerce City, Colorado, www.douglasscolony.com

Solar Installer: The Solar Revolution, Boulder, Colorado, www.thesolarrevolution.com


Solar Module and Inverter: LG Solar, www.lg.com/us/solar, SolarEdge www.solaredge.com

Metal Roof Attachment: S-5-PVKIT 2.0, S-5!, www.s-5.com

Low-Slope Attachment: Ecolibrium, https://ecolibriumsolar.com, and U2400, Anchor Products LLC, www.anchorp.com

New Bracket Technology for Trapezoidal Rib Metal Roof Profiles

S-5! introduces the newest addition to its line of RibBrackets for mounting solar panels to a variety of trapezoidal rib metal roofs. The RibBracket V is a sheeting-only solar attachment that can be placed anywhere along the roof’s ribs and is designed specifically for Ternium TR 72, TR 101 (R-72 and R-101) and similar roof profiles commonly found in North America and Latin America. With flex-to-fit legs, the design of the bracket ensures proper fit and places the fasteners in shear rather than pull-out, providing a substantially stronger attachment.

Its compatible top rib dimension range is .75 inch +/- to 1 inch (19 mm to 25 mm), and its elevated profile provides 4 inches (100 mm) of air space above the rib to maximize air flow under the solar panels and a large channel for wire management. 

“RibBracket V provides a secure, dependable and economical solution that is quick and easy to install,” said S-5! CEO and Founder Rob Haddock. “Our S-5! Research & Development team spent months in concept and prototyping to come up with another versatile, cost-effective and state-of-the art solar mounting addition to our RibBracket line.” 

 “At S-5!, we continue to innovate new and better solutions in a constant product improvement and invention/reinvention mode,” continued Haddock. “It is the very foundation of our business. We are always evaluating ways to bring competitive advantages to our customers and distributors, and to ensure our products remain ‘user-friendly’ to both.” 

For more information, visit www.S-5.com.

S-5! Expands Its State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

S-5! announced a 20,000-plus square foot expansion of its state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Iowa Park, Texas, driven by global market growth in both solar and snow retention markets. 

Wichita Falls-based Anthony Inman Construction is executing the work under a construction management contract with S-5! corporate. The project also involves local area subcontractors including GTO Engineering, Scales Concrete Construction, Parker Electric, James Lane Air Conditioning and Plumbing, and others. 

“Steel erection has begun and the ‘skeleton’ will take shape over the next few days,” said Harry Carner, S-5! Vice President of Manufacturing. “The expansion will house a raw material warehouse and manufacturing. It’s designed to allow us to continue our growth and actually free up room for current production ― we’re bulging at the seams now,” he continued. “The architectural presentation to the community will be consistent with what we have already done on the existing facility.”

Current plans include expanding S-5!’s 43,000-square-foot facility to 63,000 square feet and increasing its solar power generation 60 percent. Beginning in 2011, S-5! renovated and repurposed the plant from an old Walmart store with retrofits of energy-saving space conditioning, lighting, re-insulation, office additions, security measures, architectural face-lift and solar PV. 

“The city of Iowa Park made us an offer on that building that couldn’t be refused, and in return, we have created more than 80 new local jobs to date as our business continues to grow,” said S-5! CEO and Founder Rob Haddock. “Iowa Park and the State of Texas understand economic development, and we are grateful and responsive to that. It just works.”

Today, this award-winning S-5! manufacturing facility utilizes state-of-art equipment and automation to manufacture 100 percent of S-5! products. Certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance standards, every aspect of the supply chain is tracked, including lot traceability and Certificates of Conformance (C of C). S-5! uses only raw material certified to ASTM standards (sourced from another Texas company in Carrollton) and is regularly audited to ensure proper quality assurance procedures are followed. In addition to solar power, all scrap is recycled and all machining coolants are captured and recycled. 

“During the COVID-19 pandemic we have had no layoffs, no furloughs, and have added staff,” said Carner. “S-5! continues to grow and expand and remains future-forward thinking focused on constant development and growth. This building addition will double our production capacity.”

For more information, visit www.S-5.com.

Community Center Sparkles With New Metal Roof

The community center was re-roofed using a structural sub-framing system from Roof Hugger that allowed the existing metal roofing to remain in place while the new roof system was installed above it. Photos: Roof Hugger, LLC

Just down the road from Pigeon Forge, Gallatin, Dollywood and other popular attractions in the Smokie Mountains is the thriving community of Sevierville, Tennessee. This beautiful mountain town has a community center and a civic center that hosts multiple events throughout the year. The community center is housed in a 1985 vintage metal building manufactured by American Buildings. Due to its age, the building recently underwent a complete re-roofing with metal in a process commonly known as a metal-over-metal retrofit. The building was originally constructed using American’s trapezoidal standing seam profile, so the decision was made to utilize a structural sub-framing system furnished by Roof Hugger, LLC. This type of retrofit allows the existing metal roofing to remain in place. The structural sub-framing is installed over the existing roof and then a new metal roof system is installed, which becomes the finished weathering surface.

The local community leaders were not new to this type of re-roofing for aged metal roofs because of their experience with a 2017 project at Lanier Elementary School in nearby Maryville. This project was designed by Chuck Howard of Metal Roof Consultants (MRC) from Cary, North Carolina, the same company selected for the community center re-roof. MRC has years of experience with retrofit roofing of existing metal roofs, as well flat roofs that receive an engineered light-gauge steel framing system to create a sloped roof plane. On the community center project, MRC consulted with Doyle E. Jones of Sevierville, the architect and roof consultant on the Lanier Elementary project.

Morristown Roofing was awarded the community center project through a public bid process in early 2019. Founded in 1962 by the late Paul Horner, Morristown Roofing now has a footprint of quality roofs in six states throughout the Southeast. With an overall staff of about 55 employees, the company installs all types of roofing from single-ply membranes to metal. The company’s motto: “No project is too large, nor too small for Morristown Roofing.”

According to Ashley Horner of Morristown Roofing, this project was only the company’s second Roof Hugger installation. The job went smoothly, even with the building’s roof geometry having had sloped rakes, varying slopes, multiple valleys and other difficult transitions. Horner went on to say the Roof Hugger product has the ability to increase snow loading and has little to no impact on the occupants of the building. It also helps control the contractor’s liability by eliminating the need to remove the existing metal roof. In addition, with existing trapezoidal metal roofs that are notorious for varying center-to-center major rib spacing, the Roof Hugger sub-purlin design compensates for this issue. Factory oversize notching of the Z-shaped sub-purlin’s vertical web permits easy installation directly over the existing roof panel high ribs, allowing for base flange attachment into the existing purlins. The result is a structurally correct, low-profile, finished retrofit framing assembly ready to receive the new metal roof panels.

The project finished out with 54,000 square feet of 24-gauge  System 2500 metal roofing by MRS Metal Roofing Systems, Inc. Approximately 12,720 linear feet of Roof Hugger’s standard Model “D” sub-purlin with a 4.5-inch web height was installed. The new roof included a ColorGard snow retention system manufactured by S-5!


Consultant: Metal Roof Consultants (MRC), Cary, North Carolina, www.metalroofconsultants.net

Roofing Contractor: Morristown Roofing, Whitesburg, Tennessee, www.morristownroofing.net


Structural Sub-Framing: Roof Hugger, LLC, www.roofhugger.com

Metal Roof: System 2500, MRS Metal Roofing Systems Inc.,  www.metalroofingsystems.biz

Snow Retention: ColorGard, S-5!, www.S-5.com

S-5! Names Canadian Business Development Manager

S-5! announced a new addition to its growing team. The company named Brandon Kilpatrick as S-5!’s Canadian business development manager, and he is responsible for developing distributor partnerships, contractor pull through, EPC, OEM and industry relationships to increase sales, market share and revenue within the Canadian market. 

 “While some companies are pulling in the reins in a hiring freeze and/or furloughing employees, S-5! continues to hire,” said S-5! CEO and Founder Rob Haddock. “The duration of this pandemic is uncertain and casualties dear but, it will be over and S-5! remains future-forward thinking focused on constant development and growth.”

“And, it was only months ago that we were talking about the number one issue facing the construction industry being the labor shortage and how hard it was to find good people,” continued Haddock. “In fact, one of the silver linings of this crisis could be helping to solve the labor shortage issue that has existed for the past couple of years.”

Kilpatrick joins S-5! from D.I. Roof Seamers ― a manufacturer of roof seamer machinery ― where he served as the Canadian national manager and established, managed and promoted the company’s business in Canada, including building its clientele base.

According to the company, Kilpatrick has a deep understanding of all aspects of the business and understands how to establish strong and trusting relationships with key industry leaders. He brings an array of technical skills, including machining and metal roof installation along with metal roofing industry knowledge and access to major companies in the Canadian and U.S. market gained over the past 10 years.

Kilpatrick attended university in Canada, earning a bachelor’s degree in history at Wilfred Laurier University, a bachelor of applied business at George Brown College and an advanced diploma in environmental science lab/field technician honors at Niagara College Canada. In 2017, Kilpatrick was awarded the Metal Construction Association Triumph Award for “Industry Young Movers and Shakers.”

For more information, visit www.S-5.com.

New Clamp Technology Designed for Nail Strip Metal Roof Profiles

S-5! introduces the newest addition to its line of clamp product solutions, which allows rooftop ancillaries to be attached to standing seam metal roofs. The NH 1.5 is part of the “N” line of clamps developed for nail strip profiles. Designed specifically for 1-1/2 inch (38 mm)nailstrip profiles with a wider horizontal dimension (> 0.475 inches and ≤ 0.800 inches), the S-5-NH 1.5 is designed to be an ideal mounting solution for VicWest Prestige, NewTech FF150 and similarly dimensioned profiles. 

“More and more panel manufacturers are coming onto the scene with Nail Strip type profiles,” said S-5! CEO and founder Rob Haddock. “Although they all look similar, there is a range of dimensioning. This profile is one of the most challenging out there for S-5!-quality, penetration-freedom and affordable production costs.  Our S-5! Research & Development team spent months in concept and prototyping to come up with the most versatile, cost-effective and state-of-the art solution.”

According to the company, the NH 1.5 features an innovative “hinge” and forms to the shape of the seam, preventing damage at the point of attachment, while offering optimal holding strength. The reversible insert allows for superior fit on both wide and medium-width profiles.

For ease of installation, the T-30 Torx setscrews are angled to facilitate tool insertion and improve driver bit withdrawal after screw tensioning. The clamp is available in both standard and Mini sizes and made from 6000 series aluminum, with 300 series stainless steel hardware. The NH 1.5 is engineered for heavy, load-critical applications, such as snow retention.

“At S-5!, we continue to innovate new and better solutions in a constant product improvement and invention/reinvention mode,” said Haddock. “It is the very foundation of our business. With hands-on experience in the field and on roofs, this company is always evaluating ways to bring competitive advantages to our customers and distributors, ensuring our products remain user-friendly to both.”

For more information, visit www.S-5.com.

Two-Day Metal Roofing Systems Course to Take Place at the University of Wisconsin

Metal roofing expert Rob Haddock will present the course “Metal Roofing Systems” at the University of Wisconsin Madison’s School of Engineering on December 3-4, 2020. 

If you design, install, commission, maintain or repair metal roofing systems, this course will provide you with the tools and techniques to do your job correctly and avoid problems. Upon completing this course, you will be able to identify the best solutions to your metal roofing issues, whether you’re working on new construction, performing maintenance or re-roofing.

This two-day course, taught by Haddock, CEO and founder of S-5!, includes technical and practical “soup-to-nuts” information presented in a common-sense fashion that makes the art and science of metal roofing clear, concise and understandable. For a full course description, visit the University of Wisconsin’s engineering program summary here.

Contractors, architects, specifiers, roof consultants, engineers, building owners, manufacturers, building envelope commissioning authorities and maintenance staff will benefit from this course—basically anyone involved in metal roofing design, construction, maintenance, repair and re-roofing. And, it is the best “crash course” available for sales personnel in-industry. 

The course instructor, Rob Haddock, is a well-known expert in the field and has worked in various aspects of metal roofing for nearly five decades―beginning as a laborer, then contractor, then forensic consultant, technical author, educator, innovator, CEO and founder of S-5!, the leading authority on metal roof attachment solutions. 

His innovations have resulted in nearly 60 patents, and his hundreds of writings and lectures have been translated into at least 10 languages. He has won numerous industry awards from MCA, CSI, ASTM, MBMA. For more than 35 years, Haddock has been a featured speaker at industry tradeshows, METALCON and IRE. His practical experience, colorful background and world travel add flavor to his technical expertise resulting in a “must-attend” course that is as poignant as it is entertaining for every educational or experience level in metal roofing trades and practices.

 “Rob leads you down the path to understanding with such humor and simple clarity, you not only go away understanding, but remembering,” said former course participant Darrell T. Blair.

Metal Roofing Systems takes place at the Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club, with an online option also available. To learn more or register, click here.

To view Haddock’s YouTube video on the course, visit https://youtu.be/mftvQIDXzXw