New Perimeter Rail Chute Guard System Meets OSHA Requirements

SafePro launches its new Perimeter Rail Chute Guard systemSafePro launches its new Perimeter Rail Chute Guard system. This innovation is engineered to meet the latest OSHA safety requirements mandating the use of fall protection for the open edge chute area of the roof.

The SafePro Perimeter Rail Chute Guard system is designed to provide commercial rooftop fall protection, safety and security. According to the company, it is the ideal solution for safety guardrails on rooftops during re-roof construction. The chute guard system is easy for contractors to work with, including a functioning gate that glides open to allow for debris to be safely discarded off the roof edge into the trash chute. When closed, the gate automatically locks in place.

The company’s chute guard systems provide proper fall protection where most construction sites tend to overlook this as an open area on the roof and prevent exposure to leading edge fall hazards. SafePro’s perimeter rail chute guard systems exceed OSHA strength and stability requirements.

Complete SafePro perimeter rail systems serve as temporary or permanent fall hazard barricades during rooftop access or construction. The perimeter rails can be configured for multiple uses to prevent risk around open areas. Heavy-duty, ballasted steel bases do not penetrate the roof or void the existing rooftop warranty.

“Our primary focus is to protect lives by providing fall protection innovations to meet evolving OSHA requirements and develop the best solutions for our customers’ needs,” said Brian Rys, SafePro Operations Manager. “The Chute Guard system offers the same high level of performance as the entire SafePro product line that our customers depend upon.”

The SafePro brand emphasizes its commitment to provide products with significant impact on workplace safety, to prevent injuries and save lives. SafePro helps to mitigate risks to building owners, property managers and roofing professionals with improved security. SafePro™ patented products meet and exceed OSHA requirements. The company offers exclusive products and custom designed solutions.

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SafePro launches its new Perimeter Rail Chute Guard system

Secure Ladders from a Lower-level Surface to an Upper Level

EZ Guardian from SafePro Guard

EZ Guardian from SafePro Guard

EZ Guardian from SafePro Guard is a new ladder safety device designed to reduce the risk of using conventional ladders on a sloped surface, such as an upper-level roof, known in the industry as a “double-pull.”

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 75 to 100 roofers lose their lives each year because of an accident on the roof. Three-quarters of these are fall-related, including falls from ladders. Eighty percent of fatal injuries in falls from ladders occur from falling from a distance of as little as 4 feet. That’s about the distance between the first and second levels of most houses and commercial buildings. EZ Guardian reduces the risk to anyone who works on a roof.

Until now, there has been no practical way to secure ladders leading from a lower-level sloped surface to an upper level. The EZ Guardian solves the problem without leaving holes in your roof.

EZ Guardian makes it easy to climb multi-story roofs more safely and securely. Each EZ Guardian is adjustable, and a 4-foot extension is included for added convenience and versatility. When purchasing, choose the EZ Guardian that will fit your most common worksite conditions.

The EZ 2-4 extends to 8 feet with 4-foot extension (included)
The EZ 4-8 extends to 12 feet with 4-foot extension (included)