Hiring to Meet Our Corporate Culture Keeps Our Business Growing and Expanding

Saratoga Roofing & Construction, a family-owned commercial roofing and construction contractor based in Oklahoma City, is raising the bar in the industry by being unique in how it does business. Not only is the company family-owned, but it also is a faith-based company and the entire organization is built around that philosophy.

We hire only the best and brightest in the industry, but we make sure they are a “good fit” with the culture of our company. You won’t find many commercial roofing and construction companies that have the same kind of “team” concept as we do.

Ultimately, corporate culture is the most important factor in our entire organization. Whether we are challenged within our administration or face difficult obstacles on the roof, at Saratoga Roofing & Construction everyone must be eager to help. Corporate culture can also be a constantly changing variable, so when we look at hiring new employees we search wholeheartedly for the next positive culture transition and hire an individual who fits that approach with their core values, hard work ethic and desire for team excellence.

We look for individuals with the ability to troubleshoot unforeseeable occurrences. Team members must find logical, effective and efficient means of resolution without constantly requiring help from others. We focus on finding individuals with the following attributes:

  • High personal values, morals and ethics.
  • Strong, team-inspiring personal abilities.
  • Extreme positivity and determination.
  • A “can-do” mindset.
  • Real life skills, attributes and experience that cater to the variables in which Saratoga Roofing & Construction operates on a daily basis.

Achieving this has meant not always hiring the people with the most experience, but hiring people that fit the culture of the company and then investing in industry training to help them become the most knowledgeable. What that means for Saratoga Roofing & Construction is we hire employees that offer only the best customer service. Customer satisfaction is key to staying in business.

Our customers are the reason we get to come to work every day. We believe that hiring for customer service is critical for creating and maintaining a powerful, encouraging workplace. Many times, hiring for different attributes results in a person not properly learning the methods and procedures that this company is specifically crafted around. It can cause other employees to be influenced by negative mentalities, which does not give customer service and success a fighting chance. It makes a world of difference to hire employees who, by natural order, can adhere comfortably to our culture and choose to embrace such culture as a determined key player for our team.

Saratoga Roofing & Construction has faced some changes to our business over the years—going from residential to commercial and expanding across the country. One thing that has stayed consistent is our corporate culture and dedication to customer service and hiring team members that have a “whatever it takes” attitude. This has allowed us the success we have had and the ability to keep growing and expanding our business.

Staying true to our beliefs has paid off. As we entered our 16th year in business in 2015, Saratoga Roofing & Construction was ranked No. 50 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies and the fastest-growing privately owned construction company in the U.S. Saratoga Roofing & Construction also has been in the top two of the Metro 50 in Oklahoma City for the past two years. The Metro 50, which is an award given by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, acknowledges companies that demonstrate positive growth in revenues; growth in the number of employees; creativity/entrepreneurship; and business development through the expansion of facilities, customer base or markets.

Nationally, Saratoga Roofing & Construction employs 485 people, has completed projects in 28 states and is working on more than 70 projects nationwide. We are continuing to grow and expand our business—and there is no plan to slow down anytime soon. We know we’ll continue to achieve success as long as we remain true to our values.

Four Tips for Great Leadership

In the past three and a half years, Saratoga Roofing & Construction of Oklahoma City has grown from $6.5 million in annual revenue and four employees to a company earning $50 million with 265 employees. To what do we attribute this phenomenal growth? Great leadership.

It has been said: “A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader. A great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.” Being a great leader takes commitment, confidence and clarity. The old-school method of employing scare tactics—“If you don’t do what I tell you to do, then there’s the door!”—doesn’t cut it anymore in today’s business world. Besides, if you still subscribe to the “It’s my way or the highway” way of thinking, you’re going to alienate everyone who works in your company or organization and nothing will be accomplished. During my career, I have experienced owners and/or leaders who used authoritarian leadership and, in my opinion, they will not make it during the next decade.

Denver Green, Saratoga Roofing & Construction’s president, shares four reasons why Saratoga will continue to be a successful company during the next decade:

1) We continuously work to set a clear direction for our teams. Clarity will always lead to desired results. If you aren’t clear about where you’re going, do you think your team will be? As a leader, my role is to be the visionary who paints the picture for them to follow. If our leaders aren’t clear about the necessary steps our staff needs to accomplish goal, then a lot of time is going to be wasted running around in circles. Our consultant, Masterthink, ensures every company executive has a clear goal with action plans tied to dates and people who are accountable for executing the goal. If needed, we draw a roadmap on paper outlining the full process, starting with the objective and detailing what each person is responsible to complete. The better your directions are, the easier it will be to meet the goal.

2) I work hard to make sure my actions match my intentions and visions. As the leader, I always need to know what I envision being the final outcome of the project/task we’re asking our employees to execute. Do you want to “wow” a client with an exceptional product presentation? Can you see the final project completed? What does it look like to you? Are you excited about this task? The level of my commitment and enthusiasm needs to come across loud and clear to our team. If I’m “ho hum” about the outcome, then guess what? That’s the attitude that will be adopted by members of my team. Some of us are “big picture” thinkers. We forget about all the details that lead to the big picture, but as the leader of Saratoga, I can’t allow myself to let those last-minute details slide. If I do, then the final outcome will definitely not be to our liking.

3) Creating a cohesive team has been a real key to our success but also a big challenge. I must have confidence in my team and their abilities. Knowing who fits in where on our team is crucial to creating success. We know it is critical to assign the “right” people to the “right” tasks. If one of our employees doesn’t like dispatching but loves to work on data entry, then we assign him or her that job. Knowing the strengths of each member of our team is crucial in achieving a successful end result. Forcing someone to take on duties he or she absolutely hates creates resentment, and resentment slows down the entire project or leads to poor performance. Our company utilizes the online assessment tool StrengthsFinder as a means to understand
the strengths of our employees so we can maximize their abilities and strengths to the fullest extent.

4) Work smarter, not harder. I know we have heard this phrase a million times, but it bears repeating. Learning to delegate the workload to the right person will lift some of the weight of turning in a top-notch end result off your own shoulders. My role is to be the visionary—not the micro-manager. I model what it means to be a leader and a follower and, in turn, I take great pride in inspiring and creating great leaders for the future.

As a member of the Saratoga Roofing & Construction team, I can truly say this is the “Saratoga Difference”.