Pancake Head Screw Approved by FM for Wall Fastening

Triangle Fastener Corporation Triangle Fastener Corporation (TFC) announces that the company’s ¼-14 DP3 Concealor Pancake Head Screw is now FM approved for wall fastening per FM Approval Standard 4881 — Class 1 Exterior Wall Systems.

TFC developed the ¼-14 DP3 Concealor Pancake Head Screw specifically to attach Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs). According to the company, the screw’s unthreaded section eliminates jacking of the insulated panel during face fastening. The screw has a #3 square recess drive that provides stability during installation, and its large diameter pancake head is designed to increase pullover strength compared to smaller diameter heads. The screws are TRI-SEAL coated for superior corrosion protection.

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Fasteners Designed to Attach Sheeting over Rigid Insulation

Triangle Fastener Corporation expands their line of BLAZER Drill Screws with new sizes designed to attach metal panels over rigid insulation. These unique screws have two different threads with a gap in between that eliminates jacking of the panel during installation.

Features and benefits:

  • A special ¼-14 “high thread” under the screw’s head secures the metal panel tightly against the head for optimal seal
  • Unique unthreaded section eliminates the “jacking” of the panel during installation, improving the drilling and tapping performance
  • BLAZER 3 drill point for fast penetration with less effort
  • Lengths: 1-7/8-inch, 2-3/8-inch, 3-1/4-inch and 4-inch
  • TRI-SEAL 1,000-hours salt spray coating provides over 20-times more corrosion protection than screws with commercial zinc plated
  • Available with a zinc alloy cap or stainless steel cap providing corrosion resistance in harsh environments

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Bi-Metal Drill Screws Feature Corrosion Resistance and Ductility

Triangle Fastener Corporation introduces a full line of 304 stainless steel bi-metal self-drilling screws.

Bi-metal screws have heads and threads made of 304 stainless steel providing corrosion resistance and ductility. A hardened carbon steel drill point welded to a stainless steel body, which allows the screw to drill and tap steel up to ½ inch thick.

The screws are used to attach aluminum, stainless steel, insulated metal panel (IMP) and when ductility is needed in the connection.

  • Available in #12 and ¼ inch diameters
  • Drill and tap up to ½ inch thick steel
  • Lengths up to 12 inches long
  • Head styles include: hex washer head, pancake head and button head
  • With and without EPDM Bond-Seal sealing washers
  • Can be painted to desired color

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PrimeSource Expands Collated Fastener Offerings With Pro-Twist

PrimeSource Building Products has announced that it will start shipping a full line of collated specialty screws under its proprietary brand Pro-Twist. “The Pro-Twist brand has been selling collated screws for 25 years, but now the demand has really gone mainstream,” said Director of Specialty Fasteners Michael McFarland. “With the focus of this product line, it was clear that our customers were looking for a collated fastener under the Pro-Twist brand that is of premium quality.”

Collated screws are commonly used to install subflooring but with recent developments, builders can now apply timesaving techniques to other materials, such as drywall

“The technology for high-speed equipment has come a long way and the prices have come down. Builders know they can save time and money,” said McFarland. “We’re in that business and now we’re adding a full line of collated fasteners for a variety of material applications to our distribution network.”
PrimeSource is committed to focus on products that meet the need of its customers, while providing relevant brands and building solutions within the industry.
“PrimeSource is always looking for ways to improve the breadth and depth of our offerings,” said Building Materials Group Manager Andy Spyhalski. “We are a key supplier to the nation’s building trades, and we want to respond to our customers’ needs and simplify their buying decisions.”

Zinc Head Screws Resist Corrosion

Triangle Fastener Corp.</a> has launched a complete line of corrosion-resistant zinc head screws.

Triangle Fastener Corp. has launched a complete line of corrosion-resistant zinc head screws.

Triangle Fastener Corp. has launched a complete line of corrosion-resistant zinc head screws. Available on the high-performance BLAZER Drill Screws, these fasteners are preferred for use in many warranted roof systems. The ZAMAC-5 Zinc Alloy Head provides superior strength and will not red rust. The carbon steel shank is TRI-SEAL 1,000-hours salt-spray- coated, which increases the corrosion resistance by more than 20 times compared to zinc-plated screws. An EPDM washer seals and weathers. Sizes include #12 and 1/4-inch diameters in BLAZER-3 and BLAZER-5 drill points in lengths up to 4 inches.

Leland Industries Celebrates 30 Years of Fastener Manufacturing

Leland Industries Inc. celebrates 30 years of fastener manufacturing. In 1984, Byron Nelson, president and founder of Leland began production in a 2,000-square-foot rented space in Toronto. Beginning with two cold headers and a staff of six, Leland has grown into one of North America’s largest fastener manufacturers, offering a broad line of screws, nuts and bolts for agricultural storage, post frame and metal building construction. Leland was the first manufacturer in the industry to offer powder coating of screws to match panel colors. Leland takes pride in being a domestic manufacturer; the company does not import. All Leland products, from the earliest days were considered green. From melted scrap steel to recycled paper or plastic in our packaging, everything qualifies for LEED points.

In 2012, Leland acquired the equipment from a failed producer, allowing our offering to be expanded to include bolts to ¾ by 6 inches, nuts to 7/8 inch and A325 structural items. Following that, and still expanding, Threadall manufacturing was acquired, once again allowing a product line expansion, now including; U-Bolts, J-Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Up to 4 1/2-inch diameter studs and threaded rod and special shapes to customer specifications.

Leland Industries competes with import products every day, concentrating on quality, delivery and value for money. We are presently adding 50,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. To provide the best possible service, Leland operates from and additional seven warehouse and branch locations across the USA and Canada.