Roof Windows Provide Fresh Air and Natural Light in Easy-To-Reach Spaces

VELUX offers roof windows for in-reach applications in both top- and side-hinged options for attic and bonus room renovations. With easy maneuverability, roof windows also provide a point of egress, which can help structures comply with building codes requiring two points of escape in case of fire. 

“Roof windows offer convenient, practical options for homeowners who want easy roof access but also want to transform their space with natural light,” said Ross Vandermark, national product manager for VELUX America. “Plus, unique safety control features let homeowners rest assured they don’t have to sacrifice safety for fresh air ventilation.”

With convenient side or bottom handles for easy operation, homeowners can increase the amount of natural light and fresh air ventilation in their spaces, all while enjoying panoramic views. Plus, roof windows allow homeowners to rely less on electrical lighting, which helps to boost the home’s energy efficiency. VELUX also offers a variety of blind options for roof windows that give homeowners complete control over the amount of natural light they want in their rooms.

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The VELUX Group Announces Creation of a Single Operational Management Team for North America

The VELUX Group announced the formation of Group North America, a new organizational structure for the United States and Canada, naming Timothy B. Miller as CEO. Miller, who has led VELUX America, LLC, since 2000, will oversee residential and commercial sales and production for the United States and Canada.

John W. Pillman, president and CEO since 1996 of VELUX Greenwood, LLC, the company’s U.S. manufacturing arm, will retire effective December 31, 2019. 

“I extend gratitude and appreciation to John for his extensive contributions to the growth and success of VELUX and wish him happiness in his retirement,” said David Briggs, CEO of the VELUX Group based in Denmark. “Creating a single operational management team for North America builds on the 2018 acquisition of Wasco Products, and positions VELUX for growth and leadership in the residential and commercial skylight segments in the United States and Canada.”

With Miller promoted to this new role, current VELUX America Director of Sales Stephan Moyon has been appointed president of VELUX America, LLC, the company’s U.S. sales and marketing company. Current Director of Product Development Chuck Rimsky has been named president of VELUX Greenwood, LLC. 

“The new management team is filled with experienced and passionate purveyors of daylight for homes and commercial spaces that promote health and wellness,” Miller said. “I look forward to working with this strong and capable team to continue to grow the skylight category and to develop world-class operational efficiency.”

The organizational changes will be effective Jan. 1, 2020. Nels Moxness, president and CEO of VELUX Canada, Inc., will report to Miller as part of the new North America Group.

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Dome Commercial Skylights Boast Balanced Light, Structural Performance

Dynamic Dome commercial skylights feature a proprietary wicking system, which evacuates condensation to the skylight exterior.

Dynamic Dome commercial skylights feature a proprietary wicking system, which evacuates condensation to the skylight exterior.

VELUX Dynamic Dome commercial skylights are engineered to reflect less light and harvest more light, especially in the early morning and late afternoon. The focus of the design is on maximizing low-sun-angle performance. This can result in reduced energy costs; electric lights can be turned off earlier in the day and will not have to be turned back on until later in the day. Other features include a proprietary wicking system, which evacuates condensation to the skylight exterior, and an encapsulating design that provides a water barrier with a 100 percent thermally broken skylight frame.

VELUX America Study Finds Skylights Offer Energy Efficiency to Single-family Homes

Homes that depend more on skylights in combination with vertical windows to provide adequate levels of daylight tend to be more energy efficient, according to a study commissioned by VELUX America.

“A Study of the Energy Impacts of Residential Skylights in Different Climates,” prepared by Group14 Engineering, used computer models based on a 1-story, open plan, single-family home modeled under code-compliant conditions of California’s Title 24 regulations (California Energy Commission, 2008), Residential Package D. The baseline-modeled home has a maximum 20 percent window-to-floor area (with no skylights) with windows evenly distributed on all facades to achieve an average daylight factor of 5 percent.

Researchers added skylights and adjusted the amount and configuration of vertical windows to test how the model would perform in different climate zones, while giving the living space sufficient daylight to allow lights to be switched off. The study explored the effects of these configurations on the utility bills generated by the model homes in Los Angeles and Napa, California, and then expanded the models to Boston, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Minneapolis, Orlando and Seattle, using their specific code requirements.

It found that by providing daylight from above via skylights, the total fenestration area could be reduced from a maximum 20 percent of floor area to as low as 12 percent of floor area while achieving the same baseline average of daylight factor target of five percent.

This was found to reduce annual heating and cooling energy use and costs in all but two of the 108 models with skylights that the group analyzed. Lighting savings, shading efficiencies, and increased natural ventilation attributable to skylights were not evaluated for simplicity. Further studies are planned to look into quantifying these additional efficiency contributions.
“While we have always known the intangible benefits of adding daylighting from above to homes, this study provides empirical evidence that natural light from skylights can contribute to the home’s overall energy efficiency,” said Stephan Moyon, direct of sales for VELUX America.

An in-depth discussion of the study, as part of a GreenExpo365 webinar titled “How To Reduce Energy Use By Improving Daylighting,” is available online. The full study report is available from VELUX upon request. VELUX continues to study and document the role and effectiveness of skylights in providing daylighting and passive ventilation.

VELUX America Produces Three Skylight Videos for Roofing Professionals

VELUX America has produced three informational and instructional videos, none longer than three minutes, for roofing industry professionals. Topics include skylight replacement profit potential and customer benefits, skylight selection and skylight installation. The videos feature ENERGY STAR-certified VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights and explain the advantages of skylight replacement or new installations during scheduled roofing work from the roofer and customer perspectives. The videos also explain the 30 percent federal tax-credit eligibility for the homeowner on product and installation costs, as well as solar-powered blinds.

SUN TUNNEL Skylights Are Improved

VELUX America has introduced the next generation residential and commercial SUN TUNNEL skylights.

VELUX America has introduced the next generation residential and commercial SUN TUNNEL skylights.

VELUX America has introduced the next generation residential and commercial SUN TUNNEL skylights to the roofing industry. Key improvements have been made to both tubular skylight product lines and a number of accessories have been added.

The new VELUX SunCurve, a highly transmissive light capturing technology for commercial SUN TUNNELS, captures more morning and evening daylight while diffusing the powerful afternoon sunlight to provide a more even and appealing light output throughout the day. Another key improvement to both the residential and commercial products is the Flexi-Loc tunnel assembly system that will enable installers to save approximately 50 percent of the time required for tunnel assembly while making quick, easy, and adjustable connections.

ThA new diffuser complements any décor with a choice of brushed nickel, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze, and white trim options. Manual blackout shades and night light kits are available for various SUN TUNNEL residential skylight models.

A new commercial SUN TUNNEL ordering system allows for configuring and ordering exactly what is needed, or for larger projects, in bulk, for cost savings from an extensive selection of new options and accessories.

Commercial ceiling options include hard, suspended and open while diffuser options include frosted for aesthetics, prismatic for a look and feel to match existing architectural design, and Fresnel to maximize light distribution.

Touchscreen Operates Electric- and Solar-powered Skylights and Blinds

VELUX America's KLR 200 Intelligent Touch remote control

VELUX America’s KLR 200 Intelligent Touch remote control

VELUX America has introduced the KLR 200 Intelligent Touch remote control for its ENERGY STAR-certified electric- and solar-powered skylight lines to the roofing industry.

This completely redesigned touchscreen unit is powered by VELUX INTEGRA to operate VELUX electric and Solar Power Fresh Air Skylights and blinds. It is easier to program and use and comes with pre-set programs that automate commonly used functions of the skylights. The touch-sensitive screen utilizes easily understood icons and is extremely user friendly.

VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air skylights, along with solar-powered blinds operated by the new remote, plus installation costs, are eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit. VELUX is an ENERGY STAR partner and has been recognized as a Partner of the Year.