Triangle Fastener Corp.’s VRT Receives European Patent

Triangle Fastener Corp. is pleased to announce that the VRT (Vibration Resistant Thread) technology has received patent protection by the European Patent Office. The patent (Europe Patent No. 2286097) will be recognized in the following countries: Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Luxembourg.

This is in addition to their VRT patents in the USA, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, and Canada.

The patented VRT Technology increases a screw’s back-out resistance in lap applications, reducing the chance of leaks caused by the screw loosening from vibration and expansion and contraction of the panel. They are available on BLAZER self-drilling screws made of carbon steel and stainless steel with a variety of head styles, including stainless cap, zinc cap and nylon molded.

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