Tropical Roofing Products Joins NRCA’s One Voice Initiative, Becomes NRCA Partner Member

The National Roofing Contractors Association has announced Tropical Roofing Products, Hallandale, Florida, has joined NRCA’s One Voice initiative as a partner member. 

In 2017, NRCA launched its One Voice initiative to unite the roofing industry and speak with one voice about matters critical to the roofing industry’s continued success. To ensure all industry sectors are given an opportunity to participate, NRCA amended its bylaws to allow manufacturers, distributors, architects, engineers and consultants that choose to participate to become full members of the association, meaning they will be granted voting rights and eligible for leadership roles within the association. Previously, such rights were reserved only for contractor members.

“NRCA’s One Voice initiative offers a unique opportunity for the roofing industry to address the major issues we face,” says Reid Ribble, NRCA’s CEO. “However, our work can only be accomplished with commitments from leaders from all sectors of this great industry. Only together as a roofing community can we take this transformational approach to address our issues and concerns and achieve success in the future.”

“As a long-standing member of NRCA and an advocate for the professional roofing industry, Tropical Roofing Products is thrilled to join with NRCA, contractors and other affiliated industry leaders working collectively to advance our goals,” said Richard Oliva, COO of Tropical Roofing Products.

“This is a sea-change for NRCA, and a united industry will benefit all of its stakeholders,” added Richard Zegelbone, CEO of Tropical Roofing Products.

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