Two Commercial Installations Are Honored with ARMA’s QARC Awards

Because of the significant durability required by the new roofs, the roofing contractor chose a high-performance three-ply modified bitumen asphalt roofing system.

Because of the significant durability required by the new roofs, the roofing contractor chose a high-performance three-ply modified bitumen asphalt roofing system.

The two buildings in the retirement facility were still occupied during the reroof project, creating an additional challenge during installation. Many of the residents had limited mobility and, as work took place during the holiday season, the installation schedule had to be arranged so as not to interrupt family and friends who were spending time with their loved ones. By managing the installation schedule, ARI successfully installed the two new roof systems in four months while avoiding any disruption to the residents’ daily lives.

The staging area of one of the buildings also posed a unique problem during installation. The building manager did not want the crane that was needed on the job site to block any part of the street because it would make it difficult for residents, staff, and guests to drive in an out of the community. The manager requested the crane be put on the grass by the building. However, the landscaped area was too soft to support the weight of the crane. ARI’s solution was to pour and level 100 yards of crushed shoulder blend gravel to shore up the staging area and accommodate the immense weight of the crane. Once the reroofs were completed, the gravel base was removed from the top soil and 6,000 square feet of new sod was laid to bring the area back to its original condition.

Even with these unexpected aspects of the project, the installations were completed on time and within the project budget. The new asphalt roofing systems provide long-term, water-resistant protection to the two buildings while also being able to endure Florida’s hurricane weather and the frequent foot traffic needed to maintain the air-conditioning units.

The high-performing features of these two systems make them precisely the type of projects that ARMA seeks to recognize through its annual QARC Awards program. ARI received the 2016 Silver Award for these two building projects based on the durability, reliability and affordability they demonstrate. The program has expanded since its creation in 2010 and is now widely recognized in the roofing industry. The awards bring national recognition to winning contractors, as well as media coverage and cash prizes. It’s not often that commercial roofs are celebrated, so ARMA seeks to honor contractors who work with these systems.

In fact, many roofing contractors continue to submit projects to the QARC Awards year after year. ARI also won an award in 2014 for a composite built-up/modified bitumen system on a supermarket in Miami Beach, Fla.

“The QARC Awards program has been instrumental for us because it’s helped to position our company as a leader in asphalt roofing solutions for the state of Florida,” Kornahrens notes. “The award also contributes to the increase of employee morale by showcasing our crew’s capabilities and experience on a national level. We highly recommend this program to other roofing contractors looking to gain awareness and credibility for their asphalt roofing experience and expertise.”

ARMA just closed its 2017 QARC Awards program but will accept submissions for its 2018 program later this year. The organization has redesigned the submission process, including adding a save feature, to make it easier than ever for contractors to submit their projects to the program. There is no cost to enter, and building professionals can submit as many projects as they wish. Architects, consultants, specifiers, and contractors are welcome to submit their residential and commercial asphalt roofing projects. Whether it’s new construction or a renovation project, ARMA wants to recognize the most beautiful and innovative asphalt roofing projects.

Past QARC winners have been chosen for their unique architectural designs, use of cool roofing and other sustain- able building practices, as well as for their ability to solve specific issues for a building owner—from matching the historic look of a 100-year-old home to providing superior fire or wind protection.

Architects or roofing contractors can view past winning case studies and find more information about the QARC Awards on ARMA’s website.

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Modified Bitumen Roofing System: SOPREMA
Anchor Sheet: SOPRA G
Interply and Fire-retardant Cap Sheet: SOPRALENE Flam 180
Flashing System: Alsan

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