VELUX Skylights AR App Allows Homeowners to Digitally Add Skylights

VELUX has launched a new Skylight AR app, which enables homeowners to digitally add skylights to any room in their home. Using augmented reality technology, the app makes it easy for homeowners to view different skylight configurations, see day and night sky views, test out blinds and open the skylights.

“Natural light completely transforms spaces, frequently serving as the last design step that completes a room,” said Chan Hoyle, director of national marketing communications for VELUX. “But cutting a hole in the roof can be intimidating for homeowners, so we created the app as an easy and accessible way for people to see how skylights would look in their ceiling and help calm any construction fears that naturally arise during home renovation projects.”

The app features a user-friendly interface and guides homeowners through the process, allowing them to customize preferences including:

  • Pick the type of ceiling (flat or vaulted) 
  • Choose number, size, position and orientation of skylights
  • See day and night sky views through the skylights
  • Try different blinds (light filtering and room darkening)
  • See skylights in the open position
  • Visualize Sun Tunnel skylights, too

Additionally, homeowners can connect with skylight installers in their area via the app and also save and share photo and video results. The VELUX Skylight AR app is free and available for download for Apple/iOS users. For more information, visit

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