AEP Span Installs Solar Panels on Fontana, Calif., Facility

When the decision was made to replace a 20-year-old roof at the AEP Span Fontana facility, it was a perfect opportunity for the organization to reaffirm its commitment to the environment and the use of renewable energy.

“We are serious about our environmental footprint,” said John Cross, President of AEP Span, a division of ASC Profiles LLC. “Solar power is an excellent form of alternative energy with numerous environmental benefits. In fact, this is our second location where we have installed solar panels.” The West Sacramento corporate headquarters was the first location to have solar carports and roof arrays installed. In ASC Profiles’ corporate offices, a monitor was installed that provides real time cumulative results of the total energy generated and total CO2 offset for both the corporate headquarters and the AEP Span Fontana facility.

The new 439.2 kw solar energy system is a fixed-tilt, roof mount solar array that was installed on AEP Span’s architectural standing seam Span-Lok hp metal roof. With the solar panels now operational, the anticipated results the AEP Span Fontana facility will offset annually is 553 metric tons of CO2, which is equivalent to removing 111 cars from the road, saving 200 tons of waste from landfills, or providing electricity for 74 houses. The expected life of the system is 30 years.

AEP Span has partnered with a variety of customers providing solar structures in the solar industry. Moreover, AEP Span offers a wide range of architectural standing seam metal roof panels that are a perfect complement to roof mount solar panels for the commercial and industrial market. AEP Span standing seam metal roof panels include Design Span hp, Multilok-24, Klip Rib, SpanSeam, Span-Lok hp, and Curved Span-Lok.

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