Barker Ends Career at Petersen Aluminum Corp.

Bill Barker concluded 27 years in the metal market working for Petersen Aluminum Corp., a career which endured such changes as consolidation on the producer side, Reynolds closing its doors, the influence of imports on pricing, numerous customers going out of business and many more challenges.

“I enjoyed my career at Petersen,” Barker says. “Management treated me very well—excellent, in fact, and I’m grateful. They allowed me the freedom to handle my accounts as I deemed necessary. There was no micro managing, which allowed me to succeed.” Barker is looking forward to a semi-retirement, and will keep his “fingers in the pie. I have an excellent relationship with my customer base.”

Petersen Aluminum CEO Mike Petersen wished Barker well. “Our good friend and long-time associate Bill Barker has retired from Petersen Aluminum Corp., completing a 27-year career that included responsibility for Chicago industrial sales, glass industry sales, and management of our stainless steel product line,” Petersen said. “Bill developed a diverse and loyal customer base through his dedicated efforts and he will be missed by his friends, colleagues and fellow employees at Petersen. As the cake we shared with him said, ‘Retire in Peace, Bill’—but better yet, retire in prosperity!”

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