Contractor Wins New IKO Truck for a Second Year in a Row

KD Roofing, a family owned and operated roofing contractor based in Idaho, has been awarded a brand-new Dodge Ram 1500 truck through IKO’s PRO4 Plus Promotion for the second year in a row. To qualify, KD achieved the highest milestone in the PRO4 Plus Promotion, using at least 20,000 roofing squares along with IKO roofing components in 2017.

“Participating in the PRO4 Plus Promotion is a no-brainer for us year over year, as we strive to provide the best quality products for our customers,” said Jared Doty, general manager of KD Roofing. “Consistency is a key factor for us when choosing products, and IKO delivers every time. We are proud to be a part of the IKO PRO4 Plus contractor program.”

“With 25 years in the roofing contractor business, KD Roofing is known for hard work, great service, honest pricing and attention to detail,” said Andrew Buehner, IKO territory sales representative. “KD Roofing is a solid team with dedicated, long term employees who deliver high-quality service to all of their customers.”

The PRO4 Plus Promotion continues into 2018, giving contractors an opportunity to receive rebates and cash bonuses based on the amount of PRO4 squares and components used over the course of the year. A contractor must use at least 20,000 squares to qualify for the Dodge Ram 1500.

“Many of Idaho’s builders and homeowners turn to KD Roofing each year for the installation of high-quality roofing systems,” said Keith Lowe, IKO’s vice president of sales. “We thank the KD Roofing team for their dedication to IKO products. It is a pleasure to award this truck and bonus to such a dedicated, deserving team for a second year.”

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