Elementary School Makes Protecting Students the Top Priority

Built on 23 acres, the new Cumberland Trace Elementary School in Bowling Green, Kentucky, upholds the Warren County Public Schools district’s long-standing tradition of energy conservation and will soon be a net zero building featuring 50kW of solar PV. The state’s fourth largest school district currently has two net zero and three net zero ready schools in operation.

With safety as the top priority, storm-safe materials are used throughout the facility along with several design elements to enhance safety, including a copper metallic standing seam metal roof with S-5! ColorGard snow retention finished in the same color to precisely match the metal roof.

The standing seam metal roof features DMI TL2512 22-gauge panels in Metallic Copper color from Dimensional Metals Inc. The low-slope sections of the building were topped with an 80-mil TPO system from Carlisle. Both roofs have three layers of 2-inch polyisocyanurate insulation for an R value of 34.2. The wall system includes approximately5,000-square-feet of Kingspan 2-inch thick, 42-inch stucco embossed metal wall panels.

The Challenge

Bringing all the different building components together and the detailing required for locating the different assemblies is always a challenge. It was critical for all components to be compatible with this standing seam roof so everything would lock together in place. Additionally, getting materials delivered on time to meet the construction schedule was quite difficult.

Crews from Carlon Roofing & Sheet Metal installed some 13,000 square feet of standing seam metal roof and 51,900 square feet 80-mil TPO on the project. Photos: S-5!

The Warren School District Board of Education was concerned about potential snow slides from the slick metal roof and wanted a solution that would protect its roof as well as its students, teachers and administrators.

The roofing contractor, Stephen Golab of Carlon Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc., has worked on a number of school roofing projects in the area and has the expertise to know how best to bring all of the building elements together. He has also been using S-5! snow retention products for more than 10 years. He recommended the complete S-5! ColorGard system, including S-5-T Clamps, VersaClips and SnowClips,to the school board.

With a quick turnaround time, Golab was able to deliver a snow retention solution that provided the aesthetics the board was seeking since the ColorGard system offered perfect color and finish-matching designed to last the life of the roof. And, it offered the fully tested and engineered safety they needed to protect students, teachers and administrators from potential snow slides. It also eliminated the risk of voiding the roof manufacturer’s warranty.

“We have been using S-5! products for more than 10 years,” Golab notes. “We choose S-5! because it is simple and easy to install ― and engineered for the job. It doesn’t matter what the manufactured roof color is, we can always get an exact match with ColorGard because it is taken from the same flat sheets that are used on the trim. It is always readily available within a quick turnaround time, and we know we can always depend on a viable snow retention system with S-5!”


Architect: Sherman Carter Barnhart Archtitects, Louisville, Kentucky, scbarchitects.com

General Contractor: Alliance Corporation, Glasgow, Kentucky, alliancecorporation.com

Roofing Contractor: Carlon Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc., Louisville, Kentucky, carlonroofs.com


Metal Roof: DMI TL2512 22ga Metallic Copper, Dimensional Metals Inc., dmimetals.com

Low-Slope Roof: 80-mil TPO, Carlisle SynTec, carlislesyntec.com

Metal Wall Panels: Kingspan, kingspan.com

Snow Retention: ColorGard, S-5!, S-5.com

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