Englert Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Englert Inc. celebrates 50 years in business.Englert Inc. celebrates 50 years in business.

Englert Inc. celebrates 50 years in business.

Englert Inc. celebrates 50 years in business.

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary in business, Englert Inc. is looking forward to developing new products and markets, and also looking backward to examine the qualities, strategies and business style that has made it successful over the years.

“For as long as I can remember, my father felt that we were in business not only to earn money, but also to help fulfill a greater goal within society,” says Debbie Tripod, president of Englert and daughter of its founder, Herb Englert. “He believed that helping our business customers to become successful, was just as important as our own success, and would help our business grow, as well,” she continues.

Herb Englert developed this philosophy as an outgrowth of his own experience. He opened Englert Inc. in 1966 with his own funds and a capital investment from another businessman. When he tried to repay the loan, he was told: “Pay it forward. If you help others become successful, we’ll all be better for it.” Englert took this advice to heart.

Donal Kelly founded Seamless Aluminum Ltd. 40 years ago. Seamless Aluminum is based in Ireland and manufactures aluminum rainwater management systems, as well as aluminum fascia and soffit systems for residential and commercial use. On a visit to the U.S., Kelly met with Englert and was asked if he would want to start a distribution unit. Lacking the funds necessary, Kelly expressed he was interested, however, unable to do so. Englert supplied Kelly with $100,000 credit per month over three months to get the distribution unit up and running.

“It is extremely gratifying to read the story of how my father helped someone in Ireland start a business, which has grown to be so successful,” Tripod says. “Over the years my father helped dozens of small businesses get started and grow to be successful. We still have business and personal ties to many of them. But every once in awhile we hear of a story like this one and I just marvel at how much impact my dad’s philosophy has had, and how far it has traveled.”

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