High-Performance Solar Air Heating Wall Panel

ATAS Solar Air Heating Wall Panel

ATAS International introduces InSpire HP, the company’s new high-performance solar air heating wall panel. ATAS has been manufacturing its traditional InSpire wall panel since 2002, with a 70% PVDF paint finish. That product is still available, in a variety of colors, however, the heating performance of the new InSpire HP is far superior. 

The InSpire HP panel has an optical coating that is applied to the surface of the aluminum used to manufacture the panels. It reduces thermal radiation losses down from 95% for a 70% PVDF paint finish, to as low as 3% for InSpire HP. Painted surfaces typically emit as much heat as they absorb. The blue color of InSpire HP is the optical outcome of the selective coating process, and is the only color currently offered for the product. A selective black is scheduled for release in the third quarter of this year. The color uniformity of the selective surface is like anodized and natural metals. The traditional InSpire panel is still offered in a variety of colors with the 70% PVDF paint finish, but if you are seeking the most efficient panel, InSpire HP is the best choice. Buildings on which InSpire HP have been installed have seen very desirable performance results. 

InSpire HP has completed full ICC-SRCC certification, as has the traditional InSpire panel with the 70% PVDF paint finish. The Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (ICC-SRCC) is the only certifier and standards developer for solar heating and cooling products in North America. ICC-SRCC is accredited to ISO/IEC 17065 as a certification body for renewable energy products. Thermal and structural testing to achieve the InSpire HP SRCC certification was performed at Fraunhofer Institute in Freiburg, Germany, one of SRCC’s most reputable accredited labs. Furthermore, a total of 1,900 hours of testing was performed under harsh humid conditions at 170°F at a university laboratory, to establish longevity of the surface. The InSpire HP performance indicated that the surface would effectively keep emissivity very low for decades, based upon accelerated test data, and that there should not be any perceivable deterioration during a lifetime.

Weather-resistant InSpire HP panels can be exposed to the outdoor environment without cover. Surface marks and fingerprints can be washed away, and the panels are installed just as easily as traditional InSpire, after removal of the protective film on the panel surface.

Christian Vachon, Director of Solar Technology at ATAS, stated, “Because we reach such high temperatures above ambient (90°F as opposed to 50°F for painted surfaces), InSpire HP can be used as a heating system on its own, either for buildings or processes. This opens a whole new world of possibilities for the solar air heating market. In the current energy transition towards clean energy, we can play an even greater role.”

For more information, visit www.inspirewall.com.

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