MetLoop Releases Severe Weather Alert Mobile Application

MetLoop is interrupting the status quo of weather forecasting by utilizing a military grade weather alert system; turned enterprise.  The key feature of the software system is its ability to provide severe weather alerts at specified locations. The Dallas based company is also providing consumers, government agencies, local municipalities and businesses with an on-call meteorologist service that pinpoints real-time weather forecasting (30-60 minutes in advance) to any mobile device. Leading the charge is tech mogul, David Carlson, MetLoop’s co-founder and CEO.

The site-specific U.S. meteorological data will be available for both consumers and resellers using a cloud based software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model.  The alert-based software will be provided across multiple mobile devices, scaling opportunities across multiple market verticals. The data boasts a 95% accuracy being developed from MetLoop’s Weather Command Center, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

MetLoop is launching a consumer-friendly initiative utilizing a platform in order to inform its subscribers about any case of severe weather alert. This includes providing the information across all commercially available IoT (internet-of-things) devices. CEO, David Carlson, says, “We are providing severe weather alerts, that are not currently available through the National Weather Service, to the consumer and a safe network where we can actually track people via their phone, via their car, and even within their homes to give them as much advance warning if a tornado is coming.”

MetLoop’s team of software engineers and meteorologists has cross-market expertise, integrating across cloud-based software, big-data computing, weather satellite technology, wireless communications, and IoT devices.  Leading the advanced integration is CTO, Richard McGee.

MetLoop rolls out three new subscription-based software product lines in fall 2016, including a mobile app, customizable desktop software, and enterprise interfaces. MetLoop is working to provide the market with content on new types of technology required to secure transmission of time-sensitive weather data.

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