New Metal Roofing Product Line

ProVia announces the launch of the company’s new metal roofing product line, which combines the luxury and beauty of slate or cedar shakes with the durability and longevity of a galvanized, highly-engineered steel roof system. ProVia’s high-performance metal shake and slate roofing is engineered to perform and maintain its good looks through a unique combination of high-performance materials.

Using 26-gauge (G90) hot-dipped galvanized steel, ProVia’s metal panels are 10 percent thicker than the industry average (28-30 gauge), while weighing up to 3 times less than asphalt shingles. According to the company, the exclusive GalvaTec 4-part Kynar paint system provides enduring performance, and is fade and chalk-resistant, with a lifetime warranty on coating integrity and 40 years on chalk and fade. The hardened, resin-based surface of ProVia’s GalvaTec finish system inherently protects the metal slate and shake roofing from unsightly algae formation and black streaks that develop on granular and porous roofing materials including traditional asphalt, slate and wood shake.

ProVia’s metal roofing is designed for a high standard of performance even under extreme weather conditions. It is third-party tested to meet or exceed stringent ASTM and UL industry standards for tensile strength and resistance to:

  • Wind Uplift: Up to Class 90, 180 mph
  • Impact Resistance (Hail): Class 4
  • Wind-Driven Rain
  • Corrosion Resistance

ProVia’s two distinctive metal roof styles – Shake and Slate – preserve the unique characteristics of classic roofing materials. The molds used to produce the metal panels are cast from actual pieces of slate and wood shake, resulting in a realistic look. Every intricate detail of these metal shake and slate panels was carefully selected and cast from time-honored elements into one-of-a-kind profiles featuring authentic, nature-inspired finishes.

ProVia offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty that stands behind the quality of the company’s metal roofing products. According to the manufacturer, when properly installed, ProVia’s metal roofing provides 50-plus years of protection for the home. Additionally, a Workmanship Warranty covers the roofing installation itself. Made possible by ProVia’s Certified Installer program, this assurance gives homeowners a high level of confidence that every application of ProVia metal roofing provides a professional and warrantied result. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is also transferrable to one subsequent owner.

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