New Reflective Sustainable Adhesive

The Garland Company announced the addition of Green-Lock Plus White to its existing family of Green-Lock Plus high-performance adhesives. Like original Green-Lock Plus, Green-Lock Plus White can be used to construct multiply modified bitumen roofing systems, while providing the additional benefit of serving as a reflective surfacing option when combined with white marble aggregate.

Green-Lock Plus White features an environmentally preferable non-asphaltic formulation – 100% solids, zero VOCs and zero solvents. Its introduction comes following the recent announcement that original Green-Lock Plus has been certified as a Biopreferred product by the US Department of Agriculture. With its UV reflectivity comes the additional benefit of improved energy efficiency for a building when used as a flood coat with white marble aggregate.

“We know that energy efficiency is a priority, and a brighter surface that reduces UV absorption delivers on that front,” said Ed Buczek, Director of Product Management for The Garland Company. “But roofing isn’t one size fits all. With Green-Lock Plus White, buildings that need a flood-and-gravel surface can reduce thermal shock and more easily maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round.”   

In addition to its sustainable benefits, Green-Lock Plus White is contractor-friendly. It is ready-to-use and applies with a roller, squeegee, or as a flood coat to white marble aggregate. It is rain-safe, curing in as little as 4 hours. The product’s low-VOC, 100% solids formulation also means low odor. It can be applied directly to a range of substrates, including G-P Gypsum DensDeck Prime, DensDeck DuraGuard, SecuRock, or high-density asphalt-coated wood fiberboard, as well as single or multiple plies of approved Garland base sheets and membranes, and functions equally well on flat roofs up to slopes as steep as 3:12.   

Said Buczek, “The most sustainable roofing project, and the most contractor-friendly, is the one that doesn’t require re-work, doesn’t leak, and doesn’t cause headaches for the building owner. With Green-Lock Plus White, we’re able to deliver outstanding waterproofing and performance, with game-changing sustainability benefits that provide superior total cost of ownership.”

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